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On Coming Back Or Going On To Glory

imagesThere is one sure thing in life, and that is death! I can say over half of the people I have known are dead from family, to the rich and famous, and not one have come back! However, people have created this myth that when the eventuality of death occurs; you will go to this place in the sky, a mansion they say, with many rooms and streets paved with gold where there is life everlasting. This sounds enticing but there is no place like that nor will this fictional character named Jesus be waiting!

The fact is your life is “Just A Season”, which is a time characterized by a particular circumstance, suitable to an indefinite period of time associated with a divine phenomenon we call life. One of the first things I learned in this life was that it is a journey. As I grew older and became a man, I realized there are milestones, mountains, and valleys that everyone will encounter. However, what is usually left unaddressed is that the journey will come to an end – we all die. Are you prepared for the afterlife or when someone close to you transitions? Death is for sure the great unknown and some might say the ultimate test.

Briefly, I will tell you that I lost my son, a dozen years ago during the holiday season and it was without question the worst thing that has ever happened to me – there is nothing in life worst than burying a child. It was very hard to deal with, and to this day, the littlest thing sometimes invokes the whole nightmare of his tragedy. As the many deaths of families experience each day the pain of his death revisits me.

No one knows what it’s like to go through something like this, but not really because we all do. Now, if you have lived it and you will for sure, everybody will one day, because death is the reason we live – to die. Don’t be fooled by some slick talking preach telling you that you will rise; you are not coming back nor is there that mystical place waiting for you and you won’t get wings – you will die and decompose period.

Just remember all that is left will be the tiny dash between the beginning and end dates of your life and that is your legacy! Add some equity to your dash while you live! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

A Heavenly Welcome


Just A Thought

The preacher in the black community has always been that brother chosen to bring the message of hope to our people. Historically, the slave master would select the good Negro to teach all other slaves “the ways of the cross”. In other words, it was/is that brother who reminds me of my Uncle Thomas, who we call Tom. I am writing this post because I received a message for someone who “preached” to me the literal interpretation of the “Word” as she saw it. Let me be clear; a person has the right to believe in or whatever we want regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

I wrote an article titled “Pimps in the Pulpit” to which this person was upset about; of course she damned me to hell, as they do. I told her, and rightly so, that if the article reflected an image of her preacher – maybe she should choose another church. I chose not to respond, because I know when that fateful day comes, and we transition to the great beyond – we are told Heaven. We will get three surprises: 1) You will be surprised who you see when you get there. 2) Who you don’t see when you get there. And 3), she will be surprised if she gets there yourself.” Reminding her that there is no place with streets paved with gold waiting!!!

Having said that let me speak to the issues in the reader’s message that was a bit hostile in tone. The representation of Jesus that you see in your church is not Jesus! It was painted by Michelangelo in the 1600’s, and the model was his nephew. In addition, there is no way a blonde haired blue eyed European looking person could come from that region of the world. Next, the good book was revised 28 times, and the last time was by the diabolical King James of England, who was a major participant in the slave trade. Further, there was no word “GOD” in any African language before the coming of Europeans.

I will tell you that I found myself very perplexed by the message from the reader. So I wanted to respond in a broad way. This individual has decided that it is OK for her to attack me not knowing which God I worship. So I will tell you. It is the one who healed the sick, had compassion for the poor, and championed the least of thee. Before I continue, I never spoke to any of the issues claimed you opposed as part of that writing.

This characterization is part of a much larger problem that needs to be addressed forthrightly. For example, she ranted about a very selective use of the Bible addressing matters related to women. She mentioned Deuteronomy, specifically Chapter 22. If you are not up on Deuteronomy, it says that if a woman is not a virgin at the time of her marriage – she can be killed. So my question is how selectively does this individual interpret the Bible? I asked if she believed that we should currently implement that section of Deuteronomy. There is nothing new about selective interpretations of the Bible. It is as old as the book itself.

She also mentioned, as a result of the situation in Ferguson Missouri stating that we need Jesus now. It is not that I disagree, but Jesus has been gone for over two-thousand years. Therefore, it is safe to say; he is not coming back to save black people. Frankly, it was the European’s who rewrote the Bible that claimed Black people are the children of Ham and that we are Black because we are cursed; in spite of the fact that the Bible does not say that at all. But they would found a way to connect that with their interpretation of God’s word.

It is very disturbing that people continue to hide behind the Bible in order to justify their own set of prejudices, demons, and false teaching. Again, my understanding was that Jesus was concerned about injustice, the plight of the poor, the sick, the Romans who were oppressing the Hebrews, and the money changers. So, Miss Lady, before you try to out Pope the Pope make sure you understand what you believe and maybe not trust the Pimp in the Pulpit for your teaching. And that is my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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