The Unapologetic Disgrace Of The Donald

3The unapologetic disgrace of The Donald is in no way an accident or unintended; it is the underlying feeling and belief of most of white America. I am not surprised because I have seen Jim Crow, bigotry, and know the smile they put forth when bigotry in present. I am not inclined to support either of these current candidates because “not matter who is elected, you will get no more than what you always got.” However, this guy Trump has taken the vale off of what was subtle bigotry in ways unseen for a half a century!

The American System NEVER was about fairness and equality for people of color. You can look at the founding documents the slave owners wrote that say’s “all men are created equal” for example as evidence. It is the biggest lie ever told, and they know it. The system is all about money, and this con man is only taking advantage of that for his benefit! For me to say that this guy is dangerous is being too polite and kind. From the day black folks were dragged onto the shore of America; they have had one purpose, which was to use and profit off black people. It is the American way and the main creed of white supremacy.

Trump has done everything but resurrected Martin Luther King in his speeches. More importantly, he has called the First Black President a Nigger by way of calling him in code “other”! Let’s be clear he is a fraud, a liar, and a con man. I think his opponent got it right when she said his followers are a “Basket of Deplorables” when him at the head of the group. I have always found the disease of bigotry deplorable, but this guy has taken it to a whole nother level. Straight out of the KKK playbook!

I would suggest that you look at the people who support him very carefully because it says a lot about them; a racist is in your mists. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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