Life Is… “Just A Season”

1History is amazing in that it tells a story of life, where you been and what you’ve done. However, the true is history nothing more than a pack of lies played on the dead. Myself and I am sure most of you have heard that the richest place on earth is in the cemetery. This we can also include the place where the most knowledge rest and even more so than in a library and just so you know that the library is the place where the lies are buried.

When I recall the people in my life, most are dead. This is to include most famous or infamous people as well are also dead and will end up in a cemetery too. Someone said that death is the ultimate test, which is the great unknown. We are told that when we die there is one of two places the soul will end up afterwards, either heaven or hell. They say that if you are a good person you will raise again and good to heaven; although there is no evidence of that occurring.

They also claim that there was one person who did come back. Again, there is no evidence that happened either, but most believe it anyway. Nonetheless, in the end, what remains of our lives is a maker of some sort that says the person name, the beginning date of birth, a dash, and the end date of that life. The tiny dash that separates the years of one’s birth and death represents the whole of a person’s life.

So if this tiny dash were to tell his life’s story, what would it say? This is the only testament to the life you’ve lived, and in most cases, only a few people will be remembered that you ever existed. After a generation or so, you will be forgotten! To get biblical; your life is only “Just a Season.” The reason we live is to procreate and die. It is as simple as the the dash that will be placed on your final marker, which is merely a symbol expressing the rent you paid for living! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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