American Terrorist

9Trump has said, he is the “law and order candidate” and has suggested a reinstatement of “Stop and Frisk.” He is also a staunch proponent of a more harsh posture for the police and said we need more police mainly for black people. Out of touch or racist?

In my view from the moment the police chief spoke about the police shooting in Charlotte that something was wrong with what he was saying. Now, I think we can see it was an attempt to cover up the killing in the police favor. Since they, the police, have released their version of the video; most reasonable people would have to agree!

The reason, I think, this attempted cover up failed was that they were caught off guard and did expect the wife to have a video of the entire event. Even when you view both versions; neither shows anything close to a reason to kill Keith Scott. Everything the chief has said publically appears to point to the issue of a cover-up. When you view the video, you can see they had nothing to prove that this was anything but a murder cover-up attempt.

It is time to strongly consider more vigorous efforts to be engaged in civil disobedience. This incident is a damn shame on so many levels! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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One response to “American Terrorist

  • TheWarner

    At this point we can’t believe anything that comes out of Chief Putney’s mouth. Thank God for cellphone video these days. Think about how many times this has happened in the past before video, but the involved officer’s word was ALWAYS taken at face value, while the victim was vilified and witness accounts were dismissed. It’s a broken system. All we want is accountability and justice, and we’d want this whether these unarmed men were murdered by a police officer or a civilian.


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