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Accounts From Black News At The Time: The lynching of Emmett Till

462_160Now that we know that the wicked white woman involved in the Emmett Till case has finally admitted she lied about what she claimed happen that day in the raggedy country store. I began to do some research and there is a lot more to the story of Emmett’s death than was told. I found that there were black men involved in the murder! Then I came across this narrative that shed new light on the case. I hope you will find this information as interesting as I did. I am posting the entire series of article from the black press at the time, which is a must read!!!

Here is the forward from “They Stand Accused”: On September 24, 1955, an all-white Mississippi jury, after a mere sixty-seven minutes of deliberation, acquitted J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant of the murder of Emmett Till. Till a fourteen-year-old black boy from Chicago had been visiting for the first time his extended family in the Mississippi Delta. One afternoon, barely a week into his visit, he and several other youths were standing outside a white-owned grocery in the small hamlet of Money.

Apparently, Till had been boasting of his friendships with white people up North — in particular, his friendships with white girls — and the local kids, looking to call his bluff, dared him to enter the store and flirt with Carolyn Bryant, the white woman and former beauty queen who was working the cash register. Till entered the store, and what he did next is unclear. Some say he “wolf-whistled” at Bryant; others say he grabbed her hand and asked her for a date; still, others claim he did nothing more than simply say “bye, baby” to her as he left the store. Whatever Till did, it was apparent to all involved that he had done something that made Carolyn Bryant angry or afraid. Till’s friends rushed him away from the store as Bryant went to her car to get a gun.

For three days, nothing more happened, and then Roy Bryant — Carolyn’s husband — and J.W. Milam — Roy Bryant’s step-brother — struck out in the dead of night in search of young Till. They found him where they thought he’d be at two in the morning: asleep in the modest cabin of Mose Wright, his great-uncle. The two men, demanding to see the boy “who’d done the talking,” took Till forcibly from the house, and his family never saw him alive again. The next morning, at their behest, the local sheriff searched the county, and when he could not find any trace of Till he questioned and eventually arrested Milam and Bryant on kidnapping charges. When Till’s bloated and disfigured corpse surfaced three days later downstream in the Tallahatchie River, Milam and Bryant were quickly re-arrested, this time for murder.

In the weeks leading up to the trial, media coverage was enormous. Influential African American weeklies like the Chicago Defender, the Pittsburgh Courier, the New York Amsterdam News, and the Baltimore Afro-American all published loud denunciations of southern injustice and threatened to exert political and economic pressure should Mississippi fail to give Till’s case a fair hearing. In response, southern white papers, led by the conservative Jackson Daily News and the more moderate Memphis Commercial Appeal, insisted that justice would be done and that continued threats from the “liberal press” would threaten rather than secure justice in the case.

Eventually, more than seventy newspapers and magazines sent reporters to the trial, and when, against all reasonable evidence, the jury failed to convict Milam and Bryant, the denunciations were swift and strong. While apologist papers in the South argued that justice had had its day in court, African American newspapers and magazines, joined by a chorus of support from the northern white press and liberal political organizations, called for national protests and boycotts.

According to many reporters in attendance, the judicial process had failed Emmett Till, and the real question to come out of the whole trial was whether, without federal intervention, blacks could get justice in Mississippi. For another set of dissenters, however, the trial raised a different set of questions, many of them concerned with the truths of the case. Despite the best efforts of the prosecuting attorneys, the trial seemed to hide more truths than it answered as many competing testimonies were never fully explored or cross-examined. For instance, what really had happened that afternoon in the Bryant grocery? Moreover, how did Milam and Bryant find out about the alleged transgression?

Who else besides Milam and Bryant drove out to Mose Wright’s cabin that night, and who were the other men spotted with Milam at the barn the next morning? Were there really black men in Milam’s pickup that evening? If so, who were they and what had happened to them? Finally, how long did Emmett Till remain alive that night, and exactly when, where, why and how did his murder take place? A handful of investigative reporters understood that the trial did not answer these questions fully and that the truth, more likely than not, had been obscured by the proceedings.

Among the investigative reporters at the trial, none played a more significant role than James L. Hicks. Hicks began his career as a reporter for the Cleveland Call and Post in 1935 and later moved on to the Baltimore Afro-American. As one of the premier investigative journalists of his generation, Hicks was also the Washington, D.C. bureau chief for the National Negro Press Association, which served more than one hundred newspapers. In 1955, he became executive director of the New York Amsterdam News, a position he would hold for the good part of twenty years.

As the first black member of the State Department Correspondents Association and the first black reporter cleared to cover the United Nations, Hicks was truly a pioneer in the field. His coverage of the Till trial ran in dozens of African-American newspapers, and in the following piece of investigative journalism — which ran in four installments in October 1955 — he tells about the role he played in discovering the existence of “missing witnesses” to the murder. Hicks’s work in this area actually forced a trial recess on Tuesday, September 20, as the prosecution called for time to track down these newly discovered witnesses.

In this series of articles — which ran in the Baltimore Afro-American, the Cleveland Call and Post and the Atlanta Daily World — Hicks argues that the forces of law in Mississippi conspired to prevent the full evidence of Milam and Bryant’s guilt from surfacing at the trial. The version reprinted here draws its structure from the installments published in the Cleveland Call and Post, which presented the most condensed rendering of Hicks’s articles. Passages omitted from the Cleveland Call and Post articles, but included in some form or another in either the Atlanta Daily World or the Baltimore Afro-American, have been inserted throughout and marked by the addition of brackets.

Follow this link for the entire series here that is shocking and a must read about the actual accounts written at the time!!! http://www.archipelago.org/vol6-1/hicks.htm

Carolyn Bryant: Pure Evil – May God Have No Mercy On Your Soul

462_160It was a story that shook the nation 62 years ago and catapulted America into the modern civil rights movement that changed America forever. White folk knew this act of terror was evil and wrong, and now the woman at the center of the crime admits she lied! Knowing that Emmett Till, a 14-year-old black boy from Chicago, died a horrific death at the hands of her husband and his friend after buying bubble gum while visiting racially segregated Mississippi in 1955.

They beat, shot and disfigured his body beyond recognition – and walked free, acquitted at the hands of an all-white, all-male jury for allegedly whistling at a white woman. The woman, Carolyn Bryant, has lived in relative hiding for the last five decades, haunted by her past. She has now admitted that her testimony, which carried the case, was a blatant lie. So now she has written a book, “The Blood of Emmett Till” and reveals she lied about it all.

Emmett’s mother insisted on an open-casket funeral for Emmett to show the world what racism did to her young son and Jet Magazine publish the pictures in effect launching the modern Civil Rights Movement. Carolyn Bryant, then 21, was the wife of one of the men who were arrested for Emmett’s murder, Roy Bryant, was working at a store when Emmett came in to buy two cents of bubble gum on the hot August day. This event set in motion what would be his death sentence!

She claimed in her evocative testimony to the court that she couldn’t bring herself to the say the ‘unprintable’ word he’d said to her, rather to say that he told her he’d done ‘something’ with white women before which she said ‘I was just scared to death.’ Because she was a white woman insulted by a black person it took the jury less than an hour to acquit Bryant, and his partner J.W. Milam in the crime, which they admitted to law enforcement that they did kill Emmett and walked free because of her testimony!

Author Timothy Tyson, the author of The Blood of Emmett Till, spoke with Carolyn, who has since divorced and married twice more and is a mother of two children. She is now 83 years old. Regarding her statement that Emmett grabbed and verbally abused her, she simply said: ‘That part’s not true.’ Although she now claims she doesn’t remember anything else about the evening but when on to say ‘She was glad things had changed from the old system of white supremacy, though she had more or less taken it as normal at the time.’

The image of his inflated, contorted face made the cover of Jet Magazine and ignited and mobilized the public to rally for equal rights. This is the most despicable woman in the world carrying a lied inside her for sixty-two years and now that she is ready to die tries to justify the lie is shameful and despicable! MY GOD NOT HAVE MERCY ON HER SOUL!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

The Emmett Till Story

Terror: The Scourge Of Lynchings

5The term “Lynch’s Law” and subsequently “lynch law” and “lynching” originated during the American Revolution when Charles Lynch, a Virginia justice of the peace, ordered extralegal punishment for Loyalist. Although there are some who believe the term is to pay homage to the mythical figure “Willie Lynch”, which is not true. In the South before the Civil War, members of the abolitionist movement and other people opposing slavery were also targets of lynch mob violence. This was in many ways an effective tool of white supremacy to induce fear and to control blacks by white people.

Lynching was the practice of killing, an act of terror usually by a hanging resulting from extrajudicial mob action by white people against blacks. Lynchings in the United States occurred after the American Civil War in the late 1800s, the emancipation of slaves, and chiefly from the late 1800s through the 1960s. Lynchings took place most frequently against African American men and women in the South. But I remind you that anywhere south of Canada is south in America!

Lynchings occurred most frequently from 1890 to the 1920s, a time of political suppression of blacks by whites, with a peak in 1892. Lynchings were also very common in the Old West, where the victims were African American men. Most of the South was dominated politically by conservative Democrats. Lynching was part of the informal system of enforcement of white supremacy in the late 19th century following Reconstruction.

The number of lynchings in the South is also strongly associated with economic strains, although the causal nature of this link is unclear: low cotton prices, inflation, and economic stress are associated with higher frequencies of lynching. The granting of U.S. Constitutional rights to freedmen after the American Civil War during the Reconstruction Era (1865–1877) aroused anxieties among white Southerners, who were unwilling to concede such social status to African Americans, especially in areas of black concentration.

The whites blamed the freedmen for their own wartime hardship, economic losses, and loss of social and political privilege. During Reconstruction, freedmen and whites active in the pursuit of civil rights were sometimes lynched. Also, blacks were intimidated and attacked physically to prevent them from voting, with violence increasing around elections from 1868 into the late 1870s to suppress the black, Republican vote.

White Democrats regained control of state legislatures in 1876 and a national compromise on the presidential election resulted in the removal of federal troops and official end of Reconstruction in 1877. In later decades, there continued to be violence around elections to suppress black voting, particularly with the rise of the Populist Party and some victories by Populist-Republican Fusion candidates in the 1890s.

From 1885 to 1908, southern states passed new constitutions and electoral rules to disenfranchise most blacks, ending election violence by utterly excluding them from politics. The dominant whites enacted a series of segregation and Jim Crow laws to enforce blacks’ second-class status. During this period of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Lynchings reached a peak, reflecting the social repression and hard economic times.

Florida led the nation in lynchings per capita from 1900-1930. Georgia led the nation in lynchings from 1900-1931 with 302 incidents, according to The Tuskegee Institute. Lynchings peaked in many areas when it was time for landowners to settle accounts with sharecroppers. The Tuskegee Institute recorded 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites being lynched between 1882 and 1968, with the annual peak occurring in the 1890s, at a time of economic stress in the South and political suppression of blacks. A five-year study published in 2015 by the Equal Justice Initiative found that nearly 3,959 black men, women, and children were lynched in the twelve Southern states between 1877 and 1950.

African Americans mounted resistance to lynchings in numerous ways. Intellectuals and journalists encouraged public education, actively protesting and lobbying against lynch mob violence and government complicity in that violence. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), as well as numerous other organizations, organized support from white and black Americans alike and conducted a national campaign to get a federal anti-lynching law passed.

African-American women’s clubs raised funds to support the work of public campaigns, including anti-lynching plays. Their petition drives, letter campaigns, meetings and demonstrations helped to highlight the issues and combat lynching.[10] In the Great Migration, particularly from 1910 to 1940, 1.5 million African Americans left the South, primarily for destinations in northern and mid-western cities, both to gain better jobs and education and to escape the high rate of violence. From 1910 to 1930 particularly, more blacks migrated from counties with high numbers of lynchings.

From 1882 to 1968, “nearly 200 anti-lynching bills were introduced in Congress, and three passed the House. Seven presidents between 1890 and 1952 petitioned Congress to pass a federal law.” In 1920 the Republican Party promised at its national convention to support passage of such a law. In 1921 Leonidas C. Dyer from St. Louis sponsored an anti-lynching bill; it was passed in January 1922 in the United States House of Representatives, but a Senate filibuster by the Southern white Democratic block defeated it in December 1922. With the NAACP, Representative Dyer spoke across the country in support of his bill in 1923 and tried to gain passage that year and the next, but was defeated by the Solid South Democratic block.

Decades later, during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, violence erupted again, with attacks and murders of black activists throughout the South, and bombings in Birmingham, Alabama of homes of aspirational African Americans. In 1964 three Mississippi civil rights workers were lynched, abducted, shot and killed by KKK members including Neshoba County law enforcement. These galvanized national public support for federal civil rights and Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ending segregation, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to enforce constitutional rights to vote.

Lynching has evolved today to where the slave catchers (police) just shoot blacks dead! I would be remissed if I did not include lynching done for mere entertainment by white! This was terror by any form of sane thinking upon blacks and in many cases sanctioned by the American governments! And that is my thought provoking perspective…

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome



Dr. Joy DeGruy gives the most educational and empowering lecture on a disease that is more deadly than Ebola, AIDS, and Cancer combined. It’s called Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and it affects every Colored, Negro, and black person in America. She explains the horrible history of the evils and pain inflicted upon people of African descent in America. She thoroughly explains the mechanisms used to keep black people oppressed, deprived, and enslaved.



A must read novel!

Twenty First Century Lynching’s

(4)Let me begin by saying the police were formed by slave masters to hunt down and catch runaway slave. There has been a continuing culture of brutality and abuse from that day to this. Let’s stop thinking that white folk care about the killing of any black person by a police officer. They can see as we do that what is happening is wrong and see it as murder just as we do. Because of the White Supremacy Code that they must uphold and use the smile to tell a lie about it because a cover up is to follow.

This type of murder and abuse has been a staple of White Supremacy dating back centuries. The difference now is that we have social media, and everybody has a camera. Therefore, they can no longer hide this misconduct and not reported on mainstream media; as it was in the Trayvon Martin case where it took over a year for this crime to be reported.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana the fatal police shooting of a father of five children, Alton Sterling, who was fatally shot by police early Tuesday morning. Sterling was a 37-year-old black man. The two officers involved in the murder were videotaped showing Sterling pinned to the ground by two white police officers. Thank you, Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed, founder of Stop the Killing, a youth mentoring program based in Baton Rouge for making the first cell phone video of the police shooting of Alton Sterling.

In a twenty-four time frame, another black man was shot four times and killed, Philando Castile in Minnesota, for doing absolutely nothing and in front of his daughter and girlfriend. Fortunately, she had the mindset to live stream the incident. Even with video proof they still try to negate the face or try to make us believe we did not see what we thought we saw. In other words, our lying eyes are playing tricks on us and in the Louisiana case they say both of the body camera’s fell off the police. Shake my damn head! We heard this same story with Rodney King; we did not see what we thought we did.

It is a time that we take our belief in white out of the equation like was done in the Charlotte Church shooting were those black folk prayed and forgave the murder immediately. Black leadership should call to arms black people’s right to defend and protect their lives against this terror. We have seen there is no consequence for murdering an unarmed black person. Sorry turning the other cheek has failed miserably. Their behavior is as bad, if not worse than ISIS!

These so-called public servants will go so far as to go after and prosecute the person who captures the incident on video. For example, the New York Daily News reports that the man who filmed the chokehold death of Eric Garner, Ramsey Orta, is preparing to head to prison for four years for filming that incident. Further, the Baltimore DA is under attack for trying to prosecute the officers in the Freddie Gray case. No DA in America has taken any such action against a police officer. So far this year there has been over five hundred killing of black people by the police.

Once those who murder black people realize that we are no longer an easy target, this will stop. Unfortunately, more lives will be lost before we stop this police state. However, for the sake of our children people must exercise their right to obtain a firearm permit, obtain optimal target training, and be willing to stand up to injustice, especially when the lives of black people is threatened.

I can recall the words of H. Rap Brown who told us to “ Burn Baby Burn”. After he uttered these words this insanity stopped, at least for a while. These acts of terror are nothing more than what ISIS doing and this terror is nothing more than a war on black people. So let’s call it what is ISIS American Style and the terror being inflicted on innocent and in most cases unarmed black people would make Hitler blush!

As is always the case, the real so-called Americans, white folk, continue to not believe there is no problem and nothing to see here. Make no mistake these deaths were assassinations. They always say that there are so many good police, I don’t know any! But if this is the case, why the hell don’t they snatch, come from behind that blue wall of silence and do something about the bad cops. And that’s thought provoking perspectives…



I Am Pissed By The Latest In A long List Of Police Murders

(2)I remember in church on Sunday the preacher asked the congregation “how long?” The congregation responded with “not long?” This was in reference to when Jesus is coming back. What I did not understand, at the time, was that Jesus is not coming back. As evidence, every time an act of terror occurs at the hands of the white terrorist. They use some preacher, the victim’s family or the NAACP asks black people to be calm in the face of police brutality or racial terror. They will shoot a black man down like a dog, and they will rise Dr. King up from the grave and remind us to be nonviolent. STOP IT!

I feel being black in America, from 1619 until today, has always required a painful level of pretending for the sake of survival. When black are merely targets for racist white people. In the face of slave ships, auction blocks, and the slaver’s whip, speaking your mind was never a sincere option. Even tears had to be hidden if they made those who claimed to own you uncomfortable. The Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War did little to change this.

From 1865 until the Civil Rights Movement, speaking your mind openly while black in America could get you killed. The whip of slavery was crafted into the noose of Jim Crow. Racial terror across this country took more lives than 9/11, Oklahoma City and Orlando combined as over 4,000 black men, women and children were brutally murdered not as justice, but as intimidation from white supremacists hell-bent on shaping this country in their own image.

The years 1891-1895 were five of the deadliest years of lynching in the history of this country. Yes, to be black in America is to know the sweet and docile Negro that Langston Hughes spoke of, but his poems were less about masks and more about articulating the pain, angst, and fury hidden beneath them.

We love Malcolm X because he, perhaps more than anyone since Nat Turner in 1831, refused to wear the mask. His bold honesty about racism in America shocked the hell out of this country and tapped not only into the pain and frustration of being black in America but also the pride and power. It was his boldness, in many ways, that sparked the Black Power Movement and the Black Panthers in the generation that followed.

This generation that we are in right now, at this very moment, wears the mask less than it has ever been worn before. After 250 years of slavery and 150 years of oppression and racial terror, black folk has had enough. On Wednesday, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards called for calm in the wake of the investigation into the death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling by Baton Rouge Police. I say to you black folks have bought that line before. We’ve been calm for 400 years.

America and its leaders, cannot, in good faith, continue asking black people to be calm without providing the corresponding justice that our calmness deserves. We’ve made this trade before. In 1955, when Emmett Till was lynched, we provided the calm that you called for. Men who openly admitted that they kidnapped Till weren’t convicted, and every single person went free.

We were calm in 1991 when the horrors of police brutality were on full display before the world. Rodney King was beaten, almost to death, by the LAPD, with batons and kicks all over his body. We calmly waited for a conviction. Surely, with the video, it would come, but it never came.

We were calm as we waited for a conviction of George Zimmerman. A teenager should be able to walk in his own neighborhood with Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea without being profiled and chased by an armed stranger. Zimmerman was set free and has rubbed it in our faces every day since.

What did calmness bring to the families of Tamir Rice or John Crawford or Rekia Boyd? What did calmness bring to the families of Natasha McKenna, Ramarley Graham, or Kendrec McDade? In each of those cases and thousands like them, American police have brutally killed unarmed African-Americans without consequence.

Law and Order Theme!

Now, 2016 is on pace to have more people killed by American police than any year ever measured in the history of this country. It’s at a point, and this is not a threat, but a sincere observation of my own emotions and that of hundreds of my friends, family members and colleagues – in the words of Fannie Lou Hamer, “We are sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Did you see the video of Alton Sterling’s teenage son crying over the murder of his father? The pain in his cries cut deep into my soul. I’ve had enough. It must stop. These aren’t hashtags being killed. These are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. We hear a lot about how Muslims are being radicalized to hate America, but I think it’s time that America accepts that it is radicalizing millions of African-Americans to a point of boiling rage.

Black men represent less than 10% of all Americans but over 40% of unarmed people killed by American police. Unarmed African-American men and boys are an astounding 700% more likely to be shot and killed by police than unarmed white men. In fact, unarmed black men and boys are killed at almost the same rate by police as armed white men. Again, these stats have corresponding names and families.

Moving forward, I will not be advocating calm. None of us should be calm. Calm in response to terror, particularly when that terror is not being dutifully addressed, is irrational. In fact, I am patently suspicious when a country that consistently deals with its threats with an iron fist then asks one particular community to continue taking police brutality and racial terror on the chin.

Stop asking us to be calm. Stop asking us to wear the mask. Stop asking us to take whips, nooses and now police bullets without emotion. We are human beings, and we have had enough. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Murder Is The Case Based On History

Wallpapers Market

There is a lot of talk in the news these days about a terror group called ISIS and no doubt this group does bad things but to be clear they are doing these things, for the most part, to white folk. I would argue that what those people who originated in Europe did to Black People and the Native America was not different, particularly a gang of thugs called the KKK. I have said many times, and history reports that there is a certain group of people who kill and murder with impunity. Being black in America, we call them the police. This group has come to be the terror group of Black America.

Early on they used the myth or false narrative that is called “Manifest Destiny” in which God himself said it was the right of white people to have domain over the earth and everything on it. Naturally, this manifested itself into other reasons like race, bigotry, greed, and onto means, they used for oppression. Those people wrote and oath on a piece of paper, which said all men are created equal while holding human beings in slavery as chattel and said God Bless America.

I don’t need to name names; but we know who you are because it is written in historical documents that tell the story. They use to bury the evil they did, like the thousands of hangings, burning, bombings, rapes, and murder. The same wretchedness occurs today only at the hands of the law! Frankly, if it were not for the availability of videos – most people, white people, as they have denied this fact for hundreds of years would still not believe these atrocities were not happening to black people and those of other races. Frankly, even with video of what is nothing more than murder – they don’t believe their lying eyes.

It was Malcolm X that said the white man, who he called “the devil,” should thank his lucky stars that the people of the world have not risen up against his evil ways. Even Martin said they were the biggest purveyors of evil on the planet. This small group of people has killed, murdered, and conquered more than any people on the planet. Therefore, like Brother Malcolm asked, how can so few rule so many.

History reports that they said one of their own got lost and claimed to discover a place and they took the land calling it the new world. This guy raped, pillaged, enslaved, and murdered the people living on this land. More of these backward people from the same place soon followed to conquer more land all over the hemisphere through the same tactics. Always destroying their culture and erasing their past. The same tactics were used; they brought a Bible and gave them a new religion. Those who did not accept their religion were killed.

There are countless examples going back beyond the Crusades to the American Indians and certainly that of the stolen humans from Africa. The greed of these people expanded to both North and South America enslaving and stealing all they could in the most barbaric manner that would make Hitler blush. At one particular point in American history, these people fought against each other killing more than a half a million of their own kind to maintain the wretched cause of slavery.

For all of the evil committed and buried deep within in the souls of these folks to which history would describe as their nature; I would not dare tell the truth about such a horrible past either. This is where they fall back to the tried and true eraser of wrong – in the name of Jesus. Frankly, they are no more Godly than the darkness that has yet come to light. Matter of fact, on the day of the Sabbath, the so-called holiest day of the week, is the most segregated hour in America. That should tell you where their faith lies. I’ll answer that “Murder is always the case”! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Never Forget: Strange Fruit

Every day, it seems, there is news of another unarmed black man gunned down simply by the police. These actions are eerily similar to the lynching’s that took place in the early half of the 20th century for pretty much the same reason as those murdered by white police in our society today. Let us remember the fallen and never forget!

The reason could be as simple as the concept of “Manifest Destiny”, which speaks to white  privilege. White America has never accepted African American’s as anything more than illegal aliens, in spite of the fact they captured the race against their will and brought to American in chains. I have repeatedly said, “We are a nation of people living in a nation without a nationality” basically because the Constitutions tells us so. You do remember the 3/5th human phrase.

In the wake of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager who was shot and killed by Zimmerman in 2012, Jordan Davis, who was also unarmed, and all of the daily killings at the hands of the police in the most recent terror upon black men killed because white men claimed they feared for their lives. Eric Gardner who was choked to death. Michael Brown, John Crawford and worst of all the kid murder while playing in the park. All lynched but just by gun!

Let’s also include the murders and shootings by the police, sanctioned by law, against African American’s such as Oscar Grant and countless others. Then there are people like Garrick Hopkins, 60, and his brother, Carl Hopkins Jr., 61, two brothers from West Virginia, who were shot and killed by a white man for what he claimed as trespassing on his land – when, in fact, they were inspecting a shed on their own property.

The attached  video is straightforward yet nuanced. The song “Strange Fruit” tells a story that must be told to our youth. We must never forget because when you forget history it is destined to repeat itself. We know the importance of Billie Holiday’s recording. But this indispensable video vivid imagery the history of the struggle against lynching, something that was very real, and for Black rights with a wealth of common history of African Americans, Jewish Americans, and the American Left. It is part of our history, part of our heritage. Teach your children and learn this chapter in our past.

The song “Strange Fruit” creates immediate controversy. Call it a grim reminder of an unnecessarily painful and ugly chapter in American history. The song retains its force, because the issues it raises about the legacy of racial terrorism in American society still resonate. The story tells a song that compelled its listeners to confront the past, which was genuinely disturbing then, and it is no less disturbing today.

While many people assume Strange Fruit was written by Billie Holiday herself, it actually began as a poem by a Jewish schoolteacher and union activist from the Bronx, who later set it to music. Disturbed by a photograph of a lynching, the teacher wrote the stark verse and brooding melody about the horror of lynching under the pseudonym Lewis Allan in 1938. It was first performed at a New York teacher’s union rally and was brought to the attention of the manager of Cafe Society, a popular Greenwich Village nightclub, who introduced Billy Holiday to the writer.


“Southern trees bear a strange fruit, Blood on the leaves and blood at the root, Black body swinging in the Southern breeze, strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees. Pastoral scene of the gallant South, The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth, Scent of magnolia sweet and fresh, And the sudden smell of burning flesh! Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck, for the rain to gather, for the wind to suck, for the sun to rot, for a tree to drop, here is a strange and bitter crop.”

Let’s look at the murder of young black men and boys murdered today as a modern day version of lynchings. The murders an evolution of destruction and black people are nothing more than pray! They tell us not to forget 911 and the Holocaust – know this, we will never forget what you did to black people! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

What If The Killing In Ferguson Was Reversed

2Since the MURDER of Trayvon Martin, there have been countless killings of black men called justified or so say the law. Many of which were done under cover of law, which means the police had no real reason to brutalize or kill – even when most were unarmed. The occupying forces that dominate black communities are out of control and black communities have been saying this since the era of lynchings; where thousands of black people were lynched for sport or entertainment. The pain of all of this is that nothing was done then, and nothing is being done now with the modern day version of it.

I had a conversation a few days ago with a white friend who said, “It is wrong for the people of Ferguson to riot if Wilson is not indicted. He was just doing his job. Dr. King would not want that.” He seemed shocked when I told him that Dr. King marched, and marching is a strategy, not a result. He seemed shocked when I asked him should the cop have killed this young man, even if his crime was only shoplifting. Of course, his response was predictable; “What about black on black crime. There is no outrage about that.” Reminding him that YES there is!

Anyway, after the conversation I started wondering. In the last hundred days, there has been an elephant in the room that nobody has mentioned, talked about or seemed to notice. Suppose the young man killed was a white kid or a white Jewish kid and the shooter was a black policeman?

Here is the situation in reverse:

A young white kid was walking down the street. A black policeman approaches him and tells him to get the F**k out of the street. The cop pulls off, then backs up, a confrontation occurs, shots were fired with several white neighbors witnessing it. The black cop exist the vehicle and begin to fire on the unarmed white kid running away a dozen times and hits him seven times killing him.

First, have you ever heard of a black policeman shooting down a white person? Not never! With that said, what do you think would have happened to the black cop? Would it take more than a hundred days to determine whether charges are filed? NO! Justice, as they see it, would be swift, the white community would be outraged, and none of what we see in the Michael Brown’s case would happen. So why then, under these circumstances, would they not expect outrage?

In my view, everyone in America can see and know that there are two systems of justice. Black people without question know this truth because for four-hundred years it has been inflected upon people of African descent. I will remind you of what the great Richard Pryor said, when it comes to justice – what we find is just-us! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


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