Trump Means Gloom And Doom

imagesI am not one who believes in the many end of the world scenarios people talk about, but it does seem like every so often it looks like the world is coming to an end. Some cult leader, preachers, and I will say with the rise of Trump – it sure seems plausible. Be it from a cult leader or some jackleg preacher! However, we know the world has been spinning for billions of years, and dare I say it will continue. But if Trump is elected it won’t be as we knew it.

With that said, I have lived through segregation, and through times when race relations were so bad that they had to keep some white folks on a leash. I have seen the Klan at work, and racial terror of all kinds. It is frightening that what I see now pales in comparison regarding to those days of racial hatred. Today, we have the Republicans want to bring back what they call the “good old days” and take back their country.

This notion has been made since Jesus left the earth; when he said he would return, which is repeated profoundly according to the Book of Revelations. I will admit I believe Jesus is coming back, and the world will end one day, but I don’t think it will happen this week or next. With that said, as I look at the pitiful state of the 2016 Republican Presidential candidate – the end seems closer than we think. At least, it looks like America’s time in the sun is nearing an end. From what we see being reported the signs are there – giving us clues.

We all know the world is in turmoil: hurricanes, flood, tornadoes, earthquakes, wars, etc, etc. These things have always existed since time began; the only difference is that because of technology we have more information and know that more of it is happening and know about it with rapid speed.

Law and Order theme!

Seems like every so often some nut comes out of the woodwork or appears to bring harm to all of us. A prudent Trump is bad new! Especially, when times are bad and the reality is times have always been bad for black people. When it comes to this election, 2016, for the next president, there are only two choices: evil and less evil or a good Massa and a not so good Massa; either way you still get a Massa, which has been a reality for black folk.

This is not new either; America is structured so there must always be a Massa in charge since the day of the greatest theft the world has ever known occurred, meaning taking the people of Africa and making them slaves. If there was a time to end the world or civilization, which there was nothing civil about the horrors inflicted upon the captured people – they called slaves. They used fear as a weapon, as they do now, to control the minds of the lost.

In fact: Many people have been captivated by the idea of the end of times since man first walked the earth. Some have even been so bold as to pick a date. I won’t do that but if Trump is elected the End Times will be upon us.

In the Book of Revelations, the Bible speaks of an Antichrist, who would appear, capture the minds of men, and lead them to destruction. With a President Trump, the government will cease to exist as we know it. I’m going to do something I never thought I would do, which is to act as a slow prophet and predict that if Trump wins it will be the final sign that the end is upon us. If not for all people, for sure Just Us! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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