Alternative Facts

trumpI am not happy to report what used to be know as lies are no longer the case. This weekend we witnessed the age old trick white folk have used since they stole America. What they do is change the meaning of words to suit the agenda. I don’t think anyone, even them, can deny there is not such a thing as White Supremacy! Case in point, the new administration have told misleading and made unethical statements from the start of his campaign. So what they have now done is to create a word for these falsehood called “alternative facts”.

Let be clear, we are moving in an era of an alternate reality. Therefore, these folk have done what they have always done rig the system for their benefit. Make no mistake that the goal of this crew, Republicans, is to erase President Obama’s history from the pages of America’s story. Therefore, pay attention to language and you will the disrupted words created and used to create a narrative to fit their agenda!

White folk claimed the word nigger was bad and changed it to the n-word but amongst them the still use the word. There is a Supreme Court Ruling that states; “there is no rights a black man has that a white man is bound to respect”.

In the first place, nobody expects this guy to be president, especially since he has never held in public office. So white people you have to own what you have done. In spite of all the egregious thing from his past and those things he has said – you did this and you will pay dearly for the error in judgment. This guy and his cronies will that advantage of your rights just as they take away the rights of black people and minorities!

When you look at his supporters, what they have done is straight out of the racist American Playbook! If you make the poorest white person feel they are better than any other black person you are a real American! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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