Affordable Care Act

769_160We look at the racist and bigoted acts of these white folk today and wonder how supposedly smart people cannot see the wrong in the things they do. First, they are not all that smart – it’s a myth – and secondly they have no heart! So, let’s speak truth – they have always been this way. There has been no time in world history that white folk have got along with anyone not even themselves. We like to think that their evil was a thing “back in the olden days” – no not true. We saw this on display in the Trumpcare debacle! Let’s be clear, this whole thing was an attempt to remove Barack Obama from the history books.

The Affordable Care Act was his signature accomplishment, which overcame the tea party protests of 2009 and the Democrats losing their filibuster-proof Senate majority in 2010. It survived two challenges in front of the Supreme Court and the calamitous rollout. Now it has withstood the attempt to replace it with the American Health Care Act, better known as Trumpcare was a colossal disaster!

Somehow, despite the intense political forces arrayed against it, and the mind-boggling policy problems it tries to solve, the 2010 health care law keeps defying efforts to wipe it out. That says something about the people who wrote it and what they achieved. Obamacare has never been hugely popular until the GOP tried to take it away, and I will admit it has never worked as well as its architects hoped. But the program has provided security and access to care for millions. More importantly, it has shifted the expectations of what government should do and of what a decent society looks like.

On Friday, hours before President 45 and his lackeys formally conceded their bill lacked the votes to pass, after trying for 7 years; they said they had “left everything on the field.” I hope this means they failed miserably! Trump and the Republicans in Congress had spent all of 63 days trying to rush this bad bill through congress to pass their Obamacare repeal. Over in the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had already indicated he intended to bypass his committee’s all together and take legislation directly to the floor perhaps with a quick House-Senate negotiation, a fast vote and a signature from the president. They don’t and never cared about the people the bill would accept harshly.

In the end, 45 blamed everybody but himself for the failure admitting it was a nearly impossible task. This just shows this man could not lead his way out of the room, let alone the American people. Because race is the American way and race was their motivation, the Republicans are showing America that they are the real terrorist.

By contrast, 45 seemed to lack anything beyond a superficial understanding of anything, to the point where allies worried about letting him negotiate details. Either he doesn’t know, doesn’t care or both! But the Republican failure wasn’t just about process. It was also about policy and a failure to realize just how profoundly the Affordable Care Act has changed public expectations for how the U.S. healthcare system operates.

The truth is McConnell wasn’t interested in covering more people any more than Ryan wanted to lower people’s deductibles. And the need to write legislation exposed their real policy preferences of the Republicans. Let’s thank President Obama from the bottom of our hearts because we all deserve the right to health care, while they champion war and steal the taxpayer’s money. Even Ray Charles can see this is what the Republicans do for themselves and their friends. If ever there was a time to say God Bless America – this is it! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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