Dear White People

462_160I know you like to use the word evidence a lot; you change the meaning of words, and you live in a state of denial. History, most of which you people fashioned to report things you call evidence. You defend and have always claimed those things like slavery or racism do not matter because anything exposing the wretched behavior of your people is erased, claimed to be “fake news” or alternative facts and say that you had nothing to do with these things your forefathers did!

You deny racial matters as if it is a figment of our imagination or such a thing as racism even exist. Let’s recall some recent history like the past ten years! A black man was elected president, he and his family were treated in the most despicable and disrespectful way calling them everything but a child of God. When in fact, he was the smartest guy I can remember holding the office in my lifetime and also presented a style and grace with integrity! And yet, some of you want to charge Obama with treason – SMH (shake my head)!

Everything President Obama did was supposedly wrong so they claimed; they said everything he did was overreaching his authority as president. Their rallying cry was to “take back their country” and then the birther in chief was elected to be the face of what most of us would call the “leader and the face of white supremacy that they now call the Alt-Right”. This guy has caused more chaos in three weeks than president Obama did in eight years; no scandals and no harm to the country. In fact, he pulled the country out of the biggest depression in nearly one-hundred years, which the Republicans created – i.e. Bush!

Now they, white people, have elected a man some say is mentally challenged, a racist [in my view], and who has a propensity for not telling the truth. His ethical challenges are mind-blowing, nepotism is what he calls “draining the sump”, who has had several marriages, children by several wives, and filed for bankruptcy several times. How does one bankrupt a casino! More shocking, there are claims that he is in collusion with Russia!

To prove my point, almost all of these folks claim to be Christian! So it is clear to me the reason and how slavery could exist. This guy has insulted everybody; Mexicans, Woman, Black people, and illegal aliens. Does anyone remember a preacher named Reverend Wright? In a sermon, he shouted, “Goddamn America” and you wanted to impeach Obama even before he was elected!

I would be remissed if I did not bring up how they treated Michelle Obama for showing her arms – disgraceful and put out reports that she was a man. However, the new first lady, an immigrant they seem ok with, in spite of her racy past as a so-called model. Lastly, all of these so-called Christians see no problem with any of that and are obsessed with Muslims, Islamic Terrorist as they call them. There is nothing Godly about any of this! One thing that can be predicted; more upheaval as the standard operating procedure for as long as this guy holds the office! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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