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Only In America

193_160God Bless America! If ever there was a time to ask for this blessing it is today; because there are those forces among us who want to turn back the hands of time. They call themselves patriots. You know the party of “No,” who have wanted to take over the government to use their power to rape the country of all the money they can take. Well, it just happened! Trump and his band of thieves or Robber Barons as it were who have emerged in this alt-right movement are scary enough for us to ask for help from someone greater than ourselves.

Of course, some of these people who have or will take back their country are saying the same thing – in the name of God, which is frightening too. Because what they mean is the God on the back of the dollar bill! These are the same folks who want us to believe in the false assertion that America will now be put on the right track and move in the right direction, which means 1950.

Back in the day, there were the George Wallace’s, Bull Connor’s, Strom Thurman’s and today we have a new breed; Breitbart, Sarah Palin, David Duke – to name a few. Their rage, from sea to shining sea, infects their followers who create conspiracies and assume false narratives regarding everything that quite neatly put the country into a place of perceived fear. This place they will create or want back was not all that great! I know I was there; elitism, white privilege, and America’s racial codes were cruelty, unfairness, and a place of amoral agenda’s.

Let’s face it; it had been a pretty good run, about 400 years, with little sign of any serious trouble challenging their superiority. The system was working and humming along as they came up with new forms of discrimination so that all people of their hue, particularly men, benefited. They controlled or occupied just about every branch of government for more than two centuries and had sole possession and leadership of its executive branch, where the symbol of power is the White House. Now there is Trump and his cronies!

The man who said the president was not born in the America; therefore, ineligible to be president is now the president. Pure psychodrama! Most sane people believe the devil has taken over the country and for the first time in American history; well maybe not the first time; there have been other crooks before him. The election of this guy should be “Like tectonic plates that slow-moving but irreversible forces may generate enormous turbulence as they grind against each other … At some point, when tectonic plates build up enough tension, that destructive energy gets unleashed in a major earthquake.” Actually, this is a pretty good metaphor for what happened!

This is what they do, lie and create distorted facts, false information and don’t forget they add a few a few false narratives into the truth with bogymen like brown-skinned people and the Muslims. Finally, enter the most extreme bigots, and the recipe is cooking for making America white again. Meaning more racist than Jackson could imagine. I am just pointing out what appears to be a tone that does not have our best interest in America and surely not for people of color.

For those that can remember segregation and its horrors – listen carefully at the words being used by those who are in charge. Every person should be afraid – very afraid! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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