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The Negro Dilemma

007_1000As a result of recent killing by police in this place slaves called “merica” not much had changed regarding justice. The great comedian Richard Pryor reminded us that what that means for African American’s is “Just Us.” In many places throughout America, there is the belief that “black male teens” are inherently more likely to be criminals. This is also to include black men, the poor and minorities in general. However, it is clear that African American’s are pursued and prosecuted more vigorously.

What is dangerous about this thinking is that it’s ingrained in our society and actually applies to all people of color; whereas, the facts and statistic don’t prove this true. The result is that people of African descent are overrepresented in the prison system. There are the millions trapped in the cycle of probation and other legal aspects of the justice system that makes it look like “Just Us”.

It has been embedded in almost every institution from the beginning. This means it is still with us today in the form of racial profiling, stop and frisk, and all too often unfair judgment by those who are supposed to protect us. There have been thousands of cases that have involved African Americans, whether rightly or wrongly, administered by the system. This brings me to the most significant case of our time – the Trayvon Martin murder and the Michael Brown. These two cases are pivotal moments because the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about is RACE.

Let me quote something, Elijah Anderson, Professor of Sociology at Yale University, said:

In Till’s day, a black person’s “place” was in the field or the back of the bus. If a black man were found “out of his place,” he could be jailed or lynched. In Martin’s day — in our day — a black person’s “place” is in the ghetto. If he is found “out of his place,” he may be treated with suspicion, frisked, arrested — or worse.

We know the facts should state the obvious. The questions were simple, either Micheal Brown and Trayvon Martin or those murdered in cold blood by the police are institutionally sanctioned. I am talking about these two cases because they were the few that received national attention, and we know the media pays no attention to most cases presuming that a black life are insignificant.

For all the unethical tactics, in my view, it was no accident that Zimmerman’s defense attorneys did not want this highly charged, racially tinged cases to leave “Mayberry.” I say this because there were no black people in the town of Mayberry, which I compare to the few in Sanford or that conservative area. In that vein, the same could be said about the decision to use the indictment process to “not bring charges” against the police.

In the Davis case, the man who murdered him did get convicted of murder and convicted of attempted murder of the three other occupants in the car with Davis when he was murdered. Let’s just flip the script; what if the shooters were black and the victims were black? Would there have been any difficulty in convicting the person in this instance. I think not!

Let me make mention of Eric Garner, the twelve-year-old in Ohio, John Crawford, and the list goes on and on! More shocking was the the 12 year old shot in two seconds by the police caught on camera, and they said, no crime! The question then becomes will the result be the same as it was 60 years ago when little Emmitt Till’s killers faced a jury. The world is watching America and sees more of the same.

They kill black people with impunity and charged for the crime – hardly ever! We have seen this before – again and again! I only need to remind you of the case not too long ago in Simi Valley, California, with Rodney King. They tried to convince us that we did not see what we saw, which is happening in the repeated videos of police shootings, and that is the Negro Dilemma. When it comes to justice – it’s “Just Us”! And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

 It is your responsibility to teach the young!!!

The World Is Watching


The conservative folk and tea-party types, and those who call themselves the “Real Americans” have been talking about anarchy quoting Jefferson for a long time, as they prepared for war on its people. They often quote this particular founding father and slave-holding racist, who fathered many children by slaves he owned:

“When the government fears the people it’s liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

As we have witnessed the horrifying news of current events; namely police killings, no justice, and abuse of government powers that prophecy may be being for-filled. To put this in perspective, the definition of these words according to Webster’s Dictionary:

Terror – Any period of frightful violence or bloodshed, violence or threats of violence used for intimidation or coercion.

Liberty – Freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, and hampering conditions, etc., right of doing, thinking, and speaking according to choice.

Anarchy – Political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control: lawlessness, disruption, and turmoil.

Considering the conditions the government has created, each of these words is relevant. The moral high-ground has been shown to be a facade for all the world to see, as black people have known for centuries. Frankly, the only people pretending that this is not true are the so-called “Real American’s”.

These folks will never admit that the land they love was erected upon the plunder of land, slaughter of life and this imaginary thing [to black people] called liberty. White America has played this game forever but now people have had enough and a vehicle where the truth can no longer be suppressed.

Our grandfathers listened to Dr. King when he told them to pray, and you will get to the Promise Land – they believe him. What he did not tell them was it was their capture and enslavement that took them from the Promise Land when they were placed on board the Good Ship Jesus!

The youth of today don’t believe the hype and understand that “black lives matter! This is not your grandfathers Civil Right Movement. They would rather die on their feet than to continue living on their knees, as they recall Nate Turners words before he was hung – “they crucified Jesus didn’t they”.

The making of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. into a cultural icon or electing a black president cannot fool people or change its racist past. It’s been four centuries of this heinous ungodly treatment – it is time for change – reign in the cop’s, put an end to their occupation and terror – it must stop. Race is the problem in your heart at its core – not from the souls of black America who has continued to suffer!

The entire world is watching as police brutally killed its black citizens for the most trivial offenses. Leaving the fatalities to die in the streets as spectacles in the most appalling disrespectful inhumane form of injustice, not to mention the military style response to peaceful protests.

This movement will not settle for anything less than what they claim to bring others around the world. No more murders, no more voter restriction, a fair justice system, freedom, equality, and most of all to live without terror from the law. Maybe the question asked is, who are the terrorists? And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

  #BlackLivesMatter #WeCantBreathe#ThisStopsToday



As Simple As Black And White!

th (7)Over the last few years, the prevailing conversation and top news stories was about an unarmed black person killed; men, women, and children at the hands of the police. I follow the news pretty closely, and all of these police killings were done by white police. It goes without saying that the outcomes left a lot to be desired and there was not much outrage from the white community. Regardless, of the circumstances only a few of the white cops were charged and none convicted!

Let’s recap: there was the horrible grand jury decision in the Eric Gardner and Michael Brown cases, to include almost all of the others show the environment that can only be described in one way “a black man’s life means nothing”. It speaks clearly that the black community is under siege and black men in particularly are marked for death with impunity and no accountability at the hands of the police. I have seen many social media comments from “Negro’s” who say things much like what conservative white America is saying that “it was the victims fault.”

Last week, two black police officers killed a white child and justice was swift. To my knowledge, this is the first or one of only a few where a black cop has shot and killed a white person in the same senseless manner as the weekly killings of black citizens. White America is up in arms, and their cry for justice is intense. Today, the black cops will be arraigned on murder charges. Don’t misunderstand me but their cries were barely hear when the white rookie cop killed Tamir Rice in Ohio, where, in that case, nothing has happened. Could it be just a case of American justice or something as simple as black and white?

In the many black killings, the system prop-up some ministers and every so-called civil rights leader to tell black people to “march and be peaceful” – Jesus will take care of it. I will not hold back my words here and say if Jesus were going to do something, he would stop the murdering of black men and children. Frankly, we have been marching for sixty-years and praying for four-hundred years to no avail. When the homicides are so blatant that Ray Charles can see this is wrong and in most of the cases, it was videotaped!

Now, I want to be clear the death of this child is as painful as any death, and I give my sympathy to the child’s family. I do not condone the actions of the black cops any more than I do when it is the white cops killing blacks. It is just that black people should get the same kind of justice as they do. However, my point is this: justice work differently when it’s a black doing what they routinely do to them what they do to us. In other words, in cases where blacks kill whites they react swiftly and harshly.

If you follow my blog, you know I love history and call upon what I have seen in the past. As a small child, I can vividly remember watching a small black and white television seeing Bull Connor put dogs on black people peacefully protesting for the most basic of human rights. I can also remember the police and fire departments using fire hoses on peaceful protesters, and those marchers would go to some church; kneel and pray. That was in the early 1960s and today in 2015 the same atrocities, brutality, and murder still happens. It is akin to the 1000s of lynching’s of black people that they did not seem important.

Black people have never received “justice” in any manner since being dragged onto the shores of this country. In the case of Mr. Gardner, he received a death sentence for selling a single cigarette. The twelve-year-old killed in Cleveland was killed for playing with a toy gun. The black man killed in a Wal-Mart while trying to buy a gun that was on sale in the store. Michael Brown killed thirty feet from a cop with his hands up seven times, and another black man killed just up the street in St. Louis a few weeks later. But in this killing of a white child by black cops justice will be served.

All over the news, the police advocates and retired cops have come out to say how horrible this particular police killing is, but in the cases where white cops killed black people they circle the wagons and hide behind the “blue wall of silence” and defended the white cops. All black people are saying is that Black Lives Matter and want the same justice as they want and demand. Again, I say is this a case that is as simple as black and white. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

SANDRA BLAND: Say Her Name!!!

SANDRA BLAND should not be dead. PERIOD!

1000It seems like every week another black person is killed at the hands of the police. With each killing, it gets less transparent, the lies and cover-ups of those cases get more ridiculous. Yet, white America rallies behind and support the killers. They know it’s wrong, and that the police are out of control or dare I say the real terrorist threat to black people. Now it’s not like this is new because the system have been doing this since black people were stolen from Africa and dragged onto the shores of America. This would never be allowed to continue if these acts of terror occurred to a single white person or a Jewish citizen.

I posted a piece from News One yesterday titled “6 Things We Know About Brian Encinia, The Texas Trooper Who Arrested Sandra Bland”. It was shocking and appalling, yet the County has done everything to accuse the victim. This, by the way, is the norm – that is what they do.

The official account of how the 28-year-old black woman they say committed suicide by “self-inflicted asphyxiation in her jail cell after being stopped for changing lanes without using her signal light. is hard to swallow. After a brutal assault and arrest, she perished in a Waller County jail. Her family disputes that Ms. Bland could possibly have taken her own life. Though an official murder investigation is in process, and the Texas Rangers are looking into the case with FBI supervision, there is at present no evidence to disprove the suicide narrative.

But it’s plain to me based on what has been reported that Ms. Bland shouldn’t have died in jail because she should never have been in that cell in the first place. They have released two versions of a dashcam video from the officer’s car that appears doctored to me and they want us to believe something was wrong with the first video. Same thing they said about the Rodney King video – remember. In other words, who do you believe them or you’re lying eyes. The jail video is also missing lapses in time. Naturally, they are not talking about the arresting officer’s confrontational behavior.

Let’s start from the beginning. Officer Encinia pulled Ms. Bland over for failing to signal before executing a lane change. Over the course of an increasingly testy exchange, Ms. Bland explained that she was irritated because she had been trying to get out of the officer’s way when she switched lanes. Instead of handing Ms. Bland a warning or a ticket and moving on, Mr. Encinia asked her to extinguish her cigarette. Ms. Bland refused. Instead of letting that insult roll off his back, Mr. Encinia ordered her to exit her car with threats.

The command unnecessarily inflamed the situation but was legal. What happened next did not appear to have been legal. Though Ms. Bland committed a minor traffic violation and did not seem to be a threat to public safety, Mr. Encinia forcibly removed her from her car. Where de-escalation was required, Mr. Encinia escalated. “Regardless of the situation, the DPS state trooper has an obligation to exhibit professionalism and be courteous,” Steve McCraw, the director of the Department of Public Safety, said. This did not happen in this situation.

No matter what happens with the murder investigation, it won’t change the fact that the encounter should never have gotten so heated, and it was the officer’s responsibility to prevent that. But he was white, and she was simply driving while black! The officer’s paperwork, as is often the case, does not reflect what we see on the video. Then, he claims she kicked him as he was manhandling her forcing her face in the dirt, as one of the reasons for the arrest.

He knew he was being recorded and like so many cases he continued. That awareness should underline that they have no option but to be calm and careful, no matter how insulted they feel. We don’t expect that to be easy at all times and in all situations. Yet, the police are entrusted with the awesome power to legitimately use force on the public and that trust requires restraint and judgment; among other things about when confrontation is necessary and when it isn’t. I see no reason why Ms. Bland shouldn’t have collected her traffic warning and driven on. Instead, she is dead, and nobody can explain how it happened.

In this case and all of the others cases, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, the Charleston Massacre, and the list goes on and on. It is clear that race is a central theme to all of these killings. The message to black people – man, woman or child – whether in church, at home, in the car, walking down the street, or merely existing are not safe in America and particularly from the police.

The ugly reality is this; the police have declared open season, call it war, on black people and the system of white supremacy says it ok. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Police: Armed and Dangerous

200_1000theLet me begin with a “PSA”: People of America, especially black people, African Americans, and minorities. Be ever vigilant and careful as you go about your way, and if at all possible minimize your interactions with the police. Officer Friendly is not friendly when it comes to people of these distinctions. Your life could well depend on it!!!

Every day there is a new revelation of police misconduct or an atrocity inflicted upon black citizens; often for minor offenses, usually unarmed, and the person is killed. Those who are supposed to protect and serve have become very dangerous with this shot first, no worries attitude that most have and regularly act on it. I know this sound’s harsh, but the behavior we see today, with no consequences or accountability, would make Hitler blush.

For those who don’t know, this is not new to black people. These kinds of complaints have been ongoing for as long as there have been black people here dating back to the origin of police; then called slave catcher. If you can remember, the Black Panther Party was formed and organized because of the way the police targeted the black citizens of Oakland, CA.

Let’s be frank, the entire system is broken with regard to those who protect the president, the drug enforcement folks, and the cops on the street. What is rarely mentioned in the conversation are the deputies, as we saw this week with a seventy-three year guy who allegedly paid thousands to obtain influence to partake in police business kill a subdued man. After he shot and killed the person being arrested, he said, “It was a mistake”. Another area of law enforcement of major concern is the wannabe’s; the private security folk with guns and little training – just know how to point and shoot – are even more dangerous. Lest not forget the mall cops who are worse than them all. The point is we are under siege!

Let’s go back to the top professional cops, the ones that protect the president. I have been to the White House, not inside, and you cannot look in any direction without seeing a cop, yet someone was able to enter the building and reach the inner depths of it. Also, two wannabe celebrities were able to gain access to a dinner for leaders and heads of state or the alleged drunk driving incident and their prostitution scandal. But they rose to the occasion to shot and kill an unarmed black mother who had her child in the car. There are congressional hearings being held this week involving the DEA, who had sex parties thrown for them by Cartel organization they say.

There have been so many of these incidents and each one more disturbing than the last. Last week, we saw a cop kill in cold blood an unarmed black man, running away from him, shooting him in the back six times when the victim was thirty feet away. Then we saw the kind of dishonesty him via his police report to include others on the scene as well, but the killer was caught in his cover-up attempt because a video surfaced. This incident eerily reminds me of the Michael Brown killing. Same pattern, “in fear for his life”!

The list is too long to mention, Eric Garner, Tamera Rice, John Crawford, and lately two or three killings per week. Just yesterday we saw a cop at full speed in his cruiser run over a suspect in a takedown move. This was the most disturbing video to date. The man had his back turned walking down the street when he was run over. How he was not killed is a mystery to me but here’s the kicker, the police said “they did this to save his life”!

Many of these agencies are armed and appear to be preparing for war. You saw it last summer in Ferguson with your own eyes. Also, for those who are doubters of the severity of the crisis or the epidemic of police misconduct just read the Ferguson Report compiled by the Department of Justice. I am sure what they were doing in the city of Ferguson was not an isolated instance. It is happening all over America in small town near and far; and dare I say everywhere there are police. No, this is not a positive critique of those paid by us to protect and serve but as we’ve seen in the many videos – my eyes aren’t lying.

Nonetheless, the talking points are always the same was the victim’s fault he was killed. If they use that logic, if the victim did not get out of bed he would still be alive. Yes, I know this will not please some, and they will say that black people are thugs and such, but an eleven-year-old child! Or they will say, I am only talking about blacks being killed – yeah. Because it took over a year for the news media to pick up the Trayvon Martin murder so it must be at epidemic proportion for the mainstream media to be airing incident after incident.

Not only that but I have not seen white men being killed at the hands of the police in this manner. In fact, not too long age a white guy shot a policeman in the Pennsylvania area, hide in the mountains for a couple of months, and when they captured him – he only had a bruise on his cheek. It has come to a point where everyone should take a stand and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH because it is real and something needs to be done NOW! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


Just – Us

012_1000There is no secret that such a thing as white privilege exists and it is thoroughly rooted in the core of America’s spirit. From its foundation it was designed as such based upon the slave-holding founders, who stole the land to build a nation on the backs of people they captured. The only people who won’t acknowledge this truth are those who have and do benefit from this system. I hear black people talking about “our” country this and “our” country that – sounds insane – right. This was never “our” country nor was it intended to be! Again, this is no secret. They told us in the Constitution that all of the captured people are 3/5ths human and have no right a white man is bound to respect.

Some years ago, we saw twelve or more cops beat Rodney King within an inch of his life on video. They told us don’t believe what you saw. Rodney did that to himself and there was more going on that the video did not show. The police, LAPD the most feared and corrupted cops in all the free world said, we investigated and there is nothing to see here. Following that some district attorney brought charges, had a sham trial, and acquitted the culprits. Case Closed!

A few days ago, history repeated itself in the Eric Garner case. Right out of the same playbook. Only this time they told America don’t believe you’re lying eyes. All the while telling America “our country values equality of all races; that our laws and policing are color blind in their practice; that the efforts of politicians, business leaders and clergy are sincerely geared towards serving all the people; and that America is steadily progressing on the path towards a “more perfect union.”

Think about this and maybe you will understand the depth of the problem. The police union head said Pantaleo “is literally, literally an Eagle Scout, and I think that story isn’t being told. That a New York City police officer went out and did a difficult job, a job where there’s no script, and sometimes with that, a tragedy comes.”

The disturbing part, for me, was everybody in New York City who wears their collar turned backwards was put up to shut up the black people quoting Dr. King – non-violence. I understand, that is also in the playbook. I saw more black people on television saying what they were told to say, since Black History Month. But in the streets this time is different! All races and creeds are protesting as they can see the inhumanity of this man’s death and the repeated killings by the police.

It is sorta like the War on Drugs; they brought it into and infected black communities all over the nation, arrested millions, and then said its time to decriminalize it; because the problem is now so pervasive in white communities affecting their children. Make no mistake, if five to seven black cops did what was done to Mr. Gardner to a white man or white Jewish man. Every one of them would be hung publicly in Time Squire!!! I might add that young white people were not affected by the policy of “Stop and Frisk” as were brown and black people were. To that point, white American’s scoff at the notion of such indignities.

There is a twitter hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite that documents story after story of whites, who suffered no criminal consequences after engaging in behavior far worse than selling loose cigarettes. It is past time that we admit what so many have known for too long. That all too often, our justice system simply is not just and is blind. Maybe it’s time for everybody to stop being so self-righteously blind and deal with the truth. You eyes are not lying! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


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