11We have entered an era where all the norms no longer exist nor what they fooled into thinking was normal is not really real at all. The Republicans have obstructed President Obama on everything, demand him and his family to include calling him the other; pride themselves on so-called Christian family values have now shown themselves for what they are; racist, bigots, and thieves. Demagogues I say and under Trump we will witness the biggest crime since they stole the country. It is all about them robbing the rest of us!

Not only was it an affront calling themselves family values folk, which were nothing but lies; now like the Wizard of Oz the curtain has been pulled back and for all to see who they really are since the Trump election. What has happened is that the real white folk have raised their ugly heads and made America White again.

However, most disturbing is the woman, an immigrant, Melania Trump they want to represent as the first lady while they condemn Michelle Obama! Mrs. Obama’s replacement has posed nude with the photos all over the internet, including girl-on-girl photos, and what do the “social conservatives” have to say about it? NOT A PEEP!

Imagine if Michelle had those photos in her background! They got upset when she posed with a sleeveless top showing her arms. Deplorable! And that’s my thought provoking perspectives…

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