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President Crook

193_160.jpgWe should know by now that this thing called Democracy is a fraud and a myth created by the rich; especially black and brown people. The fact of the matter is those guys who wrote the Constitution were the richest men of their day. Yes, these were the man who crafted the that document to make sure the system of White Supremacy continues as long as there is a country called America. Remember they said, all men are created equal – one of the biggest lies ever! Just take a look at probably half of the presidents owned slaves, and all were racists!

Many of the past presidents were racist and sworn to uphold the system as designed. Now we have a guy that can’t complete a sentence without a lie in it, and he has all the billionaires around him to reinforce bigotry. America tells the world about equality and fairness, and the truth is; it’s not true. We remember those like Nixon, Reagan, and all the others who were crooks and turned back the hands of time with not so much glee.

This guy no has made the alt-right, which is code for Klan, the centerpiece of his administration. This guy has said awful things about every ethnic group and women, and white folk rallied to his call. He has said take he plans to take away any progress gained and yet they cheer. His slogan is “make America great” which is just more code for make America white again!

He is a liar, recanted on everything he has said so far, and because of his narcissistic personality, white folk never blinked. Why because he has promised to take back the country and make it white again. To them, it is all about power and maintaining the system, so they will always have the power. This is how it was designed.

He has said, he will ban Muslims from entering America, deport immigrants, and only God knows what he has in mind for black people; maybe concentration camps! As he has said, nothing is off the table! This might even include bring back the plantation! Now you will see inside the souls of white folk who have now elected someone to represent the face of White Supremacy legitimately!

He will extort America for everything he can. So get ready we are about debauchery of epic proportions surpassing all of the fascist before him! And that is my thought provoking perspective…


Mourning In America: Welcome To The 1950’s

11When Barack Obama was elected in 2008, many assumed a “post-racial” America was upon us. They were fiercely wrong. People believed America had somehow reconciled its shameful racial history by electing a black man into the White House. It was merely good optics! As it turned out, one man alone could not undo the countless systemic issues that have plagued a country built on slavery. During Obama’s last year in office, we saw just how deeply wrong the idea of a “post-racial” era was with the rise of the alt-right movement and the racist attacks that have unfolded as a result of Donald Trump’s campaign for president.

Now that Trump is the president-elect we will see racism rise to a level not seen since the days of old. A few days ago we set the clocks back one hour; last night the clock was set back a half a decade. I have seen a lot over my years, racism that was unthinkable, but last night’s victory for Trump made me think of the coming “nightmare”! Many attributed Trump’s success to his ability to turn out white working-class voters. I say no; rather it was due to racism and bigotry, let’s be clear race was an important factor in this election.

“This was a white lash against a changing country… It was a white lash against a black president in part. And that’s the part where the pain comes.” Yeah, when they say they want to take their country back; you got a lot of white people who feel fervently believe that white people are losing America and Trump will be the champion of that motto! Dare I say, for all non-white people “there are some difficult days ahead!”

The history books will record last night and surely January 20th the day they took back their country by having allowed Donald Trump to be elected President of the United States. No doubt, the Democratic Party failed miserably. But something else was truly at play here. To ignore it or rubberneck around it might be convenient, but it’d be wrong. This victory was all about race and a repudiation of anything Obama has achieved.

Step one: millions of people will lose health insurance, stacking the Supreme Court with bigots, repealing every executive order Obama signed, appointing the shameless people that Trump has had around him, more concerning the appointment of a Rudy Giuliani or a Chris Christie as Attorney General!Or even reinstituting Slavery as he deports the Hispanics and bar all Muslims!!!

From the moment he announced his candidacy, Donald Trump ran a campaign of white supremacy and white pride. In fact, his true entry into presidential politics predated his bigoted, anti-immigrant announcement speech that he delivered in the summer of 2015. Instead, it was his attack on the very humanity of President Obama that signaled to the worst elements of our country that Donald Trump was a bigot with a very low bar for what he was willing to say or do to attack people of color.

Without a single shred of evidence, Trump insisted President Obama was not an American citizen but was born in Kenya or somewhere else other than the United States. None of this mattered to Trump or his growing base of bigots. All that mattered was that they now had a spokesperson that would openly and champion the cause of their bigotry and the more Trump embraced his role as a public bigot, the deeper, more dangerous, and uglier it got. Racism and bigotry is no longer in the shadows.

Before Donald Trump won the Republican nomination, his base was almost exclusively made up of white, rural conspiracy theorists and racists. So, when he announced his candidacy, Trump, fully understanding his base, launched right into calling Mexicans rapists and robbers. Of course, his base absolutely loved it. Then, he pledged to forcefully deport every undocumented immigrant in the country in two years or less. When pressed on specifics, he gave us little, but his base ate it up. Before long, his next significant announcement was that he would, as a policy, ban all Muslims from entering our country. Never mind the legality and logistics of such a thing, which say to hell with the constitution or any law.

Trump won the Republican nomination because he was driven by a philosophy of white supremacy, racism, bigotry, and xenophobia. It appealed so much to his base that they were willing to look past moral failures. This guy was endorsed by the KKK, favored by David Duke, beloved by neo-Nazis and white supremacist publications everywhere; Trump resonated so much with white America that they elected him President of the United States. Let’s hold our breath until the wall is built!

He was simply willing to appeal to the very worst instincts of our country, and it worked. In fact, the Republicans have had a plan to turn back the hands of time – like 1950. With Trump as president now the can! I have long since believed that the United States is deeply racist at its core. This election has confirmed it. The white people you know and think are your friends and neighbors voted for him. If ever the phrase God Bless America is needed and for those who pray – now is a good time to ask for it. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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