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Heartless Conservatives

Ken-BlackwellI often wonder about the souls of mankind, which in this case begs the question; where is the compassion that the Republicans and those conservatives who claim to be compassionate? They claim to be Christians or at least religious. So what would Jesus think of their actions? Moreover, what God is it that they claim to worship say?

There is a saying the Indians used while their country was being stolen, which was they “speak with forked tongue”! One conservative activist said, there’s “nothing more Christian” than the massive food stamp cuts passed last week by House Republicans”. If I can recall – this is not Jesus’ teaching. Therefore, I would suggest these people have the heart of a devil.

When I read and hear remarks by the people of this ilk I can only compare them to the past wretched history of the Klan and those people who supported and owned “slaves”. These people are as despicable as any of the old Segregationist and dare I say the bold racist of the past like Wallace, Thurman, Connors, and so many more. The actions of James Crow Junior are shockingly sad.

Ken Blackwell, a senior fellow for the Family Research Council, told the Christian Post on Saturday that welfare programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program bred dependency. Blackwell a black man is the former Ohio secretary of state and failed 2006 gubernatorial candidate said he favored empowering the poor and working poor to become self-sufficient.

Blackwell, like most of these Republicans, does not quote any specific plans for doing this. This guy went on to say “making sure they are participants in their own upliftment and empowerment so that they, in fact, through the dignity of work … can break from the plantation of big government.” I have a thought that maybe the job creators might consider – CREATE JOBS!

Christian advocacy groups are divided over whether the 10-year, $40 billion cut to the food stamp program passed last week in the House would help America’s poor. Let me answer that for those who this issue is too complicated – NO IT WON’T!

Rev. Gary Cook, director of church relations at the anti-hunger group Bread for the World, told the Christian Post that food stamps had strong biblical support. “In the whole kind of Biblical frame, God made three provisions for hungry people… One was the tithe, which was literally a tax, because the government was the same as the religious order, and allowed widows and orphans to eat”, Cook said.

“The second provision was that there would always be Sabbath and jubilee, where every seven years and 50 years, there was land redistribution. This provision was to prevent class of people that were currently hungry.” The last, Cook said, was gleaning — where corners of the field were deliberately not harvested so poorer members of the community could gather the remainder and use it to feed themselves. “Here, hungry people have access to food as a matter of right, not as a matter of charity,” Cook told the newspaper.

But Blackwell contends that any gaps in coverage should be filled by charity, not the government. Now, this sad Negro Blackwell said “America is such a compassionate nation, nothing in history that suggests that churches and communities and our families would let people die of hunger, there is absolutely nothing”. But he/they want the government to do so.

The GOP are masters of finding some pitiful Negro to sellout and say anything for “thirty pieces of silver”. God said, “as you do to the least of thee – you do to me”. Again, what would Jesus say! I don’t think he is going to like this. And that’s my thought provoking perspectives…

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