Cultural Bandits

6History has shown that the black culture has influenced every aspect of American and, dare I say, white life. History has proved that white folk has stolen everything as their own; research it and you will agree. They are unequivocally drawn to the vibrant threads of black culture. Such people like Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali, Marvin Gaye, Tupac Shakur, Spike Lee, Thurgood Marshall and the work of every black musician; they hijacked the true storyline of people like these and cooped it as their own. All of these men were viewed by white America as the most vial while they lived!

Although they will never admit it because it was a rickety bridge that I will say is due to racism, which is why they will not connect the chasm between whites and blacks. Affixing a footnote, which is true; black people created Rock and Roll; men like Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry, yet they claim it was Elvis Presley and Mick Jagger! But aside from the one or two black friends they may have they tolerated much of this hateful vitriol, seeing it merely as harmless and distasteful, rhetoric to deny it was copied. It is their belief that they have the right to everything.

In essence, because most still believe they own black people. If you are in a privileged group, it is a policy to uphold and maintain the rules of white supremacy. To do this only means they are a parasite or to be politically correct cultural bandits. Hall of Fame basketball coach John Wooden once said, “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” Wooden stood tall in the face of an unapologetically racist society during his early life. He would not compromise his principles, even pulling his entire team from a tournament in the 1940s because his one black player was not permitted to attend. Not many white folk throughout history would take this kind of principled stand!

Most whites, then and now, dare not denounce disapproval of verbal attacks, police killings of black people, or the unfairness of the justice system’s impact on minority groups made from the comfort of our homogeneous social circles. This can be uncomfortable ground that many may not be ready or willing to walk. They know all of this is true but fear ostracization.

I would argue that they cannot take the potential retaliation from those around them who have had their ingrained stereotypes and viewpoints challenged. For fear of being buried for attempting to bring other whites a sense of compassion and understanding to the plight of minorities. Minorities, especially black, in their eyes exist for their monetary gains?

They stole Jazz music, stole R&B, and today, they have stolen Rap Music just like they did with Rock and Roll! I am only taking about music but we know they stole the land and most innovative productions of nearly everything created but always there for the monetary benefit! On a broader notion, anywhere you look in history – it all points back to Africa! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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