09I remember as a young child being indoctrinated into religion; they use to encourage me by saying “all things are possible”. Maybe that is true, but I don’t think the phrase was intended to mean the chaos we are witnessing in today’s government. We have seen eight years of no corruption or scandal to moving into an era that is the complete opposite. The president-elect has had more scandals in the last week than President Obama had in his entire eight years. Obama has exhibited a never before know grace and the perfect example of ethics that at no time in history has been present.

I bring this up because there have been many discussing reports from his replacements association with the mob to sexual assaults. But on Tuesday Buzzfeed released an outrageous report on Donald Trump that basically alleges he is being blackmailed and controlled by the Russian government. Without going into details, the report states that Russian has accumulated a collection of damaging personal and financial details about Trump, and is using them against him basically making him Putin’s puppet.

After the report was released there were countless jokes and memes and digs and questions; I noticed something very interesting and troubling. Nowhere did I see or hear anyone doubt the claims from the Buzzfeed report based on their view of Trump’s character. As salacious and wild as the claims were, not once did I see or hear someone say “Oh, hell no. Trump would never do that.” This is going to be the new president of America, and according to Buzzfeed he had a “golden shower” and no one doubted whether or not he would stoop to such lows described in the documents.

Donald Trump has such a history of poor morality, low character, and unethical dealings that when we hear or read something as wild as the latest allegations, we don’t automatically assume they are impossible. Most just assume that anything is possible with Donald Trump.

Politico says nearly everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, coupled with his egregious behavior, which is reported to be perverted and scandalous allegations are well within the realm of possibility. White people really got what they wanted! But now the question is now what? There is a perfect storm in place for destruction; Trump and his cronies, the Senate leader, the leader of the House of Representatives.

Most of us thought the Reagan and Bush years were the worst years in America modern history, but I predict the Trump will make both those guys look like choir boys. If the black man, Obama, had done what Trump has done in the last week, he would have been impeached! This administration looks very much like a disaster in the making, and white folk will have to own that and the player, it appears, are probably setting up the biggest heist of the century! And that is my thought provoking perspective…

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