The October Surprise

6My Grandma used to say “We know things the racist don’t.” We have been at the forefront of every cultural enhancement America has ever known; now I must be fair and state the obvious – they stole it all. Most black people, including myself, and said Trump is a con artist and a fraud! It is alright as long as Trump demeaned and insulted everybody else. Now, they say he crossed the line in talking about a “white woman”!

Seem like everybody, but the bigots and racist could not see. Anytime a man who claims to be a businessman loses a billion dollars and brags about is fit to be called a disgrace and certainly not fit to be president.Because of his privilege has allow him to fake his way to this point. He has humiliated himself and there is nothing he can say.

We told you from the beginning Trump was dangerous and a fraud! Let me let you in you in on something “White People,” Trump is who we thought he was A CREEP!!! Frankly, he is only a reflection of who you are. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Opinion On Trump

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