Building A Nation Without The Black Woman Is Impossible

th-16First, let me start by saying in order to build a nation we must start with unity. Admittedly that is a difficult proposition! There are as many ideas about this as there are buttholes and in fact, yes it’s by design, black people are the most divided people on the planet; most black people can’t get alone with one another let alone with each other because of jealousy and self-hate. So until this changes the prospect of building a nation is futile.

If there were to be a commitment to seriously building a nation; it must start with the black woman and the family. I know and have known many black woman and they will all “say” they are queens but when when you look closely that is a fallacy; even they will admit it among themselves – they are not! I am not just saying this, but statistics show that black women are about ninety percent unwed. Why? One reason they will complain those white women are taking all the black men – not true!

Most have forgotten the basic principles of life – it takes two. The woman’s responsibility is to be the mother of humanity and that doesn’t mean just have children but to nurture, raise them and to foster a nation. The black woman is the mother of all mankind; even white folk will agree with that fact. It is you who birthed Kings and that is an awesome responsibility and legacy!

However, the gay agenda has crept into the psyche of many black women and men to take away the natural reproductive function to produce children. Many black women have fallen prey to the brainwashing of wanting to aspire to be like their white counterparts – supporting and being complicit in championing the white woman’s agendas. The white woman’s agenda has absolutely nothing to do with black survival in any way; it is their problem!

Yes, many try to look like them and act like them! But you cannot be them; you will be used like you have been for four-hundred years. The result of this is always disastrous and if the white woman accomplishes anything or achieves their quest – black woman you are left as if you never existed!

Too often we hear the chant “I am a strong black woman” and “I don’t need a man” or some other such nonsense. However, if you build a strong family the result will be you will build a nation. The fact is when there is no loyalty there can be no unity, and without unity there will never build a nation. Here’s a little truth – without you there is no future! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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