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Make It Plain: The Conditioning Of Black Minds

XBrother Malcolm would say “Make It Plain,” which was one of the most prophetic statements ever spoken. Of course, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome is the biggest problem black people endure but there are other institutional problems that hinder our progress. I have come up with a list of some of them to suggest/offer my view of some of the causes systemic institutional problems that keep people of the African American Diaspora in mental slavery and continuous bondage.

You may disagree, or not, but there are facts from the past that we must understand that does have an effect upon black people done the dominant culture in order to maintain control. I am not going back to slavery or segregation because in modern times some of the mechanisms of control are ever present still. Those in power who benefited know, “if you control what a man thinks, you never have to worry about what he thinks”. As a result, most of the media is owned by whites and everything you see is white, white views and position regardless of the communication vehicle.

During slavery, and from the 1800’s through the 1980’s, the African American family was tight-knit, strongly woven, and the envy of all other cultures. The family unit survived in spite of unimaginable cruelty and adversity. It is only recently, during the last thirty/forty years or so that the black family became dysfunctional and lost its direction. One has to think, for some twisted reason, we do not feel whole because, in many cases, we allow others define us.

Aside from the initial and root-cause, which we know was slavery. I have identified 12 key issues that did impede black progress:

  1. The Vietnam War: Hundreds of thousands of strong, intelligent, hard working black men were shipped abroad to be murdered, returned home shell shocked, severely damaged, or addicted. Many of which were unable to get back on track after returning from war because the government abandoned them.
  2. COINTELPRO: The covert actions of J. Edgar Hoover in the wake of the Civil Rights Era and the Black Power Movements all but insured that anyone speaking out against the government’s wrongdoings would receive either long prison sentences or a bullet. This fear silenced our forward progression, fueling distrust and removing many of our leaders, as well as potential future leaders.
  3. The Assassinations of the 1960’s: Left a huge void in leadership that has yet to be filled, particularly within the Civil Rights Movement to include within the community. Instead, a universal acceptance of the pimp/hustler image in popular culture that presented alternative heroes to black youth, which resonant in the form of Gangster Rap. This genre leads to the glorification of the criminal element amidst immature minds that lack familial structure. Also to black on black crime and staying silent while, black youth are murdered by other black youth.
  4. The Feminist Movement: Backed by liberal white women to fight for the equal rights of women; the same rights most black men had yet to be fully granted. A lot of black women got lost in the rhetoric of how men were keeping them down, losing sight of the fact that black men were down there with them. To this day, the power exchange and infighting among black men and women is sadly considered the norm, a tool enumerated by Willie Lynch.
  5. Oliver North & the Contras: The volume of drugs, mainly crack cocaine that flooded the black community during the 80 to which most of the drugs came in on U.S. ships with the support of the Government. The CRACK era escalated death and incarceration rates, unwanted pregnancies, neighborhood prostitution and a culture of violence. Folks were selling their kids to hit the pipe, and selling their souls to sell what went in that pipe. This epidemic destroyed our community in ways slavery could never have done. This form of contemporary was the cruelest type of slavery imposed upon our communities.
  6. Mass media brainwashing & mind control: The influences of propaganda and distorted images of beauty and male/female roles. Shows like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Dynasty, Different Strokes, and the Jefferson’s for example. The American conscious during the 80’s was money driven. Materialism became the idea that stuff defines you and others.
  7. Education: The lack of proper education, financing support, and knowledge being taught by African American professionals. In addition, our leaders and academics failed us as they fled the hood in droves for the suburbs during those crazy 80’s. Prior to this period, kids saw on a daily basis married couples that looked like them, even if they didn’t live in their households. Yet, the great migration to greener pastures left a void in the community leaving it to be replaced by the image of the hustler-pimp-thug, ruthlessness, and violence.
  8. Communication: This speaks to the education of self and listening to the wrong messengers. The communication of values – parents became unavailable to hand down family legacies, traditions, and value systems. We’re like POW’s locked in the same building for 20 years, unable to converse thru cement walls confined by our persona’s, egos, insecurities, isms, etc.
  9. The Black Church: Many churches have lost their way. The business of religion is bankrupting our communities. Many churches are not touching the lives of those outside of the church most in need. Just like back in the day when it was the design of slave masters, who did so much wickedness to use this as a tactic by offering a bible and in most instances nothing more than pain and the promise of a better life to keep us in line. This is not the same as faith, which was necessary to survive our struggles.
  10. Urbanization – work and home were once connected. Parents were near their families, and children understood work as a way of life. Urbanization helped create “latch key” kids and images of hard work disappeared while replacing it with material objects.
  11. Social Services: The advent of the system of welfare that demanded the absence of the influence of the black man in the home. Before Claudine during the early 50’s, welfare was designed for to help white people and back then you HAD to be a complete family to apply. When it became available for black people, the rules for welfare changed to fit the application process for welfare for blacks. For decades to follow, trillions of dollars in government spending on ineffective social programs in our cities have not, by enlarge, benefited the mobility of the family and that a black man/father could not be in the home.
  12. Segregation: Jim Crow Laws and Black Codes that prevented legal marriages, dehumanized people, and discriminatory practices in work/education left many African Americans unable to access resources necessary to build strong family base; causing disillusioned men/husbands/fathers to abandonment rather than face daily reminder of their “failure”.

Let us not forget that the Willie Lynch Theory, real or not, but the concept is working! There is a designed plan, as it has been from the beginning to enslave mentally people of color for those of privilege and maintain white supremacy. And that’s my THOUGHT PROVOKING PERSPECTIVE!!!

Commentary: Church Talk Or Just Cooning

th (15)There was the Million Man March and several variations of it! Yesterday, there was an event dubbed the 100 Hundred Ministers for Trump. This was a planned meeting of one hundred black so-called ministers who met with The Donald to endorse him for president. This was a perfect demonstration of the larger problem in the black community. I don’t shy away from controversy, and will say it, as I see it – WHAT A DISGRACE! Every member of any of those congregations should resign, ok, maybe that is not the right word but they should certainly leave these so-called leaders.

There is enough evidence to suggest those who profess to have “been called” are little more than common hustlers and as I have said before Pimps in the Pulpit. They gathered to come out in support of The Donald, but the backlash was too great and they would only say only some chose to support him. I don’t know or have any proof, but the usual motivation behind this kind of gathering was a donation. This was so transparent that Stevie Wonder could see there was a quid pro quo in the mix and at work here. Anybody who has attended a black church knows the mission is solely about donations.

First of all, black people do not support the Republican clan! What would make these clowns think they could persuade any black person to support The Donald? I know of nothing he has done for black people at any time ever! Hell, to be honest, we have a man with a black face in the White House now, who has done very little for black people. So what sane person would think this guy has the interest or concern for black people.

Let me take you back in time and maybe the picture will become clear. While Massa was indoctrinating the slaves or imposing the myth of Christianity upon the souls of his chattel, he would pick a sellout, Uncle Tom from his folk to turn on the other slaves to deliver the word according to Massa. Let’s remember that during this process Massa would sit in the church to make sure his message was given the way he wanted. First of all, let’s be clear it was against the law for slaves to read, so if the message given was the word according to the Bible – how would he know. He said and did what Massa wanted him to say; not much different than today’s so-call preachers.

Only today the rewards are so much greater. The car’s, homes, bank accounts, and let me not forget the private jets! Personally, I would put most of these people only a step above the devils that kill our children unarmed in the streets. They are the biggest protectors of white supremacy! Because they continue to deliver the original message to sustain the ideology – you will be alright when you die.

I get comments, all the time, from the disillusioned who tell me to watch what I say about preachers or the church and yes, I have been damned to hell by some so-called Christian folk. To them I say, what factual evidence is there that shows their preacher or any preacher has brought forth at anytime for the betterment of black people. I have not gotten any response yet! If you do please, share it with me!

These people are in a business that take from the needy, and give to the greedy, themselves. The fact of the matter is this, most churches will not even open their doors for the homeless people sleeping or living on the streets. More shameful, in my view, is whenever there is the hint of unrest they [Massa] will parade a host of so-called preachers out in front of the media to tell the people to be peaceful and ask for nonviolence. Same message Massa told them to give – “turn the other cheek” – no different from what the slave master of old told his handpicked “house negro” to say!

Now to be fair, I got one response from someone who said, this was not true with Dr. King and the March on Washington. My response to that was to ask if this person knew the government appointed Dr. King and the other ministers [the big six] to be the face of the march and scripted what could be said. The origin of the March on Washington was conceived and initially organized by the people. It was Kennedy who appointed the big six!

Just like the police were created to be slave catcher; the black preacher was designed to be the slave keeper.  In the face of the horrible and despicable circumstances that face the black community they do very little to alleviate the problems of the flock they lead. Once a week, at least one unarmed black person is murder by the police and because of video – we see it. Where are the preachers?

However, they do give great praise when a march was non-violent and subscribe to it being successful, but it delivered no appreciable result. But more importantly, we have the families of Eric Garner, Mike Brown, John Crawford, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo and countless others who are paid off in some cases after the death of their loved ones.  These families know the unfortunate realities of a justice system that may be blindfolded but seem to always peek from beneath the veiled eyes to prevent her will from finding its way to certain communities – normally communities of color.

I am not apologetic for being overly critical of those who I call pimps in the pulpit. Let me be clear, these folk had every right to meet and speak with The Donald; however, it’s the motive that gives me heartburn. If you saw those who stood in front of the cameras last night and talked to the media. It was the most shocking disgrace display of character I have witness since black people were told that “all men were created equal”.

Pastor Jamal Bryant who was invited to attend the meeting but declined accused the preachers attending as a “selling out” to Trump, and on Twitter and  compared them to prostitutes. “Prostitutes for Trump … don’t let black pulpit become a pole,” he wrote. I tend to agree – SHAME ON EACH OF YOU! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


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