Trump: Menace To Society

5Donald Trump boiled his decadent campaign down to one theme during the presidential debate on Sunday night: hatred of Hillary and Bill Clinton. Sunday night’s debate was a lot like stopping or rushing to a car crash watching to see the pain of those in the crash, which was whether Donald Trump would further self-destruct.

Trump’s shortcomings, on vivid display again Sunday night, include a short attention span, difficulty mastering complex issues such as the civil war in Syria, and his continuing bizarre reluctance to criticize Russia. Moreover, his treat to jail Mrs. Clinton was the kind of thing that a dictator would do, which if you can imagine him being in charge of the federal alphabets (FBI, IRS, etc.)! Not to mention his menacing posture and his labored attempt how he to demonize this woman. In my view, this was as horrible as his birther lie about President Obama.

This brings me to Trump, and his follows as to how white folk held lynching rally’s to kill black people. In July, Trump said, “I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people that cannot defend themselves.” But they did bring their families to be entertained by the event nonetheless. Beating up on vulnerable Americans, including minorities and the disabled is what they did; compares the magnitude of their hypocrisy and now.

This guy is a disgrace to what they call democracy but the G.O.P. is continuing to asking Americans to vote for a candidate who is debasing and trivializing our politics. More importantly, the videotape disclosed Friday provided gruesome evidence that the Republican standard-bearer has for years used his powerful status to prey on women.

Other revelations are sure to follow, including that in 2005 he told Howard Stern on his radio show that, when he owned the Miss Universe pageant, he made a practice of “inspecting” naked contestants backstage. “You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. … And you see these incredible-looking women, and so, I sort of get away with things like that.” Calling this idiot unfit for the office is an understatement.

He does not seem to think that since the Friday’s crude video release Trump has been in full crisis mode, responding to what has to be the least surprising “October surprise” ever, A decade-old tape confirming that he is lewd, predatory in his approach to women and imbued with a keen sense of personal entitlement.

More shameful were his remarks about the tape early in Sunday’s debate, Trump dismissed his comments as “locker room talk,” rambled about fighting the Islamic State terrorist group and attacked Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, for being abusive toward women. Not to mention that had has in fact insulted ever category of people in America. While there are many reasons to be critical of the Democratic nominee, the decades-old claims against her husband is not high among them.

Trump’s attacks and a stunning vow to prosecute and jail Clinton for her handling of State Department emails might have played well with his base but also confirmed the worst fears about how he might abuse the powers of the presidency. Imaging that Hitler type act! The GOP created this this dangerous menace and amounts to the intellectual rot within the Republican party.

Heading into the town hall-style debate with GOP defections mounting a month before the election he is done. Just says what all of us knew but his fellow bigots knew. He shamed himself, all white people and himself to the world. The crisis Trump faces was a long time coming. For years, he gained notoriety by taking outrage to an invisible limit. Now that he has crossed it, his campaign looks like a giant car wreck. And that is my thought provoking perspective…

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