09My grandfather told me a story a long time ago. As the story goes, there was an old man suffer from the burden of oppression. A sharecropper, near slave, One day, he was instructed that the farm was sold and it has a new owner who told him to stand up straight. The old man looked at the new owner and “I thought I was!” I quoted Pop’s her because we saw this with the last president and I want to juxtapose this to now. The new president will reverse any and maybe all of the changes or the last guy. You see the old man had live a long time and your life did not get any better under the last guy knowing he will remain oppressed with this guy!

President-elect Donald Trump warned that the election would be “rigged,” and he was right. But not in the way that he suggested. There was no valid basis for his prediction of tampering in this election other than if it was him doing it. In contrast elections for the House was rigged years ago when the dominant parties in many states created electoral college too tilted toward the candidates they wanted to win.

Every decade after the census, the 43 states with more than one congressional district are required to redraw House boundaries to ensure equitable representation which always favors white folk. But party bosses pervert the process in the 37 states where the Legislature is responsible for redistricting, by using their muscle to create “safe” districts for their candidates; doesn’t sound much like democracy right. You would be right, but we must always remember “they system is designed to protect the system.”

I say that during the last eight years, the illusion was all about optics by having a black face in the White House would somehow change black life in America. It didn’t! Of course, under the last president most black folk had a tremendous sense of proud because of what he accomplished and he did so with style and grace – me included! However, that sweet dream our forefathers hoped for, and we got to see is now over and dare I say the nightmare begins.

Instead of thinking out of the box, they follow a straight path, fearing that if they fall out of lockstep with the hive mind of white supremacy, which rules, now they elected a guy that will make Bush look like a boy scout. I say this because I have seen this before. I lived thought Nixon and most white folk praised him in spite of all his crimes and as he resigned.

We see and have seen it twice that the president who got the most votes did not win – Gore in 2000 and now Clinton.  But primary voters tend to have a narrow focus, which is to maintain the system the so-called founding fathers set up, so the candidate dare not venture too far from the ideals, which is to maintain the system for white folk – that is if they want to win.

Remember that black folk built the White House, and yet it took a hundred you for them to be allowed to enter it unless they were cooking and cleaning. This shows the Republicans aren’t serious about reform, to help black folk, the poor or anyone else but their cronies, friends and of course themselves. So like the old man my grandfather talked about they made us think we were standing when all along we were still bent over under the weight of oppression. Remember they always say we are all American’s, which as we know is the second biggest lie ever told. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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