Never Forget

th-26Tomorrow is the anniversary of 911 to which we asked us never to forget. I can understand why because of the patriotism aspect of it; we have been at war since the event occurred! I learned a long time ago that if you follow the money, you will always get the right answer. With respect and regard to 911, someone has gotten, they say, about six trillion dollars as a result.

They want us to remember 911, the Holocaust, Pearl Harbor, Columbus Day or any number of things that affected the so called “Real Americans” – translation “white folk”! I would suggest, and with all due respect, that they would consider putting the same significance on the many horrible events of the past like the Middle Passage, Slavery, Hurricane Katrina, the bombing of Black Wallstreet, and what “they did to the Native Americans.” These are crimes that should also we should never be forgotten, but they are hardly mentioned! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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