Commentary: American Values

462_160I received a comment from one of the so-called real Americans. In the message was a condemnation of my blog and what I write on Thought Provoking Perspectives. It when on to say “stop it” implying that I was making people hate white people. I chuckled because history has done that by what is recorded. My response to that person was to ask him; who was it that stole this land claiming it as their own, who gave smallpox to kill off its inhabitants, the Naïve population, lynched, raped and murdered millions?

I went on to ask him, the suspected white supremacist, who was it that erased the entire history of black people and in fact, all other peoples and implanted a religion designed to segregate and control the minds of people for generations! His response was priceless! He said, they did all of these things to benefit the lives of people. Of course, I did not continue to respond to him because frankly none of the thing done was something to be proud of!

I should have reminded him it was “they” white people who elected this guy, the so-call president and his band of racists to be the new commander of white supremacy! He has done more in the last few weeks to do as they wanted, which was to take their country back to a time most of us thought would never return. In my view, this is nothing to be proud of! But maybe it is in their DNA.

When you look at the facts; the party of “no and obstruction” wants us to think the way they treated President Obama was their sacred duty because he was black. In other words, they all stayed on code – protect white supremacy! My question is at what cost? We are about to witness the greatest robbery since Jesse James and his gang!

This guy has a war in mind and we know war mean money for the rich and has nothing to do with safety or security! I won’t go on with this rant but I will leave you with this tidbit spoken by Dr. King who said “America is the biggest purveyor of evil” the world has ever known! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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