True Or Not: We Just Can’t Be Sure

462_160History has always demonstrated that it is all a lie, or at least as it is taught or told. Not too long ago, Bush was viewed as the worst president of them all of them, now he looks like a saint compared to this guy. Even Chaney is looking pretty good in these times! History is always revised or told differently than the fact; one day 45 might be remembered as something of a savior or hero.

I can remember a not so good actor they praise today who was similar to 45. To that point, I lived during his reign and know his history; none of what the republicans preach or say about him is really true. Most of his senior level officials went to prison but they never talk about that Regan. He or his administration was alleged to have been involved in bringing drugs into the country. He was a horrible president! So you see that over time a new narrative is created.

I say that because the fix is in for this guy too. Look back at history, they taught us that Custer’s Last Stand, for example, was a monumental event – it wasn’t. This was the result of a hard headed fool general who was not a general but a colonel; who thought because he was white he remotely had a chance against all the Indians in the world; his 270 men against 1000’s. But his legacy is one of an astounding accomplishment maybe because it gave cause to the government to slaughtering the American Indian tribes in retaliation.

Here is my favorite, the Alamo; there were about 230 or so white men and one black man, a slave, held up in and old mud-walled church defending it in the name of Texas which was not on America soil against almost four-thousand Mexicans. Of course, all died and what happened; they made them heroes and made countless movies and books about them in the name of glory. By the way, most of the story they told was far from the truth. The whole battle lasted less than an hour. Think about it, how would anyone know what took place behind those walls?

Let’s look back at the founding fathers; they told us all these tall tales but in reality, all of them had devious backgrounds. Most were document slave-owners and the rest were segregationists or bigots. In fact, it was probably not until the 1950’s that a black person even was allowed to enter the White House unless that person was working there and black people build it. Oh, I may have misspoken; good ol Freddy Douglass may have been the only one who got in. For that matter they make movies making black characters white.

Most shameful however is they have removed Egypt from Africa and now claim aliens from outer space built the pyramids. As I have said before we can’t believe anything they tell us. Let me take this to the extreme and talk about this person called Jesus. First, if he ever existed he was black! What they did was make him the biggest weapon used to further white supremacy all over the world. The made him white on purpose for that reason but you can never convince people of this point of view.

Black people fought in every war only to return to America to live in the same dastardly conditions white folk created. Think about it black Americans fought for the freedom of other people in their lands to give them freedom but did not have it here in America. So how can one not say what truth is and what is true or not? We just can’t be sure! We never own up to certain people for the past in digressions of some when it comes to matters of race! And that is my thought provoking perspective…

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