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On Coming Back Or Going On To Glory

imagesThere is one sure thing in life, and that is death! I can say over half of the people I have known are dead from family, to the rich and famous, and not one have come back! However, people have created this myth that when the eventuality of death occurs; you will go to this place in the sky, a mansion they say, with many rooms and streets paved with gold where there is life everlasting. This sounds enticing but there is no place like that nor will this fictional character named Jesus be waiting!

The fact is your life is “Just A Season”, which is a time characterized by a particular circumstance, suitable to an indefinite period of time associated with a divine phenomenon we call life. One of the first things I learned in this life was that it is a journey. As I grew older and became a man, I realized there are milestones, mountains, and valleys that everyone will encounter. However, what is usually left unaddressed is that the journey will come to an end – we all die. Are you prepared for the afterlife or when someone close to you transitions? Death is for sure the great unknown and some might say the ultimate test.

Briefly, I will tell you that I lost my son, a dozen years ago during the holiday season and it was without question the worst thing that has ever happened to me – there is nothing in life worst than burying a child. It was very hard to deal with, and to this day, the littlest thing sometimes invokes the whole nightmare of his tragedy. As the many deaths of families experience each day the pain of his death revisits me.

No one knows what it’s like to go through something like this, but not really because we all do. Now, if you have lived it and you will for sure, everybody will one day, because death is the reason we live – to die. Don’t be fooled by some slick talking preach telling you that you will rise; you are not coming back nor is there that mystical place waiting for you and you won’t get wings – you will die and decompose period.

Just remember all that is left will be the tiny dash between the beginning and end dates of your life and that is your legacy! Add some equity to your dash while you live! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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