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Commentary: Let’s Get Real

images (3)A few days ago something happened that was the white folk’s worst nightmare. A blond haired white woman was shot by a policeman. A black policeman; to my knowledge, a first and so far the usual support from the police union nor the NRA have yet spoken out or announce they have come to his aid. This is noticeable because there has been a black man, woman, and a considerable number of children have been murdered by the police, unarmed, all over the country and white folk did not seem to care but about six hundred this year alone!

No other developed nation in the world has 10% of that number. We are experiencing a full-blown crisis of police brutality in this country, but it’s hardly getting any coverage as Donald Trump absolutely sucks the wind out of the news cycle every single day. But this killing is – for America, it is known that the white is viewed as a prize and particularly if she is killed by a black man! Remember OJ?

Personally, I don’t think America is ever going to give a damn about police brutality until they see it destroying the lives of white families. That’s the American way. It’s what we’re basically seeing with the opioid crisis in our country right now. America seems to be coming to grips with the alarming crisis of drug addiction affecting and destroying white families. However, they never gave damn back in the day when “they” flooded black communities from coast to coast, with drugs. The level of humanity and compassion being shown to those affected by the opioid crisis is right. However, that same humanity and compassion were absolutely missing during the crack epidemic of the 80s and 90s or the heroin epidemic in the 60’s and 70’s. Then, America’s jails and prisons were stocked full with addicts and dealers alike.

This weekend in Minneapolis, the unthinkable happened. Police brutality the line when a beautiful, blonde haired, white woman, Justine Damond, a yoga and meditation instructor from Australia, who was just a few weeks away from getting married, was shot and killed by a black cop in Minneapolis police officer outside of her home. From all indications, Damond called the police herself when she believed she heard some type of disturbance in the alley behind her home. At almost midnight on Saturday, when she met the officers outside in her pajamas, an officer inside of the car shot and killed Justine. She wasn’t found to be carrying a weapon. The cops shot and killed an unarmed white yoga instructor in her pajamas who called them for help.

Police have so far refused to give any adequate details on why officers felt the need to shoot this woman. But local activists and leaders weren’t so worried about the initial statement from the department because every single officer in Minneapolis now wears a body camera but neither the body cam nor the car video was turned on. You know that is an excuse we’ve seen in numerous cases of police brutality against African Americans in this country.

In other words, the only witness besides the cops to the shooting is dead, no known footage of it exists, and all we will have left to go by is the word of the cops who did the shooting. If the past is any indication, we should expect the officers to corroborate each other’s stories and speak of how the yoga instructor caused them to fear for their lives. So the death of Justine Damond is dominating news headlines in the United States and Australia. If you can remember it took over a year for the news media to even mention Trayvon Martin!

This thought came to mind; Eric Garner, who was choked to death by the NYPD three years ago on video can be called the perfect face of police brutality victims. So is Sandra Bland. So is Tamir Rice. So is Amadou Diallo. So is Rekia Boyd. So is Jordan Edwards. So is Philando Castile. But I’ll be honest with you, I think a lot of well-meaning white people have looked at the most well-known cases of police brutality, and have seen a black problem that is simply unlikely to visit them like it is now visiting the family of Justine Damond.

They say when black people are killed by the police “why don’t you stop resisting” or it was the dead person’s fault because the police were scared for their life. For the past three years, almost one a week, black people across the country have been watching the horrors of police brutality and internalizing so much of the pain. Not one white person came forward instead they took up money for the cop’s. Maybe they will feel the pain of this event and address the serious issue of police brutality that we have been complaining about for decades! Oops this is different because this is a black cop and he will go to jail!!! And that is my thought provoking perspective…

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