Shameful Politics

11It amazes me that in today’s world white folk continue to pretend that there is no racism. Every day we hear story after story about incidences of hate, racism and bigotry. This was particularly evident with the racism President Obama and his family experienced every day since he became president. My question, first of all, is why anyone so surprised? However, it is not because Trump unearthed something new, or if you prefer unveiled this phenomena; it has been lurking beneath the surface and sometime blatantly open for five hundred years. I will say you, I will agree that Trump is the catalyst for this recently activity but he is not the problem. He clearly plays on all the fears white folk have had buried inside them.

History tells us, even if they don’t admit it, what we see, and hear is nothing new to black people! We have observed it since the 1619 all over North America that the main rule is white only and the pronounced code of white supremacy. Therefore, due to the luck of the draw being black give me and millions who came before me a unique perspective about racism that white folk will never know or understand. Let me add that I may truly be the closest to an unbiased person you will ever meet. Although, some of the hate filled comments on some of my post would make one think otherwise.

Since America began black people have endured slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and terror on an inhuman scale. The reason for this terror is simple “racism”! I say that when a race of people is courageous enough to believe he or she can do better elsewhere lives in an alternate reality nor do I think going back to the place where our ancestors were stolen from is the answer! White folk have done the same thing to the people of Africa.

I have felt and experience outward expressions of hatred and bias. So bigotry and racism is very real. During my lifetime there were a lots of issues involving racism and to no one’s suppress was accepted while white folk called it the way of life! It was usually swept under the carpet telling us the darkies were happy, so to speak, and I say never were they happy; some just choose to not to rock the boat because we were black and made to feel worthless. In fact, the so-called constitution says we are 3/5ths human! However, it seems that when there was high unemployment, people became upset. In times like that there would be small flare-ups and open racism is evident. But now things are pretty good, the question is why it is so blatant now?

Easy question to answer today, in this post-election and with Trump in the White House is the answer. This leaves most of us with an ache, with a pause, as we seem unable to believe or comprehend that this would happen right here in America. Images floating about on social media of graffiti with swastikas and in some case violence inflicted has come to the forefront of life in America. Is racism and hatred truly on the rise? It is not on the rise. It has always been there, just exposed by this election.

All the grievances of the American people are out in the open now and the entire world is watching. What are we going to do about it? Can we sweep it back under the carpet? No! Can we erase our fears? No! Being black is not an alternative problem; it is and has been a target of white folk to suppress. However, we are actually no longer the minority; Asians, Muslims for around the world, and Hispanics are now part of the equation and white folk are less. It’s about all of us together, as we know what it feels like to be marginalized, and that’s why today we can only hope this will cause all people called minorities to Unite!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


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