Search For Justice

200x200Black People, Native Americans, and other so-called minorities have prayed, marched, protested, and in search of justice, probably since time began; certainly since white supremacy ruled the world. There have been this movement or that, a group or two who fought for justice supposedly but in the hundreds of years of so-call civilization one who think we might have found some symbolic of this they call Liberty for the least of thee! However, history has proven this has not been the case.

There was the Abolition Movement, the Niagara Movement, and the Civil Rights Movement; today there is the Black Lives Matter Movement that has brought much-needed attention to the disparity in the way terror is inflicted on these groups of people. The criminal justice system treats African Americans dreadfully. But seemingly, all of movements have only made minimal strides in the brown people’s quest for justice. Case in point, the police still kill unarmed black man, women, and children with regard for consequences.

So why is it that in four hundred years of terror there is no solutions? In the United States today, the civil justice system is the last line of defense for people wronged who have faced discrimination or abuse from the system. Lawsuits and the threat of lawsuits have been the most effective way to force recalcitrant governments, institutions, and individuals to take action against harm and/or terror arising from discriminatory and racial acts of violence.

Of course knowing that the system is designed to protect the system courthouses are not open to all. The way cases are handled can intentionally throw up barriers to justice. The main reason I would say few people can afford to pay a good attorney to handle their particular matter. One thing the OJ case showed was that if you have the means, it does not matter the crime – you will walk. Other than OJ, for most black folk, the problem is even worse. Most of us cannot afford what it cost to price of justice.

What is more appalling is that in all these years not one of the so-called leader have focused on building an organization to defend those they claim to help. In most cases, I would argue they are being paid by the very system we fight. Every other ethnic group has an arm or association to defend their people, but not the least of thee; black folk and Native Americans. For example look at what is happening with the Standing Rock protests!

Black folk has been marching for eons and what has been the result – sore feet and that good old Christian fellowship – hymns and prayers. But black folk have to deal with another dangerous issue, which is if the case gets to a trial and it takes a long time the bigger issue is jurors are particularly sensitive to cases involving race because of the racial makeup, beliefs, and prejudices. Which means race will make them look at race as not credible, or doesn’t believe that race was a factor.

So let’s say your child was gunned down like Tamir Rice – think about how long ago that was and still no justice! There are deep-seated flaws in the civil and criminal justice system that should not be ignored. Race matter and the outcome or a search for justice directly affects the outcome. A Supreme Court Justice wrote in his remarks in the case of Plessey v. Ferguson that “there are no rights a black man has that a white man is bound to respect.”

They people, black people in particular, thinking just wait till you die and the Heavenly Father will work it out and take care of you. Not – dead is dead! I am one who believes the answer to the problem of injustice is simple – boycott. Do not spend you many with those who disrespect you and violate your interest! Until then we will never overcome! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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