The Lost Tribes Of Africa

14322609_851080958325216_7970212250761441595_nLet me remind you that black people of African descent are part of the lost tribes of Africa. It is a fact that the human species was born on the continent of Africa. Now the authors of His-Story will dismiss this idea; people like Cecil Rhodes. Therefore, it is fair to say that mankind would not have existed; if not for the creation and innovations of the original man.

I have often said, “The people stolen from Africa by the Europeans and those of others are a nation created a people living in a land without a nationality.” Sometimes people respond negatively to that statement, in spite of being the greatest purveyors of that ideology we know is rooted in the concept of White Supremacy. The problem with people who don’t agree is that it is the so-called African American who does not know that he or she is lost. For most people of this distinction, most of their waking hours are spent trying to assimilate into that with those who do not want to accept you.

Upon our backs, these stolen souls are laden with the stripes of punishment for what they believed was for discipline in spite of our loyalty, diligence, and tenacity – the Negro loved America and oftentimes more than ourselves. Even when America refused to allow these people of African descent to walk in the shadows, we followed, believing that someday we would come to be accepted and be treated like men and women. Actually, just to be viewed as human beings. Unfortunately, that dream has yet to come and contrary to the thoughts of white folk and some black people too “We have not overcome”!

We wanted integration and what did we get “interrogation”! What we got was more poverty because without money or the means – you are still segregated. Just look at the New York City schools, for example, they are more segregated now than any school in Mississippi back in the day, and it has been reported almost every urban school district is the same. Oh yes, but they say you can live anywhere you want! This then returns to the economics of what you are allowed to afford. On top of that, and more shameful, we went beyond the pale when we allowed our children to be turned over to the White America’s educational system run by the people who suppressed these people on the first place. No wonder we’re lost!

It has been nearly four hundred years since that day in August when the first of millions of stolen souls were dragged onto the shores of this place the slaves called “merica” to be beasts of burden to build this nation. Today, we are in virtually the same position as we were when they identified these stolen souls as colored and three-fifths human. In fact, I believe black people are in as bad of a position because we have been “hoodwinked” and like fools bamboozled. I remind you that the Constitution’s language has not been changed.

We resisted the messages of trouble-making Blacks like Washington, Delaney, Garvey, Bethune, Tubman, and Truth for fighting and dying on the battlefield for us all. No, the people of this lost nation did not listen to Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, Dubois, the Panthers, H. Rap Brown, Carmichael, nor Dr. King. Today all of the above mentioned would be and are ashamed of whom they fought for and died. Yet, Mr. Lynch’s message and White Supremacy reigns supreme.

In today’s business environment, we do not support each other and just keep doing business with the larger dominant community or in fact any other community. Some say we, as a people, were very successful after slavery ended or even as recently as the 1960s. But we know, what happens when you began to build your communities and do business with one another – you’re pitted against one another and destroy ourselves.

From slavery through segregation and under every Apartheid-like system since this lost nation of people survived; all while we bought into the “divided and conquered” mentality and fought against our interests. The great Curtis Mayfield called us “the people who are darker than blue.” This race is maligned everywhere on the planet and viewed as less than, when in fact, the African and people of African Descent are “greater than.”

My pain comes from this nation of people subjecting its children to the same miseducation leaving them helpless and used long after we are gone. So when you speak to your children; tell them how not proud you are that they cannot look forward because it appears that at least another 50 years will be more of the same – despair.

We can change that by simply understanding that education is the single most important ingredient necessary to neutralize those forces that breed poverty and despair. Otherwise, the people stolen from Africa will remain the lost tribe of the place we were born!

And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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