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Rest In Peace Champ


I have had many things to be thankful for but above all else; I am grateful for being given life at a time that allowed me to live and witness the life of the man known as “The Greatest”! Yes, he was the greatest of all times. I am not a prophet but I will go on record and say the mold was cast, and there will never be another man like him to ever walk the earth. I am most grateful to have had the opportunity to have met him, and I will honestly say it was the greatest single moment of my life.

Hearing the news of his passing today hurt me in ways I cannot put into words. Muhammad Ali was not a myth; you had to live and understand the time he took the stage. He did more to inspire black people for though his unapologetic stance on white supremacy, the unjust war in Vietnam, and his peaceful stance relating to world issues than any other human.

People born after this day will never appreciate this amazing man because they have not witnessed his greatness. Therefore, they will not be as blessed as me! Rest peacefully with the ancestors and your God! And that is my thought provoking perspective…

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