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The Opiod Crisis: Now It’s A State Of Emergency

12208279_10206478427777483_610893809594429317_nThere was a long held belief concerning the war on drugs was to arrest more people and lock them up using some draconian – long sentence – when it was about black people. This was dangerously unfair because it has been proven that they were supplying the heroin and crack to our communities and they did nothing. Today there has been a major shift – white people are the ones addicted. So you see what they did to black people has come home to roast – and now they call it an epidemic!

A White House task force recommended the president take “urgent” action to stem overdose deaths. It was reported that 45 is treating it as an emergency – just without an official emergency declaration, which could provide additional government resources which did not include a jail. The opioid crisis differs from national emergencies that typically follow infectious disease outbreaks or natural disasters for a set period of time. The opiod problem is about white people. However, it was not a problem when black people were addicted and dying.

The task force largely encourages a public health approach to the epidemic. The report urged Trump to broaden treatment availability by supporting the elimination of a Medicaid provision that prohibits federal money from going to residential mental health and substance-use facilities.

We all remember the devastation of the crack epidemic and the crippling heroin crisis in the black community and no one came to offer resources for treatment or recovery – but more drugs were always en-route. We know the war on drugs was created and directed a black people but today it’s a big issue and white people have so much sympathy. However, there was no sympathy for black people suffering – therefore I have no sympathy for them! And that’s my thought provoking perspectives…

The Heroin Epidemic

3Race and drugs is an important conversation, for sure, but it is rooted in racial policy. Historically, this has been true, which is the reason for drug laws in the first place. We know that back in the 1960s and 1970s they purposely directed heroin and other drugs into black communities by way of the Mafia to destroy black people’s lives. It is also true that they planted crack cocaine into black neighborhoods to create that epidemic, which was proven to have been facilitated by the government. This was also done for the mafia by way of the French Connection and through Sicily!

In Harlem, for example, there are statistics that say during the late 60s and 70s nearly have half of the black people there were addicted or used heroin. It was known, by way of the media; and we saw people dying in the streets on the evening news. The drug, heroine, was funneled to dealers and then to users by way of the mafia; and by extension the government. Today, there is a serious conflict which is clear when it comes to white folk that now is at a level that surpasses what was intended initially intended. Just look at the addiction rate of white people. We can see that they don’t want them to overdose and die as was intended for black people. They have today developed medicine to instantly reverse an overdose, which they did not try or do for black addicts.

Also today, they are calling the heroin addiction of white people as an epidemic. I can’t remember the same reaction when they put drugs into black communities all across the country. It was always about the deaths of people of color and raising the incarceration levels, as evident in the extremely long prison sentences for black people. Now, that the addition rate of white people is affecting their people to such alarming rate they want them to receive treatment over jail. It is always about race in America; it does not matter the policy – race is at the root and in most cases negatively affecting people of color.

I can remember at the time black addiction was called “the boy (heroine) that makes slaves of men. As Brother Malcolm would say “the chickens come home to roost”! They knew it and watched the devastation happened and either let people of this group die or lock them up. It is always about keeping blacks slaves! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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