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Remembering Whitney

007_1000During the course of my life, I have yet to meet a person without flaws or who have not gone through trials and tribulations. Particularly, if you have reached the pinnacle of success in a career as a person gifted with extraordinary talents. Whitney was no different.

She was one of our greatest songstress’, a diva, mother, daughter, sister, and a human being. For this reason, I say we should not chastise nor diminish her greatness as a result of any of her life’s challenges. So I say to you, particularly during this very difficult time in the life of her child that all of you so-called Godly folk remember that “he who is without sin – cast the first stone.”

God blessed us with the life of Whitney and the world was better for it. Rest in Peace, and I know that heavenly choir is much richer having your lovely voice. Remembering you and praying for you, and your child during this sad and difficult time. You may be gone “Nippy”, but you are definitely not forgotten. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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