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Cultural Bandits

6History has shown that the black culture has influenced every aspect of American and, dare I say, white life. History has proved that white folk has stolen everything as their own; research it and you will agree. They are unequivocally drawn to the vibrant threads of black culture. Such people like Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali, Marvin Gaye, Tupac Shakur, Spike Lee, Thurgood Marshall and the work of every black musician; they hijacked the true storyline of people like these and cooped it as their own. All of these men were viewed by white America as the most vial while they lived!

Although they will never admit it because it was a rickety bridge that I will say is due to racism, which is why they will not connect the chasm between whites and blacks. Affixing a footnote, which is true; black people created Rock and Roll; men like Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry, yet they claim it was Elvis Presley and Mick Jagger! But aside from the one or two black friends they may have they tolerated much of this hateful vitriol, seeing it merely as harmless and distasteful, rhetoric to deny it was copied. It is their belief that they have the right to everything.

In essence, because most still believe they own black people. If you are in a privileged group, it is a policy to uphold and maintain the rules of white supremacy. To do this only means they are a parasite or to be politically correct cultural bandits. Hall of Fame basketball coach John Wooden once said, “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” Wooden stood tall in the face of an unapologetically racist society during his early life. He would not compromise his principles, even pulling his entire team from a tournament in the 1940s because his one black player was not permitted to attend. Not many white folk throughout history would take this kind of principled stand!

Most whites, then and now, dare not denounce disapproval of verbal attacks, police killings of black people, or the unfairness of the justice system’s impact on minority groups made from the comfort of our homogeneous social circles. This can be uncomfortable ground that many may not be ready or willing to walk. They know all of this is true but fear ostracization.

I would argue that they cannot take the potential retaliation from those around them who have had their ingrained stereotypes and viewpoints challenged. For fear of being buried for attempting to bring other whites a sense of compassion and understanding to the plight of minorities. Minorities, especially black, in their eyes exist for their monetary gains?

They stole Jazz music, stole R&B, and today, they have stolen Rap Music just like they did with Rock and Roll! I am only taking about music but we know they stole the land and most innovative productions of nearly everything created but always there for the monetary benefit! On a broader notion, anywhere you look in history – it all points back to Africa! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Fear Of The Future

20150420_201208The Census Bureau reports that in our lifetime, the next quarter century or so, white people will become the minority ethnic group in America. I suppose that statement is frightening enough all by itself but for a people whose history is predicated on racism and fear. The thought of this must be frightening for some based on this prediction, particularly in the mind of those who may face the “sins of their fathers”.

Someone once said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Having said that I can only imagine that the fear of this is overwhelming and a dangerous proposition envisioning the future of their species. They are and always have been the minority in terms of the world’s population, yet they control most of the world’s power. I don’t know about you, but I have often wondered how could so few rule so many?

It must be a scary thought, or maybe they view this statistic as impending doom. Just go back to 2008 and recall how they reacted when America elected its first black president. There were rumors that he would retaliate against them for their wretched past and give the decedents of slave’s reparations. Worse yet, in their minds, he would put white people in slavery. Of course, it was all nonsense but conscience is a terrible thing!

What it would mean when they become the minority is the loss of power, which also means the lack of political access and control people who have be oppressed for so long. Also, they may be subjected to the same treatment they inflicted upon other people. At this point, the fear, I believe, is simply rooted in the haunting fear of the sins of their fathers. White folk know what their ancestors did to African people and all people of the world, and know the lies told in the rewritten versions of hardly factual history, which in nearly every case is far from truth.

History, as well as His-Story, tell us that these folk have been the greatest purveyor of crime and brutality since the world began and exhibited more violence than any people in the history of humanity. To disguise the lies, they produced a Bible to give sanction the atrocities done throughout history. In order to conquer so many, in most cases, they handed the people they were about to rob and abuse a bible. If they did not accept it – they used the gun!

They told us they created civilization, which could not be further from the truth. The fact is civilization, as well as mankind, was born and began in Africa. There were colleges and scholars on the continent of Africa while white people were living in caves. They invaded, stole from and raped Africa, as they did most places where they stole the land, resources, and people. However, they used a different word – calling what they did colonizing, which is a better way of saying the same thing.

What I found interesting supporting these statistics was fertility. Female fertility rates have dropped considerably among white women in the last decade, and many of their births are interracial. In other words, currently their fertility rates are now below levels necessary to maintain their population while the fertility of other minority groups is rapidly growing. The Census Bureau report states the following as contributors to indicate white Americans are shifting towards a statistical minority. Last year’s numbers indicated that white babies are now a minority.

Now the under age 5 group will soon be made up of over half racial minorities.
As of 2012, 49.9% of children 5 and under were racial minorities. By this year or next, the number will be over 50%.
The number of deaths now exceeds the number of births in the white American population for the first time in a century.
The non-white population as a whole has increased to 37 percent of America.
Fastest growth is among Americans who consider themselves multiracial.
Non-Hispanic Whites currently make up 63 percent of the U.S.

The fear of becoming the minority race maybe rooted in the fact that they may have to face the sins of their fathers. I am sure the fear of that must be frightening to think of their lineage being reduced to “other” and privilege lost. Maybe that is why they spend billions exploring space trying to find a new place to conquer or the final frontier to steal and maybe escape the world they ruined in the name of “in God we trust”. If you believe in karma, what goes around comes around.

When that day comes, and it is coming, it just might be that the bad deeds of their past will return and bring discomfort. It is possible it will visit the decedents of those who inflicted so much misery on other human beings. Maybe Brother Malcolm said it best “the chickens come home to roost!” And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Warning: Profanity contained in the video!

Guess Who Came To Dinner

So many times the phrase “look how far we’ve come” has been stated that makes one think that everything is alright. Watch this video and just imagine the insanity of racism. Most people don’t know that Booker T. Washington was invited to the White House at the beginning of the last century making him the first black to ever sit at a table with an american president for dinner, instead of serving the guests, and hundreds of blacks people were lynched as a result.

Today, the current president who is black now does the inviting of others. THINK ABOUT IT!!!  And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…


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