Trump’s Alternative Universe

th-444As I watch this Republican race for president and recall all the things they said about President Obama, and all the things they tried to do to obstruct his presidency. I am reminded of that old phrase that says “now must eat your words” and in disgrace. It shows the world how backward the party is and the insanity within it. They now have to support a raving lunatic, compulsive liar, lunatic, and as a possible replacement. This guy will make George Bush look like a rocket scientist!

However, I have figured it out the con man is not only a fraud but he is an alien. What happened was this; there was a galaxy far away where it stayed in the 1950s call Amerikkka, white only, where the bigots and racist lived. It was for the insane, and there were no black people. You can tell because this guy cannot ever pronounce “African American” and the only so-called Negro’s were chicken pickin sellouts and Uncle Tom preachers.

This guy was so outside of reality that the white folk there sent him here to run for the presidency and destroy the world. He deemed too extreme for his own mentality and considered dangerous!  I suppose the realized that sending him here he would have a base where half of the white folk are equally as bigoted and therefore he would have a base to complete his mission.

By the way, in his mentally challenged ultra-universe of his mind, he has visions of making the world “white again”! As evidence, he can lie, insult, and disrespect all other races and his supporters agree with him; these are fellow travelers and mentally challenged folks as well. He wants to ban Muslims; black people don’t be surprised if he bans you too. There is a word for that – GENOCIDE! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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