News Flash: Stranger Than Fiction

5Just when you think you have heard it all; the cop’s prove you wrong! Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby now claims she was temporarily deaf during her encounter with Terence Crutcher, this according to her attorney, Scott Wood. My guess is this was not one of the GOOD COP’S.

The attorney said Shelby had experienced what is called “auditory exclusion”, a form of temporary hearing loss occurring under high stress. This is apparently why Shelby did not hear sirens from the additional police vehicles, she didn’t hear when the other Officer arrived, nor did she hear him announce to her that he has his Taser. This is really reaching for an excuse to kill.

This attorney, and I use that loosely, who said Shelby is justified in gunning down Crutcher, since she believed he had a gun, and  “…if you think someone has a gun, you don’t get your Taser out.” No gun was found on Crutcher nor in his vehicle, and Shelby was not responding to a call about an armed person, so her suspicion of Crutcher being armed is questionable.

This excuse should make everyone ashamed and very troubled by this accretion. If she gets off with this. The problem is she just might and we should began to pray for humanity!

Shelby was charged with felony manslaughter in the first degree, and was arrested after turning herself in to authorities. She was booked at a local county jail and released on $50,000 bond 23 minutes after her arrest. This is a disgrace!!!

This is a simple problem to fix. Don’t just file charges but CONVICT the thugs! Also, it is time to stop the paid vacation (administrative leave police) and free attorneys! This woman deserves to be on a level three tear in a max prison. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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