Trump-care Is Fake News

trumpcare2The one thing President Obama did was something that no other person in political history has done, which was to gain a real healthcare system that was to help all Americans. Unfortunately, because of the obstruction of GOP operatives, it was not as good as the act could have been. The GOP’s raging battle cry was to repeal the Affordable Care Act! Why; because it was part of their strategy to anything positive Obama did or any accomplishments from history. To be clear, this was the main reason #45 was reelected!

So when you look at the Republican health care plan recently passed by the House would hollow out one of the most popular provisions of the ACA: a prohibition on charging higher prices to people with pre-existing medical conditions. It was also their plan to go back to the time that would allow the insurance companies, the rich, to rob the people of America. Further, States, under the plan, could waive that rule, they say, provided they offer publicly funded alternatives for coverage. We know when states have control – only white people benefit!

The Republican plan raises many questions, including about cost: many experts believe the more than $100 billion earmarked for alternative programs, such as “high-risk pools,” would be inadequate. According to the Congressional Budget Office, many patients with pre-existing conditions would be priced out of the market. But the Republican proposal also raises a more basic issue: Who will decide what constitutes a pre-existing condition? In their minds just living is a pre-existing condition!

Before the Affordable Care Act, profit-taking insurers had lowered the bar for what was considered a pre-existing condition to include nearly every malady, making it difficult for many healthy patients to get affordable insurance. Turning away people with just a hint of illness is a reasonable business strategy. But as so often occurs in the profit-oriented health system, what is best for business is not necessarily good for patients.

When the House Committee on Energy and Commerce studied insurance denials and exclusions for pre-existing conditions by the four largest for-profit insurers in 2010, it found plenty of evidence that “each company had business plans that relied on using pre-existing conditions to limit the amount of money paid for medical claims.”

The committee report found that the insurance companies turned down one out of every seven applicants with pre-existing conditions. Such denials had jumped by nearly 50 percent between 2007 and 2009, as the apparently successful financial strategy gained sway.

In the pre-Affordable Care Act era, states that ran high-risk pools generally specified pre-existing conditions that automatically qualified patients for admittance — generally serious diseases like AIDS, diabetes or epilepsy. The determination was based on health, but patients who could show they had been turned down by insurers were also generally eligible. Insurers, with different motivations, draw very different boundaries.

Indeed, if insurers make the call about who to exclude, almost anyone who needs insurance would seem vulnerable. By all measures, it is the people who are ill would be screwed! We can only look at 45’s budget and see they have their mind on the death of American people. Let’s keep in mind that they want your money or they don’t care if you suffer or die. It is all about money – your money! To make my point, these people, mostly the conservatives, scream terrorism with every breath. So I have to ask; who are the real terrorist? And that’s my thought provoking perspective…



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