Shame On You: The New Black Preacher

(3)Let’s talk preachers, black preachers more specifically; also let’s acknowledge the fact that when the African was brought to America this idea of Christianity was imposed upon these people, and in many cases with the threat of death. This means either by the gun or the noose! Therefore, in order to make this work was through the use of a preacher. So it was the most obedient and passive Negro on the plantation.

They sought out a person; black, to sell this con to the other slaves. See they had to sell it and make the other slaves believe that which they white master that they could abuse and kill their chattel property at will but no worries when you die you will be rewarded by this fictional character the call Jesus. It is also not an accident that this mythical character looks like them, master, who they have convinced everyone to call “Father” or “Master,” which is what they wanted to be called. The slaves and black people to this day love both more than they love themselves.

Today, I would argue that this con is about as crooked as the day is long. I wrote a piece some time ago that I called “Pimps in the Pulpit” where I said it has come to the point that the person who says they have had a calling to do this work are often times sellouts, hustler, con artist and in many cases just crooks. Let’s be clear, in the beginning; the slave master picked a slave to convince the other slaves to be a docile slave. Also, let’s remember that this thing called religion is all about money and a business. I heard an old preacher say that there is a lot of money in the name Jesus Christ! We know that white folk will coop dog dodo, if they can get money.

What I am saying is not a big surprise because such folks like Messy Jesse or Al, as well as most so-call pastor’s, whose mission is more about them than the flock. There was one pastor, Mr. Dollar, who asked his congregation to buy him a new and better lair jet and guess what these fools bought it for him. Most of his parishioners probably gave their last to enrich him with this luxury. My outrage today is more about these people Donald Trump has found and now using to support his bigoted agenda. Yes, the black people remain loyal and give all their money too. In both instances, this is a disgrace!

But what Trump has done has exposed and found the lowest form of sellouts, to which some would call them coons! Frankly, Trump and those black pastors he has chosen should be ashamed! If you think that any of these pastors will save you and help you earn your place in heaven, if there is such a place, you are wrong!

I want you to look at a few so-called of these so-called pastors like this guy named Scott, Amarosa, Burns, and others. Also this weekend, Trump spoke at a black church to a group of about fifty or so black people that amounted to little more than a shameful infomercial. More shameful was they held out Ben Carson as if he is black, that is far for the case. We can go back to the early days of white folk picking black preacher and those Uncle Tom’s those people are looking like saints compared to these disgraceful black preachers that we see today. Shame on you all for having no soul. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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2 responses to “Shame On You: The New Black Preacher

  • Donald Thomas

    As much as I agree with your post, my problem is that years ago, Black and brown people were patronizing Trump businesses (casinos,hotels),for some, only now during the election do they see him as a racist.We have to be a lot sharper than that.I need a paper cup not a Koch owned Dixie cup. Stop financing racists and their institutions whenever possible.


  • TheWarner

    Scott (I refuse to refer to him as a Pastor) is yet another crook and sellout bought by Trump. Despicable.


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