imagesI was trying to think about a topic for today’s blog post: I was distraught because the only word I could come up with was Catastrophic! There have been major floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and there are some who believe a giant meteor hit the earth and killed off the dinosaurs. All kinds of disasters that have wreaked havoc on the earth and its people but none of this is like what America has seen in the last few days.

I have said the evil in the hearts of white people has never changed nor have they suddenly become moral or righteous; it was merely on the down-low and hidden from view for the last fifty years or so but it was always there. We saw the depths of it on Tuesday! There is this thing about the code of white supremacy that demands such evil; it’s called “Manifest Destiny”! The fact is they will blow up everything if they can’t be in control even when they know it is not right. Trump is not right and there is nothing presented that say so.

It is particularly disturbing to me that everyone keeps talking about “we are all American’s.” When did they realize that black people were American’s? For the most part, they don’t think black people are human! The constitution says as much. Nonetheless, they all fall back to bigotry and racism is always prevalent because in it in their DNA. They elected a man who belittled and demeaned the first black president, women, and every ethnic and religious group as the face of America. They are proud of a man that his a stop in federal court before he becomes president!

Gil Scott-Heron, the prophetic black poet, wrote two songs that talk about this day. One was “Winter in America,” and the other was “The Revolution Will Not be Televised.” Many of us who heard “Winter in America” understood he was talking about the dark cold day coming when the corruption would destroy America because if it’s wicked past and the truth would be revealed, which may have been revealed with the election of the new president. He claims he will take back “their country”! I live through this time when they thought it was so great and can tell you it was not for black people.

The other song was “The Revolution Will Not be Televised.” We thought he was talking about black people awakening and would rise to fight the power. As we can see it is they, white folk, fighting each other, and he was wrong forty years ago – the revolution will be televised! Last night across the country people came out in droves to protest the new president-elect with chants “He Is Not my President”!

Black people know and history has proven “regardless who is elected/selected, we will get what we have always got.” So as far as this concept that we are creating, or somehow living in a past, luxuriating in a race obsession that is great for us because we feel good about is the most insulting thing I could ever hear. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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