Tomfoolery: Let’s Talk About Yeezus

nyk008_rtridsp_3_usa-trump-kanyewest1481660641I may have created a new word or at least a polite way of describing some of these people that have appeared lately! I used this term because I had an uncle whose name was Tom and we use to call him Uncle Tom. I wanted to come up with a word to describe this new breed of black folk we see today and I predict we will see a lot more of them. My uncle was the usual type of Negro, one who smiled, grinned, and buck danced for white folk, which as kids we called it “tomfoolery”!  With that said, of course, we all know this type of person.

Some we knew were sellouts, and others we thought were suspected or undercover sellouts. I know the mindset of people is to naturally want to get close to power, but since the new president has been named we see many black folks reaching out to him as if they just wanting to touch the hem of his garment! This is a bit disturbing to me because that was a trick during slavery. I would say this is a seminal moment in our history because history has shown us that this man, like his forefathers, has no intention to improve the world for black people in or their lives.

Now, the point of this is for those people like the rapper-turned-designer, who calls himself “Yeezus”, the likes of Amorsa and all those chicken pickin so-called preachers, which Trump tries to use to brainwash us. But it is some of these popular athletes open up another question. Yeezus said they talk about life – whose life? I am very thoughtful of the infirmed but just days after the wacky hip-hop artist checked himself out of the loony bin this meeting occurred.

Can this year be any crazier! Of course, we don’t know what they really talked about, but there is a very good chance that doing something positive for black people was not the topic of the discussion! Knowing that this guy has no history of doing anything for black people and with the cast of characters he has appointed and that surrounds him – this was little more than a photo op!

Getting back to Yeezus; this is a guy whose psychological state had deteriorated so badly that he had to cancel his successful “Saint Pablo” concert tour. Moreover, Yeezus once said of George W. Bush said at a televised award show that Bush didn’t care about black people after Hurricane Katrina, but he wants us to think Trump does? President Obama once called West “a jackass” for some of his behavior, such as grabbing the microphone from Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA awards, saying she didn’t deserve the honor. Yet, we are to believe he had something to say in support of black people?

Yeezus in no way represents any semblance of black people but we know the racist because of white supremacy have always picked our leaders, and usually they use money as the tool to get them to convince the rest to follow them. If what we are seeing is a Trump honeymoon is any indication of things to come – God helps us all!!! Buckle up because it has only begun and I will use his word “a disaster”!

We know they have always used the weak and less knowledgeable to distract black people, particularly the young but it is a sin before God to use this character and for him to be used in such away.  I am vexed at how both reached this level of influence to put forth such a shameless display. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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