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The Day Innocence Died

42 horsemenNovember, 22nd will be more than fifty years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. History reports that during the decade of the 1960s America witness assassination after assassination. To be fair, almost all of them the result of racism, bigotry, but there were other killed too; most notably Dr. King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Robert Kennedy, and his brother John – just to name the more significant figures.

Before that day in November 1963, America told its people and they believed it, that America was righteous and held a moral authority in the world. America did no wrong, of course notwithstanding slavery, segregation, and its treatment of black people. Then on that fateful day, in November 1963 America lost its innocence. Malcolm X was quoted as saying, at the time, that for all America’s wrongs; “it was just the chickens coming home to roost!”

After that day and the conspiracies about the murder that followed, America and its government was exposed like never before with most of its citizens not believing the promoted version of the President’s killing. Because what was to follow came Johnson’s ill-fated escalation into Vietnam war, the crook Nixon’s resignation, Reagan and his administration’s criminality, and the evil of both Bush’s. One could say, like in the Wizard of Oz; the curtain unveiled what secrets America use to be able to hide.

I think it is fair to say the murder has not been realistically solved or maybe I should say the crime has never been honestly reported to the American people, as to what really happened that day. The assassination is without question the most unexplained event in American history. Therefore, it could be said what we got was some tales and stories now masked in myth, while others are simply a collection of lies or maybe cover-up’s.

For those who were too young to witness the event or only know the tale His-Story reports. The assassination of this American President was more surreal and shocking than 911, multiplied by hundreds. Officially His-Story reports that a collection of men produced what became known as the Warren Commission that told us that one man was responsible for the murder that day in Dallas Texas.

However, as time has passed conspiracies are abound, and frankly, one would be hard-pressed to find many, if any, who believe the official account; particularly after seeing Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK.” Considering the information released by the government and the movie viewed with an open mind, it does make one wonder; if what we were told is truth or a simplistic creation for a more sinister – like a coup d’état. Leading up to another November 22, we should remember that it was the day innocence died. What do you think happened? And that’s  my thought provoking perspective…

Commentary: Then And Now

danceteam7Someone sent me an email and asked if I think we are reliving the past, the 1960s? I am sure some people might believe that but No! I lived through the 1960s and would say that we are reliving all of the histories of white supremacy. It has always been like this! They have murdered and killed black people from the very creation of America, as they did with the Native American people. The feeling that the country, and the world, is careening out of control and gunplay is predictable though the identity of the victims is the seeds that have been sown or as Malcolm said, “The chickens have come home to roost”!

If I remember the 1960s correctly, this is what happened in 1968: Eighty thousand North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops seized the initiative by attacking some 100 cities and towns in a war that the Pentagon kept saying the war was all but won. Same story they are saying about ISIS and the current wars. An unrepentant racist declared his candidacy for President of the United States. Today, Donald Trump is like that guy!

And after a wave of urban riots, or rebellions, or whatever you wanted to call them, Americans stockpiled guns like white folk are doing now. An unarmed black man is killed by the “state” every other day in the most horrific manner, the difference today as opposed to then, we have cell phones and the events are captured on video. Remember Rodney King; that incident was caught on video, but they told us “we did not see what we thought we say” and that there was so much more before the video began. That does not work today!

Lunatic Fringes thrived in the heart of established institutions as did the racist did then. There were murders by the police then as they are now. They called police misconduct merely casual police beatings, and it was the black person’s fault because they just happen to die. Events then took place in the dark, backstage, and out of sight: now take place onscreen in living rooms.

Today black people wake up every morning thinking, My God, what next? Thinking is this end of times. Questioning whether it’s the apocalypse or the revolution has begun. From day to day, all that was predictable was that something unpredictable was on its way from hell. Last week, there was an unprecedented attack on the police by a black man they trained. You would think Nat Turner rose from is grave!

White folk are even more consumed with fear; this event was their worst nightmare! The sky’s darkened for them because so many chickens (guilt) came home to roost. Violence was, as one of the most incendiary African-American leaders accurately said, “it as American as apple pie.” And what was erupting wasn’t everyday violence, but the violence that shook and shattered shaky institutions and left millions of rattled Americans desperate for “law and order” at any cost.

Frankly, most white folk can hardly wrap his or her mind around the lunacy and viciousness, which had been some time in coming. So now here we are; it’s 2016 and a bullying serial fabricator, Trump, gleefully tosses insults at Muslims, Mexicans, reporters, rivals and women whose shapes are not to his liking. He hosts a one-man Twitter revolution of hate, retweeting neo-Nazi images, is the Republican candidate and proudly proclaims “America First” as his triumphal slogan. What he is really saying “Make America White Again”!

In 1968, the several thousand war protesters who headed to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, many of whom wound up (along with reporters) attacked by police, were unarmed. In 2016, a group of white supremacist skinheads, fresh from stabbing six counter-demonstrators in Sacramento, pledge to be at Cleveland’s Republican convention to “defend” Trump supporters from “leftist thugs.”

In 2016, as in 1968 police shot and often killed unarmed African-Americans. Then, from the successes and failures of the nonviolent civil rights movement, the Black Panther Party grew by brandishing guns and sometimes turning them on police in urban ghettoes. In 2015 and 2016, a widespread, largely nonviolent “Black Lives Matter” movement was kindled, and despite the claim by FBI Director James Comey that police are forced to restrain themselves as crime-fighters because of a “viral video effect,” the killings continue. Now we see them in incendiary opponents and sometimes live on video. And now, in Dallas, an apparently lone African-American sniper, possibly with help from a program called CONINTEL has shot and killed police officers.

In 1968, the most violent force in the world was the Pentagon and the photos that horrified an American allies blowing out the brains of a prisoner on a Saigon street, and, later, children and women dead at the hands of American troops in a Vietnamese ditch. Today, the horrendous photos show beheadings by murder zealots joy-riding on some mad idea of Islamic justice. Black men, women, and children are gunned down and abused by police in numbers never before seen. The numbers of such killings have only risen in the 22 months since the video of Michael Brown lying dead in the street in Ferguson went viral.

But there is one huge difference between then and now. Then we had a Nixon and today we have Trump and his ilk, and both parties are falling apart. They try to weld traditional small-business Republicans, old-style New Deal haters and white supremacists offended by the straight-out segregationist George Wallace into a victorious bloc. It is crisis time; race hatred is accompanied by incomprehensible threats from abroad, and unpredictable terror attacks have whites losing their minds with fear.

The paranoid strain runs deep in American history, its called racism! When Facebook is believed to be more reliable than government reports, and today there is no Walter Cronkite entering your living room to certify that there’s a reality that can be shared across political lines, and traditional media is deemed unreliable; the decline of authority is not just a phrase. It is real, and the powers that be have lost control. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

4Conspiracy theorists have alleged when the new President left Dallas on the afternoon of November 22, 1963, it was more of a getaway than returning the body of the murdered president to Washington.

As a result of the fifty plus year mark of the assassination of John F. Kennedy many different views and theories have been come too light to insert knowledge of the event adding more confusion to the discussion. This is important when you consider most living America either too young to know anything other that the official story that was suspect, at best.

One such view comes from the son of a former Pentagon Counterintelligence Officer who tells the story of how his father, a Military agency insider Col. Christensen, reveals to his family what actually happened in Dallas on 11/22/63 and why it happened. There are those who say, the new president’s quick exit from Dallas seemed more like a getaway than a trip home.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this series is that of the presenters and does not necessarily reflect the views of the author. It is information that is in the public domain provided for the reader to form an opinion. Whereas, it is the author’s position that the most profound sin is a tragedy unremembered and the absence of truth. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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