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Mega-Church Disasters

This Sunday morning I want to chime in on the latest Mega-Church pastor to fall short of the long arm of the law. To all the faithful, this time it none other than the flashy televangelist Creflo Dollar known for preaching that prosperity is good. To be fair with a name “Dollar” – I can agree with that! Nonetheless, he was arrested early Friday for allegedly roughing up his 15-year-old daughter at his Atlanta home. Hmmm.

Although this is not as bad as the Bishop, and I use that loosely, Eddie Long situation – somehow in my mind it begs the question – WTF? First of all, if Jesus where to come back today I am pretty sure he would do just as he did in the temple with the money changes. In my opinion, these leaders of huge flocks cannot effectively serve the community when they have the huge financial responsibility of such monstrosities. Frankly, it’s just business! Just sayin!

There is a very popular radio host who does a show from time to time called “Pimps in the Pulpit”. Let me be clear, I am not calling either of these Sheppard’s pimps but when you take from the needy to benefit the greedy. Well we have to find a word that more accurately describes the mission other than pastor. The larger question is who are the followers of these guys? Are they just sheep lead blindly?

Let’s recap! Last year there was a Mega-Church preacher from Florida who was found dead in New York (allegedly) of a drug overdose with drugs found on his person (allegedly). Both Long and Dollar were among six televangelists investigated by Iowa U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley from 2007 to 2010, following questions about personal use of church-owned airplanes, luxury homes and credit cards by mega church pastors and their families. I won’t even touch the Catholic Church and their problems.

I don’t believe these are isolated instances and I am not saying that every church falls into this kind of negative category. But I would suggest that if there tax status changed some of these issues would be remedied. I also want to say I am not just picking on African American pastors. There are just as many whites and others who are just as foul in their devotion to the all mighty dollar.

I am not going to spend too many words on the frailties of faith leaders. But with respect to the Dollar Man this was not his only brush with controversy. When former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield filed for divorce in 1999, Dollar refused to give a court-ordered statement in the case about how much money Holyfield had given to the church.

Janice Holyfield’s lawyer said he had determined that Holyfield gave $403,000 to the church in 1998, and donated $3.9 million in the 60 days before the ex-champ filed for divorce in March 1999. Dollar’s lawyer said he should not be required to testify because of the separation of church and state, pastor-parishioner privilege and several state and biblical laws. Really!

I am not challenging anyone’s faith – but believers we are or should be believing in the word of God and the teachings of Jesus! Not some jokers with private jets that you are paying for. I just want to use a popular phrase that says “Game Knows Game” or you should. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…



Religious Zealot Pastor Terry Jones is at it again! You know the hypocrite who spews lies and hatred! This guy who is always up to the insane has really gone too far this time.

This is the same nut who not long ago threatened to burn Korans, which sparked several days of violence in the Middle East. In doing so, this foolish act caused the deaths of dozens across the region and placed our troops in further danger by stoking anti-American sentiment.

I read an article today where this so-called man of God decided that hanging the President of the United States in effigy, in front of a church, is necessary and appropriate. Just so you understand this in Florida, not Afghanistan or some other third-world American hating country where this sort of thing is common. I have to ask what in the hell is going on down in the state of Florida?

In addition Jones released a video to go along with his protest where he states “Obama is killing America.” He claims that Obama increased the deficit (he lowered it, actually), increased the debt more than every president before him combined (but leaves out the part where the increase is due to the budgetary disaster left behind by Bush, including two wars and massive unpaid-for tax cuts), and that he supports radical Islam (by killing more terrorists in three years than Bush did in 7, including bin Laden. If that’s “support” I’d hate to see what Obama’s version of opposition is). The mock president is holding a baby, presumably to symbolize abortion, and accompanied by a gay pride flag, an American flag and a mock Uncle Sam, Obama’s “victim.”

When addressing the reason for symbolically hanging the president, Jones veers off into the surreal:

That is why we have now chosen the hanging of Hussein Obama to represent how the American people must, in a peaceful way, stand up and reject President Obama, reject his anti-American policies. It is time for us to stand up. It is time, again, for America to become America.

As an African American this act is particularly troubling because I see a deeply racist component in depicting a black man being hung, especially in the South. Jones is surely aware of this, but like most right wing demagogues, he’s perfectly content to invoke such imagery. Hate and intolerance is the fish and loaves of the right wing religious fanatic. If Obama had been a white man, this scene would have played out much differently.

Religious extremism is almost just as much a problem in America as it is in the Middle East, and Jones is a prime example of the violence inherent among religious reactionaries. As long as we, as a nation, continue to pretend that only Muslims can be dangerous radicals, we’re ignoring the ticking time-bomb in our midst.

I have to ask – “Where is the Secret Service”. Government agencies like the NSA, NYPD and FBI spend millions of dollars conducting illegal surveillance on mosques and law abiding citizens going about their business peacefully in the name of fighting terrorism. This hasn’t yielded a single lead to any terrorist activity, yet this nut along with other right wing nuts openly threaten the life of the president as well as peace and order in general without any investigation.

The far right represents a greater terrorist threat to the US than any group in the world and is a threat that is continually ignored to which I say at America’s own peril. The government used COINTEL against other groups – yet, this danger is allowed to exist. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

Excerpts from Addictingingfo


This is a DISGRACE!!!

The Power Of Thought

I woke up this morning with a thought knowing that every single thing that ever existed began with a single thought. With that said, I remembered a presentation by Bishop T.D. Jakes that I thought would be a good message for this beautiful Sunday that was made for us. Thoughts become reality – open your mind and find your reality.

Or maybe I should say it this way – “free your mind and your ass will follow!” And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…



The Snake

My Granddaddy use to tell me fascinating stories designed to make me a man. In fact, he would tell me every day that “I raised you to be a man and as a man, you don’t know what you may have to do but when the time comes, you do it.” He said it so often throughout my youth that it was embedded into my mind and to this very day a warm smile appears “when I have to do it”.

I loved this wise man more than life itself. I knew, even then, his teachings were an inspired declaration of his celestial will or more simply put – his vision that shaped my destiny and it defined my purpose. Pop’s would teach me lessons, often times, like an Aesop Fables to make me think and it was my job to figure out the moral of the story.

This is my favorite:

The way the story was told to me, Granddaddy’s friend, Mr. Bob whose job was to offer a prayer every Sunday morning at church during the service prior to the preacher’s sermon, a job he had held for years. Sunday was a special day for the community, and for him to have a position where he would have the attention of everyone was a big deal. More accurately stated it was a platform for him to perform. He would have been a great entertainer.

Mr. Bob would walk to church every Sunday morning, rain or shine, from his home. The trip was several miles up and down hills and around curves, and he would be dressed in his best suit for the morning service. During the walk he would practice his part for the service, the prayer, with the intention of making it a show complete with screams and tears. This show would sometimes last thirty minutes. There were many Sundays one would wonder how one man could have so much to ask of the Lord and maybe say, please, let somebody else get a blessing.

On his way to church this particular Sunday, Mr. Bob came across an injured snake. In what he perceived as divine intervention, God said to him, help this poor creature. He realized he did not have a prayer for that day’s service, so he thought, wow, if I help the snake I can pray for us to have the strength to help all of God’s creatures. Since the snake is the lowliest of all creatures, this would really inspire the congregation and hopefully give them the encouragement to do the same at least until next Sunday’s message. So he picked up the badly injured snake and placed him in a safe place until he could return from church.

With great energy, and now inspired, Mr. Bob went on his way. He planned and practiced his prayer as he marched on to church. After he arrived and exchanged a few greetings, the service began with a joyful noise, as they say, meaning full of song. Then it was his turn to pray. He began to pray with a powerful tone, full of emotion. He asked God to give each person within the sound of his voice the strength to reach out and help all God’s creatures, from the loving dove to the lowly snake. His message had many in the tiny church standing with shouts of Amen. He felt he had done his job as he closed, asking God to bless the church and said Amen. In his usual style this took about a half hour.

To his surprise, the pastor also chose a sermon nearly identical to his message which took about another hour and a half, talking about helping all of God’s creatures. What a great day it was, Mr. Bob thought. Normally after the service ended everyone hung around and fellowshipped as it was one of the few chances they had to socialize. Mr. Bob would not hang around on this day – he had a mission and left church in a hurry. He rushed back to the spot where his injured snake was placed hoping it would still be there. He was very excited when he arrived to find it was where he left it. He put his snake in a burlap bag he had gotten from the church and took the snake home.

Over the next several weeks Mr. Bob cared for this creature, desperately trying to save the snake and nursing it back to health. About three weeks later he thought it was time to take his snake back to where he found it, thinking it was well enough to be set free. The following Sunday, he put on his best suit and started his journey to church with snake in hand. As he arrived at the spot where he had found it, he thought, what a wonderful thing he had done. He was sure to receive God’s blessing for this act of kindness.

He rubbed the snake gently and said goodbye. However, when he reached into the bag to grab it, suddenly the snake raised his head and bit him. Then bit him again and again. Mr. Bob cried out, “Why would you bite me after all I’ve done for you? My God why?” I guess he was expecting an answer from God, but none came. He repeated his cry once more. Then the snake stuck his head out of the bag and said, “I am a snake and that’s what we do.”After hearing this story over and over again, I finally figured out what it meant. It was a lesson that would prove to be invaluable.

Be careful in your dealings with people because people, just like the snake, will hurt you – that’s what they do.

Taken from the phenomenal novel “Just a Season
© 2007 All Rights Reserved

T.D. Jakes’ On Trayvon Martin Killing

The Good Reverend T.D. Jakes got emotional when asked a question about Trayvon Martin and getting justice for his death. Jakes explained why this case is bigger than Trayvon and what we all should take from this tragic loss.

“Amongst all the children that are lost every day, sometimes there is a catastrophic event that captures the fascination of masses of people and they become the icon of a bigger issue that is indicative of the society in which we live.”

This is the perfect Sunday message – PLEASE LISTEN!

This more that I can say but it is a Thought Provoking Perspective…


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