Day After Tomorrow

14089134_1234426826650369_7063879907830030495_nThere is a saying; when a person shows you who they are – that’s probably who they are! The new guy elected to lead America did show everyone who he was clearly. He is what white folk are deep down, which is it’s only about the money. Nothing he has done is anything close to the norms or close to past presidential politics. They elected the past three presidents, which were a disaster in my view! But America’s bigoted nature elected this guy and they have to own it.

This guy has had thousands of lawsuits filed against him, in fact just paid 25 million to settle on just a few days ago, and have had or been involved in his share of bankruptcies. Now we have all be to a casino, right; how can you file for bankruptcy when you own one? All of this is mind boggling! He has appointed billionaires to head most of the agencies. Let’s not forget the man has not paid taxes in a decade. What could go wrong right?

Not to mention his disdain for the current president with his false birther claims. He has insulted the families of the fallen and every ethnic group in America. Also, his boastful claims to his sexual deviancy that most would call sexual assaults. Just a few days ago, a woman filed a sexual assault lawsuit against him. Everything he has said is fake news!

You need to look at it this way, the idea of Making America Great is simply coded language for Making America White Great Again. So far the man who claimed he was going to be the Law and Order president seems to have broken almost every law. What that means is he wants to lock up more black people and not his friends. I am not claiming an apocalypse, but I am saying America will go back in time to an age most of us never thought would return!

Most thought the past three Republican Presidents were bad. Well, we have a contender that will make those guys look like boy scouts. We can look to see the greatest robbery of all times. So hold on, we are in for a disaster! And that is my thought provoking perspective…

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