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White Lies: Now Alternative Facts

12144741_10206757597917424_4073909058159467606_nThe people who stole so much of world and its heritage have caused so much terror around the world will tell the story, not His-Story as if all of the facts were just little white lies as they believe. They have invented a new word called “reverse racism” to justify what they’ve done and used His-Story to sanitize it. The definition of a white lie is something often trivial, diplomatic, or simply a well-intended untruth; in other words a story they call inconsequential to facts that they now call alternative facts!

If anyone does not believe white folks are unaware that the system established by their forefathers is designed to benefit them; meaning white privilege and maintaining White Supremacy for eternity. See everybody dies so it is about taking and having enough wealth for their children. Frankly, anyone who can’t see that deserves to be in the condition they are in and to be called a house Negro. So when they smile in your face and tell you to be happy and thank Jesus – don’t believe the hype!

From the very beginning, they set out to control the system by eliminating the people who were already here in America and took their land by force. Yeah, they told them to accept the Bible or we will take whatever they wanted with a gun. What they did was as close to genocide, in most cases, for the people on lands they conquered. Next, they stole people from Africa and made them slaves to build a nation on this stolen land. Of course, they used nice sounding words to make it sound as if what they did was moral and right, and if the words Constitution or Patriotism did or do not work they will use Jesus or God!

Oh, can’t leave out Manifest Destiny, which means all that they could steal and God gave them the right to do so! If you can remember, they used Christianity to justify slavery. The Klan claims Christianity as the foundation of their justification of terror and hatred. Make no mistake white folk know racism is the driving force behind this system of power that is motivated by White Supremacy!

These people knew then, and they know now, that the first human being on the planet was black and the Africans they stole were much smarter than they were. The first people practiced a true religion, to which they stole and Europeanized it to make everyone in the Bible White. The African built pyramid, performed brain surgery, invented mathematics, established and operated colleges – long before the European wore a shoe or underwear. In fact, the Europeans were living in caves and plagued with disease! Let me say clearly and emphatically, there is no evidence anywhere on earth that says black people lived in caves.

One of the first lies told was written in the country’s founding documents that said, “All men are created equal.” Since then there have been countless laws enacted with the expressed intent to suppress, control, and make ensure the stolen African and their descendants remained a permanent underclass for perpetuity. In fact, there was one ruling rendered by the Supreme Court that said, “There is no right a black man has that a white man is bound to respect.”  Even the good Dr. King said, “they were the greatest purveyor of evil on the planet”. He was murdered for that!

I will say what the white man in America has done and did since he stole this nation would make Hitler blush. Today, they talk so vehemently about terror, but these folk has perpetrated and inflicted terror on mass more than any other people on the planet. Let’s not forget through all of this they continued to use the word freedom and liberty. NEWS FLASH, black people have never had anything close to the meaning of either term, and they know it.

It was never their intent to include the people stolen from Africa or their descendants to be part of what they call democracy. Rather, they lynched, murdered, raped and robbed black people and all other people who are non-white. I will repeat; these folk have inflicted the most horrific terror in the history of the world, yes more than any other people. However, what makes this evil so atrocious is that they justify it in the name of GOD!

I use a phrase that aptly applies, “the sins of their fathers” and therefore if there is a God to which they have imposed upon so many; judgment will be harsh and Jesus will not be happy! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


Accounts From Black News At The Time: The lynching of Emmett Till

462_160Now that we know that the wicked white woman involved in the Emmett Till case has finally admitted she lied about what she claimed happen that day in the raggedy country store. I began to do some research and there is a lot more to the story of Emmett’s death than was told. I found that there were black men involved in the murder! Then I came across this narrative that shed new light on the case. I hope you will find this information as interesting as I did. I am posting the entire series of article from the black press at the time, which is a must read!!!

Here is the forward from “They Stand Accused”: On September 24, 1955, an all-white Mississippi jury, after a mere sixty-seven minutes of deliberation, acquitted J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant of the murder of Emmett Till. Till a fourteen-year-old black boy from Chicago had been visiting for the first time his extended family in the Mississippi Delta. One afternoon, barely a week into his visit, he and several other youths were standing outside a white-owned grocery in the small hamlet of Money.

Apparently, Till had been boasting of his friendships with white people up North — in particular, his friendships with white girls — and the local kids, looking to call his bluff, dared him to enter the store and flirt with Carolyn Bryant, the white woman and former beauty queen who was working the cash register. Till entered the store, and what he did next is unclear. Some say he “wolf-whistled” at Bryant; others say he grabbed her hand and asked her for a date; still, others claim he did nothing more than simply say “bye, baby” to her as he left the store. Whatever Till did, it was apparent to all involved that he had done something that made Carolyn Bryant angry or afraid. Till’s friends rushed him away from the store as Bryant went to her car to get a gun.

For three days, nothing more happened, and then Roy Bryant — Carolyn’s husband — and J.W. Milam — Roy Bryant’s step-brother — struck out in the dead of night in search of young Till. They found him where they thought he’d be at two in the morning: asleep in the modest cabin of Mose Wright, his great-uncle. The two men, demanding to see the boy “who’d done the talking,” took Till forcibly from the house, and his family never saw him alive again. The next morning, at their behest, the local sheriff searched the county, and when he could not find any trace of Till he questioned and eventually arrested Milam and Bryant on kidnapping charges. When Till’s bloated and disfigured corpse surfaced three days later downstream in the Tallahatchie River, Milam and Bryant were quickly re-arrested, this time for murder.

In the weeks leading up to the trial, media coverage was enormous. Influential African American weeklies like the Chicago Defender, the Pittsburgh Courier, the New York Amsterdam News, and the Baltimore Afro-American all published loud denunciations of southern injustice and threatened to exert political and economic pressure should Mississippi fail to give Till’s case a fair hearing. In response, southern white papers, led by the conservative Jackson Daily News and the more moderate Memphis Commercial Appeal, insisted that justice would be done and that continued threats from the “liberal press” would threaten rather than secure justice in the case.

Eventually, more than seventy newspapers and magazines sent reporters to the trial, and when, against all reasonable evidence, the jury failed to convict Milam and Bryant, the denunciations were swift and strong. While apologist papers in the South argued that justice had had its day in court, African American newspapers and magazines, joined by a chorus of support from the northern white press and liberal political organizations, called for national protests and boycotts.

According to many reporters in attendance, the judicial process had failed Emmett Till, and the real question to come out of the whole trial was whether, without federal intervention, blacks could get justice in Mississippi. For another set of dissenters, however, the trial raised a different set of questions, many of them concerned with the truths of the case. Despite the best efforts of the prosecuting attorneys, the trial seemed to hide more truths than it answered as many competing testimonies were never fully explored or cross-examined. For instance, what really had happened that afternoon in the Bryant grocery? Moreover, how did Milam and Bryant find out about the alleged transgression?

Who else besides Milam and Bryant drove out to Mose Wright’s cabin that night, and who were the other men spotted with Milam at the barn the next morning? Were there really black men in Milam’s pickup that evening? If so, who were they and what had happened to them? Finally, how long did Emmett Till remain alive that night, and exactly when, where, why and how did his murder take place? A handful of investigative reporters understood that the trial did not answer these questions fully and that the truth, more likely than not, had been obscured by the proceedings.

Among the investigative reporters at the trial, none played a more significant role than James L. Hicks. Hicks began his career as a reporter for the Cleveland Call and Post in 1935 and later moved on to the Baltimore Afro-American. As one of the premier investigative journalists of his generation, Hicks was also the Washington, D.C. bureau chief for the National Negro Press Association, which served more than one hundred newspapers. In 1955, he became executive director of the New York Amsterdam News, a position he would hold for the good part of twenty years.

As the first black member of the State Department Correspondents Association and the first black reporter cleared to cover the United Nations, Hicks was truly a pioneer in the field. His coverage of the Till trial ran in dozens of African-American newspapers, and in the following piece of investigative journalism — which ran in four installments in October 1955 — he tells about the role he played in discovering the existence of “missing witnesses” to the murder. Hicks’s work in this area actually forced a trial recess on Tuesday, September 20, as the prosecution called for time to track down these newly discovered witnesses.

In this series of articles — which ran in the Baltimore Afro-American, the Cleveland Call and Post and the Atlanta Daily World — Hicks argues that the forces of law in Mississippi conspired to prevent the full evidence of Milam and Bryant’s guilt from surfacing at the trial. The version reprinted here draws its structure from the installments published in the Cleveland Call and Post, which presented the most condensed rendering of Hicks’s articles. Passages omitted from the Cleveland Call and Post articles, but included in some form or another in either the Atlanta Daily World or the Baltimore Afro-American, have been inserted throughout and marked by the addition of brackets.

Follow this link for the entire series here that is shocking and a must read about the actual accounts written at the time!!! http://www.archipelago.org/vol6-1/hicks.htm

Amateur Night In America

462_160When I initially started this blog, it was to empower people with knowledge about black history. However, the events of today have caused me to speak truth to power and offer my perspective on those issues. If you can recall just a few months ago when the black man was president, probably the smartest one ever, they said when he signed an executive order; they said he was overreaching and taking the country in the wrong direction. Remember that? But now that this guy is doing it, which is unthinkable by the way, it’s ok! In my view it is more like tyranny.

There are millions of people around the world protesting this guy and his actions. To prove how amateurish; there are former NSC staff, Foreign Service Officers, retired and active duty military personnel who say what he is doing is dangerous! This is to include others who worked critical and sensitive decision through the interagency process that say the same. Just as important; none of these people the Trump administration has put in place can’t seem to recognize this or is it a racist agenda.

General Flynn, the current NSC Advisor, has never served as an NSC Deputy, or as an NSC Senior Director, or as a regular attendee at the crucial Principals Committee or Deputies Committee representing the Defense Department or any other component. His Deputy, K.T. Mcfarland, who every day will run what is in effect the U.S. Government’s Operating Committee for national security, has never held a policy position in the U.S. Government and was last a government employee as a press liaison thirty years ago. She has spent her time since on Fox television. Instead he has a known white supremacist call the shots.

Why does this matter; the national security is not bumper cars. You cannot just walk in off the street and assume you know how to run the millions of people, civilian, military, law enforcement, intelligence and civil servants deployed all around the world in dangerous places doing important jobs, which is what Trump has done.

I suspect that Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon, would be aghast at the thought of Flynn and Mcfarland showing up to run Exxon nor should he be Secretary of State for that matter. Running a Superpower is even more difficult and cannot be done by people who have never held any position of responsibility before in the NSC system.

The first proof of this team’s incompetence has been the drafting, vetting, and implementation of their ban on people from any of seven nations entering the United States, including those that already live here. Whether or not you agree with the idea, which I do not, the chaos at airports around the country and the massive and spontaneous popular protest of the move might well have been avoided if the NSC system had been used to draft, vet and implement the idea.

The lack of understanding of the NSC is shameful by the President’s directive that the senior-most U.S. intelligence and military officials need only attend the Principal’s Committee when needed. The immediate beneficiary of this incompetence has been ISIS and al Qaeda, who are no doubt benefiting enormously in their recruitment by the Administration seeming to prove their point that the U.S is at war with Islam.

In just a week this man has taken America back a half a century! This is not just amateur night; perhaps this like Hitler is part of a master plan. Now, to all the tainted minds of the white supremacist, you can now see anarchy exists or coming to America! It is just this simple; as long as they were doing this evil to black people and now that he is doing it with them now it’s a problem! The truth is you are all Niggers now! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

P.s. I want this guy dragged from the White House in handcuffs. He is in violation of the Constitution. He is mentally unstable and unable to lead the country (per the 25th Amendment), and he must be removed. Because he will never leave voluntarily, he will need to be (and I will relish watching him) be dragged flailing and screaming like a petulant child, with his Children of the Corn family along with him. That is the visual America needs right now…


Good Morning America

To the bigots who elected Trump, look at what you have done!


Carolyn Bryant: Pure Evil – May God Have No Mercy On Your Soul

462_160It was a story that shook the nation 62 years ago and catapulted America into the modern civil rights movement that changed America forever. White folk knew this act of terror was evil and wrong, and now the woman at the center of the crime admits she lied! Knowing that Emmett Till, a 14-year-old black boy from Chicago, died a horrific death at the hands of her husband and his friend after buying bubble gum while visiting racially segregated Mississippi in 1955.

They beat, shot and disfigured his body beyond recognition – and walked free, acquitted at the hands of an all-white, all-male jury for allegedly whistling at a white woman. The woman, Carolyn Bryant, has lived in relative hiding for the last five decades, haunted by her past. She has now admitted that her testimony, which carried the case, was a blatant lie. So now she has written a book, “The Blood of Emmett Till” and reveals she lied about it all.

Emmett’s mother insisted on an open-casket funeral for Emmett to show the world what racism did to her young son and Jet Magazine publish the pictures in effect launching the modern Civil Rights Movement. Carolyn Bryant, then 21, was the wife of one of the men who were arrested for Emmett’s murder, Roy Bryant, was working at a store when Emmett came in to buy two cents of bubble gum on the hot August day. This event set in motion what would be his death sentence!

She claimed in her evocative testimony to the court that she couldn’t bring herself to the say the ‘unprintable’ word he’d said to her, rather to say that he told her he’d done ‘something’ with white women before which she said ‘I was just scared to death.’ Because she was a white woman insulted by a black person it took the jury less than an hour to acquit Bryant, and his partner J.W. Milam in the crime, which they admitted to law enforcement that they did kill Emmett and walked free because of her testimony!

Author Timothy Tyson, the author of The Blood of Emmett Till, spoke with Carolyn, who has since divorced and married twice more and is a mother of two children. She is now 83 years old. Regarding her statement that Emmett grabbed and verbally abused her, she simply said: ‘That part’s not true.’ Although she now claims she doesn’t remember anything else about the evening but when on to say ‘She was glad things had changed from the old system of white supremacy, though she had more or less taken it as normal at the time.’

The image of his inflated, contorted face made the cover of Jet Magazine and ignited and mobilized the public to rally for equal rights. This is the most despicable woman in the world carrying a lied inside her for sixty-two years and now that she is ready to die tries to justify the lie is shameful and despicable! MY GOD NOT HAVE MERCY ON HER SOUL!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

The Emmett Till Story

Shameful Politics

11It amazes me that in today’s world white folk continue to pretend that there is no racism. Every day we hear story after story about incidences of hate, racism and bigotry. This was particularly evident with the racism President Obama and his family experienced every day since he became president. My question, first of all, is why anyone so surprised? However, it is not because Trump unearthed something new, or if you prefer unveiled this phenomena; it has been lurking beneath the surface and sometime blatantly open for five hundred years. I will say you, I will agree that Trump is the catalyst for this recently activity but he is not the problem. He clearly plays on all the fears white folk have had buried inside them.

History tells us, even if they don’t admit it, what we see, and hear is nothing new to black people! We have observed it since the 1619 all over North America that the main rule is white only and the pronounced code of white supremacy. Therefore, due to the luck of the draw being black give me and millions who came before me a unique perspective about racism that white folk will never know or understand. Let me add that I may truly be the closest to an unbiased person you will ever meet. Although, some of the hate filled comments on some of my post would make one think otherwise.

Since America began black people have endured slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and terror on an inhuman scale. The reason for this terror is simple “racism”! I say that when a race of people is courageous enough to believe he or she can do better elsewhere lives in an alternate reality nor do I think going back to the place where our ancestors were stolen from is the answer! White folk have done the same thing to the people of Africa.

I have felt and experience outward expressions of hatred and bias. So bigotry and racism is very real. During my lifetime there were a lots of issues involving racism and to no one’s suppress was accepted while white folk called it the way of life! It was usually swept under the carpet telling us the darkies were happy, so to speak, and I say never were they happy; some just choose to not to rock the boat because we were black and made to feel worthless. In fact, the so-called constitution says we are 3/5ths human! However, it seems that when there was high unemployment, people became upset. In times like that there would be small flare-ups and open racism is evident. But now things are pretty good, the question is why it is so blatant now?

Easy question to answer today, in this post-election and with Trump in the White House is the answer. This leaves most of us with an ache, with a pause, as we seem unable to believe or comprehend that this would happen right here in America. Images floating about on social media of graffiti with swastikas and in some case violence inflicted has come to the forefront of life in America. Is racism and hatred truly on the rise? It is not on the rise. It has always been there, just exposed by this election.

All the grievances of the American people are out in the open now and the entire world is watching. What are we going to do about it? Can we sweep it back under the carpet? No! Can we erase our fears? No! Being black is not an alternative problem; it is and has been a target of white folk to suppress. However, we are actually no longer the minority; Asians, Muslims for around the world, and Hispanics are now part of the equation and white folk are less. It’s about all of us together, as we know what it feels like to be marginalized, and that’s why today we can only hope this will cause all people called minorities to Unite!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


We Will Survive 2017 and Beyond

200x200There are always people who predict this or that but time is the only proof of the outcome of events. With 2017 just a few days away, I hear nearly everyone feeling as if the end in near. One of these so-called preachers went so far as to say Jesus is coming back. I would not agree with, but I would hope he will. The mess mankind has made of society and this world I would not want to come back to this either!

I don’t think there is much doubt in the minds of most disaster awaits!  I say this because after seeing our first Black president elected, and re-elected, the spectacle of seeing the man who denied President Obama’s citizenship elected to replace him is devastating. Seeing the KKK and Neo-Nazis say how proud they are to have helped elect Donald Trump is disturbing. Seeing a man who openly bragged about sexually assaulting women elected to President against a woman is just plain old ugly.

Most believe that Donald Trump is a terrible human being, but he is white, which is a major trump card. Black people, we know that rule has always applied in America. However, we have endured slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, and horrendous crimes inflicted upon our people – just because of skin color and we survived.

During a period of 341 years, tens of millions of Africans were stolen from their land taken away from their families and transported across the ocean to be forced into slavery. Husbands were ripped from wives, children were separated from their mothers, siblings were sent off not only to different plantations but different nations. Endured the middle passage, suffered 400 years of terror and we survived. Let me say, there are going to be some tough days ahead, yes, and most feel that Donald Trump is a terrible human being, but the fact is we have stared down terrible human beings before and survived.

From the late 1800s until this today, America imposed a Jim Crow system and now a New Jim Crow. We have endured widespread lynching’s, endured water hoses and dogs, beginning trampled by horses, denied the right to vote, and endured humiliation and segregation. More dangerous the modern day for of slavery as a result of the 13th Amendment; mass incarceration and police brutality. They assassinated our leaders; Malcolm, Martin, Medgar Evers and Fred Hampton. Also, COINTELPRO and the systemic government destruction of every civil and human rights movement black people ever built. Also, the genocide of places like Black Wall Street in Tulsa and the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia, Hurricane Katrina, years of substandard housing and education.

Whatever they have thrown at us, we have survived. These are just a few of the atrocities inflicted upon black people that we have lived through and we are still here. Of course, it is clear we have “not overcome”! On an optimistic note, do not be afraid. Do not be overcome with worry or dread. Do not allow the possible stress of tomorrow or of the unknown challenges that will surely come our way to keep you in a self-imposed bondage. We have seen Trump like people before!

I am deeply concerned about Trump, but we have faced down tens of thousands of bullies, bad people, and yet lived to tell the story. He is not new. His lies, his ways, his strategies, are not new. They are as old as the world itself but if you allow the threat of what might happen frighten you, yes the end is near – you and black people lose. Unity is the answer! And that’s my thought provoking perspective….


11We have entered an era where all the norms no longer exist nor what they fooled into thinking was normal is not really real at all. The Republicans have obstructed President Obama on everything, demand him and his family to include calling him the other; pride themselves on so-called Christian family values have now shown themselves for what they are; racist, bigots, and thieves. Demagogues I say and under Trump we will witness the biggest crime since they stole the country. It is all about them robbing the rest of us!

Not only was it an affront calling themselves family values folk, which were nothing but lies; now like the Wizard of Oz the curtain has been pulled back and for all to see who they really are since the Trump election. What has happened is that the real white folk have raised their ugly heads and made America White again.

However, most disturbing is the woman, an immigrant, Melania Trump they want to represent as the first lady while they condemn Michelle Obama! Mrs. Obama’s replacement has posed nude with the photos all over the internet, including girl-on-girl photos, and what do the “social conservatives” have to say about it? NOT A PEEP!

Imagine if Michelle had those photos in her background! They got upset when she posed with a sleeveless top showing her arms. Deplorable! And that’s my thought provoking perspectives…

Damn Shame!


I am perplexed, vexed, and downright angry by the international outrage of the killing of a lion! However, these feeling are exasperated because in America there is an unarmed black person, man, woman, and child shot down like a dog nearly every day and the same outrage does not exist. If you had not heard about the story – this is what happened.

White America and the world is universally outraged over the death of Cecil the Lion, the 13-year-old protected African lion who was recently illegally poached, shot and killed, by a wealthy mid-western dentist Walter Palmer for sport. Let me say I’m not happy about this either, but the world nor white America is outraged over the death of Sandra Bland, Sam Dubose and so many other recent victims of police brutality, injustice and murder?

When Cecil the Lion was killed, a number of news and alternative media sites ran pieces on the poaching. Each article easily got thousands of shares throughout social media. In contrast, Sandra Bland has received far less universal outrage nor have any of the other black victims killed by the police. By the way, I call this terror inflicted on black people! While there is outrage in the sense many say the police should have done things differently; they almost universally blame the victim for their own dearth.

When it comes to Cecil the Lion nearly everyone defends his right not to be shot. On the other hand, the same vigor is not there he were a different species, like a black person. I have come to the conclusion that it’s because the dominant class in human society has decided it has value is worth more than that of Bland, Dubose, Crawford, Brown, Rice, and so many others… Their lives do not matter because of their intrinsic value either. Dominant elements of society have not seen it fit to value their lives because they as individuals find their own lives to have value.

They do not value them because they cannot find a reason to make them into a commodity. They cannot find a reason for their lives to have meaning in relation to how they can be seen as either valuable to dominant culture, or as something of an exhibit. They are not individuals who represent a species or even a people near extinction. They are not on an “endangered” list. So their lives mean very little – often nothing at all – too many throughout the America.

I have said for years, if on white person or Jew was killed by the police in the manor that black people are being murdered by the police – there would be outrage near insurrection. Frankly, if a dog was shot and killed in this manor – it would STOP! My desire to defend those who need protection does not only extend to non-humans. Without question I place a higher value and regard for black lives – who are and have always been the voiceless humans.

This sad situation proves to the world that black lives does not matter! Therefore, I have to take the position that if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. SHAME ON YOU!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

The Analogy Of A Police Killing


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