Voting: The Illusion Of Inclusion

11Most honest people know that the biggest con America has pulled on its people was to “give a man the vote and make him think he’s free.” It should say a lot when a black man, former slaves, was given the right to vote, although rarely did they let them, before a woman! This was the so-called patriot’s wife, mother, sister, and daughter! But they claimed freedom for all.

For those who think that their vote counts, I will only remind you of the election of 2000 – Bush and Gore where Gore got the most popular votes. The reality is the president is selected by the rich and powerful not elected. As far as the person elected will do anything for black people, it is a myth. Black people know from history, regardless who the person that is elected they “we will get what they always got” – nothing! I love Obama and glad that I lived to see a black man as president, but the truth is it was merely optics. To be honest, he has done nothing for black people.

But as quickly as we celebrated this proud moment in history now it’s over, and we go back to a white face to lead the nation and we have seen what that is like – remember Bush? Now the choices are evil verses less evil. However, what election did was to show us what is in the hearts of most of white America, the Republicans, and the so-called Christian Conservatives. We saw they are merely the KKK in a suit.

“Let’s be clear, it is the Electoral College that elects a president, not your vote and for those who don’t know what the Electoral College is; it’s a body of people representing, elites, in each the states, who formally cast votes for the election of the president and vice president.”

Yes, granting blacks and women the right to vote was a good thing. Especially, without presented with some near insurmountable hurdles, literacy test, and voter intimidation, est. But all the while they continuing to try many attempts to snatch away the vote for many of its citizens, which we must resist the illusion, fight the power and make this place the slaves called “merica” fair and just but voting is just an illusion of inclusion a rich man’s con!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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