President Crook

193_160.jpgWe should know by now that this thing called Democracy is a fraud and a myth created by the rich; especially black and brown people. The fact of the matter is those guys who wrote the Constitution were the richest men of their day. Yes, these were the man who crafted the that document to make sure the system of White Supremacy continues as long as there is a country called America. Remember they said, all men are created equal – one of the biggest lies ever! Just take a look at probably half of the presidents owned slaves, and all were racists!

Many of the past presidents were racist and sworn to uphold the system as designed. Now we have a guy that can’t complete a sentence without a lie in it, and he has all the billionaires around him to reinforce bigotry. America tells the world about equality and fairness, and the truth is; it’s not true. We remember those like Nixon, Reagan, and all the others who were crooks and turned back the hands of time with not so much glee.

This guy no has made the alt-right, which is code for Klan, the centerpiece of his administration. This guy has said awful things about every ethnic group and women, and white folk rallied to his call. He has said take he plans to take away any progress gained and yet they cheer. His slogan is “make America great” which is just more code for make America white again!

He is a liar, recanted on everything he has said so far, and because of his narcissistic personality, white folk never blinked. Why because he has promised to take back the country and make it white again. To them, it is all about power and maintaining the system, so they will always have the power. This is how it was designed.

He has said, he will ban Muslims from entering America, deport immigrants, and only God knows what he has in mind for black people; maybe concentration camps! As he has said, nothing is off the table! This might even include bring back the plantation! Now you will see inside the souls of white folk who have now elected someone to represent the face of White Supremacy legitimately!

He will extort America for everything he can. So get ready we are about debauchery of epic proportions surpassing all of the fascist before him! And that is my thought provoking perspective…


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