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The Sad State Of Being Brainwashed

FotoFlexer_AnimationThis message is to those whose minds that are brainwashed, blind, and those who can’t see. Truth is most of you sit in some church praying to white Jesus not realizing that black people have prayed far too long. I wonder how do you looked at yourself in the mirror, as you prepared to look pretty for the pimp in the pulpit.

They murder some unarmed black person at least once a week and what do you do; pray or make a little noise for a day or so, and move on. I know you will say something foolish like “God is Good”! So I ask what is good? You will say that you love God; whom you cannot see, but you do not or cannot love your man or your brother, a black man that you can see. I know you are thinking shame on me. Well I will take that criticism but truth is real!

Today I felt the need to express harshly my disdain for the way black people respond to and represent themselves in the midst of their annihilation. Think about this, you don’t love yourself, so how can you expect anyone else to love you. Case in point, a great man, Dr. King, died for you trying to gain equality and civil rights for the Negro of his day and all black people, and what do you do; talk about what Hoover said, he was supposed to have cheated on his wife. The man died with only a few suits and no money!

Malcolm, the greatest truth-teller in black history, was killed for you and what did you do; you watch as his descendants were put through hell. Most of you were afraid to say his name while he was alive, let alone followed him, nor did you help his family after he was killed. You watched as they killed his wife and grandson. Most of you watched as they set up one of his children and what did you your do; gossiped and believed what the white media told you. But you will give your last dime to some clown who asked you to buy him a new airplane.

I can go down the long list of casualties and victims laid waste by the COINTEL program that targeted the brave soldiers fighting for your freedom. Malcolm said, you have been hoodwinked, and I agree. They murdered nine black people in a horrible act of terror in a church and what do you do; forgave the killer the next day for killing these people.

Most of you, particularly black women, will sit or sat in some church this morning praising white Jesus or a pimp in the pulpit, while this clown is living very well at your expense. You do this every Sunday and in some cases days in between. The definition of insanity is to do the samething over and over while you get no results. So you give unto him while you can’t pay your bills or behind in them, while children and family go without!

A few weeks ago, one hundred so-called pastors met with Trump, which was the most disgusting spectacle I’ve EVER witnessed to get their thirty pieces of silver. Damn black people, when are you going to wake up. It has been four hundred years since they stole your religion and imposed a fantastical story, an all white story, taken from African spirituality and made it their own. Then gave it to you and you believe wholeheartedly every word of that untruth. They rewrote what started as truth, and expounded upon it 28 times to suit their agenda, which was to brainwash and maintain their embedded principle of white supremacy.

Of course, the world is in distress, your genocide is the agenda, and it looks like there is no hope but that has always been the case in the lives of black people, since the African was dragged onto these shores. In fact, since the European arrived in Africa! They put our ancestors on a ship named the Good Ship Jesus, raped, pillaged and murder black people in the most ungodly ways the world has ever seen. Yet, you believe those people of the other hue will save you!

I will say this with certainty; our ancestors who lived through the horrors of slavery, the degradation of Jim Crow, and the terror inflicted upon black people today and you do nothing are ashamed of you and the condition of black people.

I am well aware that these words will produce odious comments and I will be told that I am going to hell. But before you comment, know that I will accept that fate because hell can’t be worse than the horror and terror both you and I are living in this life under white supremacy on this earth! Wake up!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Words Of Wisdom

I am a proud member of the common sense party. Neither of the other mainstream parties have done anything for black people nor has the larger white community – ever and got sense enough to it. This year’s election for president is merely a choice between evil and less evil. The woman candidate has hoodwinked black folk and the others by saying she will be the first woman president and the other guy might do to us as Hitler did to the Jews.

I have seen this game enough to know it does not matter who is chosen that black people will get not more than what they had and never got. America has never been great for black people, it has been a nightmare! These two great men sums up what history has shown. List to Malcolm:

Now listen the master teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke:

And that’s is my thought provoking perspective…

Malcolm X Assassinated At The Audubon Ballroom In 1965

773_160Malcolm X, Black Nationalist leader and civil rights activists, is killed as he was about to address his followers. This happened a week after his Queens home was firebombed.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015, 10:03 AM

Malcolm X is removed on stretcher from Audubon Ballroom.

(Originally published by the Daily News on Feb. 22, 1965. This story was written by John Mallon, Henry Machirella and Leeds Moberley.)

A week after he was fire-bombed out of his Queens home, Black Nationalist leader Malcolm X was shot to death shortly after 3 P.M. yesterday as he started to address a Washington Heights rally of some 400 of his devoted followers.

Three other men were wounded in the wild burst of firing from at least three weapons – a .38 and a .45 automatic pistol and a sawed-off shotgun – although only the shotgun was recovered. One of the wounded was identified by witnesses as one of the killers, but the role of the others was not clear. Nor was it established how any of them got their wounds.

Police believed the murder detail consisted of at least five men, and every available witness was being questioned last night at the Wadsworth Ave. station.

Malcolm’s followers were quick to accuse the Black Muslims, whom he had blamed for the bombing of his home. Half a dozen of his bodyguards were reported last night to be en route to Chicago to wreak vengeance on Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Black Muslims. Police were unable to confirm the report but an alert was out.

Denies That Black Muslims Are Responsible

Elijah’s New York spokesman, James X, denied the Black Muslims were responsible for the bombing.

Malcolm’s wife, Betty Shabazz, said last night at a brief press conference in George’s Nightspot, 103-04 Astoria Blvd., East Elmhurst, Queens, that her husband “knew he would be killed some day.” But she only shook her head when newsmen asked who the killers were. She also said that although she was present when the assassins struck, she did not see the shooting – which contradicted earlier reports.

Meanwhile, as a precaution against possible clashes between the Muslims and Malcolm’s Afro-American Union – which he set up when he broke with the Muslims last year – the police asked the Muslims to close their Harlem mosques last night, including Mosque No. 7 at 102 W. 116th St., where Malcolm used to be the head man. The Muslims complied.

Scene of the assassination was the Audubon Ballroom at 166th St. and Broadway. An introductory speaker who immediately preceded Malcolm on the rostrum had just told the faithful:

“Malcolm is a man who would give his life for you. There aren’t many men who would lay down their lives for you.”

Then Malcolm stepped forward to a thunderous ovation. When the cheering died out, he spoke three words – “Brothers and Sisters” – and got no further.

Scuffle Breaks Out At Back of Hall

New York Daily News published this on Feb. 22, 1965.
New York Daily News published this on Feb. 22, 1965.

Witnesses reported that a scuffle, apparently a diversionary maneuver, broke out in the back of the hall, and at the same time, two men, both about 5 feet 6, arose in the audience and moved briskly down the aisle toward the stage. Then a third man came running after them.

“Just a minute, brother,” Malcolm said, and the next instant the place was pandemonium. A phalanx of bodyguards was ranged in front of their leader, facing the audience, but they had no time to intercept the gunman. The men opened fire from a distance of about eight feet; the terrified faithful dropped to the floor as bullets whizzed and ricocheted, and Malcolm X fell mortally wounded.

When the shooting stopped and the men started out, the crowd, went into action. Police arrived just in time to rescue them from a howling mob of about 150 who caught them as they reached the street and, amid screams of “Kill them! Kill them!” were punching and pummeling them unmercifully.

Malcolm, a 39-year-old 6-footer with a slim athletic build, was wheeled on a stretcher bed to the Vanderbilt Clinic of Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, 200 feet away, but attempts to revive him were futile and he was pronounced dead at 3:30 P.M.

A hospital spokesman, reporting that Malcolm had been shot several times in the chest and face, said he was “medically dead” when he reached the clinic’s third-floor emergency room.

Because of expected heightened tension between the warring Black Nationalist groups – Malcolm X’s Organization of Afro-American Unity and Elijah Muhammad’s Chicago-based Black Muslims – Police Commissioner Murphy ordered extra police and mobile units into the area.


Thomas Hagan, 22, struggles with police who take him from the scene outside the ballroom where Malcolm X was shot and killed in New York. Hagan, was one of three gunmen who shot Malcolm X as he began a speech at Harlem’s Audubon Ballroom.

Ever since Malcolm X defected from the Black Muslims a year ago, he has been charging the Muslims with plotting to kill him.

A week ago yesterday, when he and his family were fire-bombed out of the East Elmhurst house, he intimated the job was done by the Black Muslims.

The Black Muslims said Malcolm X had done the bombing himself in a grab for publicity.

Moments before the shooting two radio patrolmen were talking outside the hall of a sergeant. Moments after the shots rang out from the hall, the doors burst open, the policemen said, and two dozen screaming persons emerged, on the heels of two men. The mob screamed, “Kill them, don’t let them get away.”

The two men, [African-Americans], were overtaken by the shouting mob. Both were taking a beating when the cops moved in and rescued them. The men were put into a police car and rushed from the scene.

Alarm Sent Out For 1963 Oldsmobile


Malcolm X lies mortally wounded on the stage of the Audubon Ballroom after his assassin struck. His followers try to comfort him. Autopsy revealed that he died from shotgun wounds to the heart.

The shots and shouts also were heard by Sgt. Alvin Aranoff and Patrolman Louis Angelos, both of the W. 152d St. precinct, who were driving by.

They saw that the mob, which had now swelled to more than 100, was beating and stomping a third man, later identified as Thomas Hagan, 22, who had a bullet wound in the leg.

The crowd was shouting, “Kill him, kill him. He’s the one who shot Malcolm.”

As the cops tried to rescue Hagan, the mob turned on them. Aranoff backed them off by firing a shot in the air, then he and the patrolman whisked the wounded man to the Wadsworth St. station house.

The suspect would say nothing other than to give his name and age. Who had shot him and whether he was one of Malcolm’s followers or one of the assassins could not be learned. A loaded .45 clip and $30 were found in his pockets.

He was taken to Jewish Memorial Hospital, at 196th St. and Broadway, where each of two persons who witnessed the shooting said, when asked if Hagan was the killer, “I think he is.”


Followers tend to Malcolm X as he lies mortally wounded on the stage of the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem after being shot on Feb. 21, 1965.

Hagan later was transferred to the Bellevue Hospital prison ward.

The other two men rescued by the cops were taken to Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, where they were identified as Willie Harris, and William Parker, of 23-05 30th Ave., Astoria, Queens.

A short time after the shooting, police sent out an alarm for a 1963 blue Oldsmobile with license number-1 G 2220. It was learned the car was registered in the name of Muslim Mosque, 23-11 97th St. East Elmhurst.

The address is that of the house where Malcolm X and his family were routed from their beds by Molotov cocktails last week. In the past week Malcolm X had moved out after being ordered evicted. The house had been a subject of dispute between the rival black nationalist groups since Malcolm X defected from the Muslims.

After the hail of bullets, Malcolm X was placed on a stretcher. A rolling bed was brought from Columbia-Presbyterian and he was wheeled 200 yards diagonally across Broadway to the emergency room.

Wife is Hysterical: Photographers Threatened

This is the Audubon ballroom in upper Harlem, New York, after it was roped off by police following the assassination of Malcolm X, February 21, 1965. The civil rights leader was standing at the podium on stage in the background.AL BURLEIGH/ASSOCIATED PRESS

This is the Audubon ballroom in upper Harlem, New York, after it was roped off by police following the assassination of Malcolm X, February 21, 1965. The civil rights leader was standing at the podium on stage in the background.

He was followed by his weeping hysterical wife and a group of his closest followers. When photographers sought to take pictures of Mrs. Malcolm X, the Black Nationalists moved toward the lensmen and yelled, “Put them down.”

Mrs. Malcolm X and a small group got into Malcolm’s white Dodge and drove to the hospital. They were there when the pronouncement came that Malcolm X was dead.

The body later was transferred to the City Morgue.

Malcolm X’s lawyer, Assemblyman Percy Sutton, said Malcolm X’s wife – whom he referred to as Sister Betty – had reported that her husband’s car and briefcase were missing. It was not known from where they disappeared.

The wife, he said, was staying with friends in Queens. He described Malcolm X as “practically destitute” and uninsured.

Deputy Detective Inspector Thomas Renaghan, in charge of the Sixth Division, said that Malcolm was shot at close range with both .45 and .38 pistols.

This is an exterior view of the Audubon Ballroom on 166th Street at Broadway in the Harlem section of Manhattan, where black Muslim leader Malcolm X was assassinated as he addressed a rally on Feb. 21, 1965.ANONYMOUS/ASSOCIATED PRESS

This is an exterior view of the Audubon Ballroom on 166th Street at Broadway in the Harlem section of Manhattan, where black Muslim leader Malcolm X was assassinated as he addressed a rally on Feb. 21, 1965.

Immediately after the shots were fired at Malcolm, someone dashed up the center aisle, firing additional shots. Police said they were not able to determine immediately whether that person was an assailant or a follower of Malcolm chasing the assassins.

A spent bullet was found in the hallway leading to the street.

Four Guards Standing Just Below Platform

Police said that four of Malcolm’s guards were standing just below the platform when he was hit. They were among the two dozen screaming persons who chased the attackers into the street and started tearing them apart.

Describing the scene, Acting Chief Inspector Harry Taylor of Manhattan North, said, “He had just walked up to the stage, raised his hand in Muslim greeting and said: ‘Salaam, Aleikem.’ (Peace be with you.) There was scuffling in the ballroom.” The shooting followed.

Police found a sawed-off shotgun behind the stage of the ballroom. Both the stock and barrel had been shortened. The weapon was wrapped in a man’s dark gray jacket. It was not known whether the shogun had been used in the shooting.


Malcolm X’s widow Betty Shabazz leaves morgue with attorney Percy Sutton and undertaker Joseph Hall after identifying husband’s body.

Commenting on the fatal gunning of the Black Nationalist leader, Sanford Garelick, assistant chief police inspector in charge of the Central Office of Bureaus and Squads, said:

“This is the result, it would seem, of a long-standing feud between the followers of Elijah Muhammad, head of the Black Muslims, and the people who broke away from him, headed by Malcolm X.”

Seeking Shelter From Assailants

The Malcolm X feared for his life was evident in his actions of Saturday. Apparently seeking to hide from any assailants, he checked into the New York Hilton shortly after 4 P.M. He was accompanied by two [African-American] men.

Taking the $18-a-day Room 1206, he registered as M. Shabazz, of 2090 Seventh Ave., which is the address of Harlem’s Hotel Theresa. He said he would stay at the Hilton for two days.

At 10 P.M. three [African-American] men showed up in the lobby and started to question a bellhop about Malcolm X’s whereabouts.

Receiving no information, they stayed around for an hour. The bellhop alerted the hotel’s security men, and the three were closely watched until they left.

At 7 A.M. yesterday [African-American] employees arriving at the hotel were questioned about the location of Malcolm X’s room by a [African-American] man. The questioner got no information.

Black History: Roots A Haunting Look At Black History

s-ROOTS-FILM-large300Most of America had never visually seen the horrors of American Slavery until Alex Haley’s groundbreaking television miniseries, “Roots”. It was a shocking realistic visual impact of the horrors of slavery. This powerful story was the first-time African Americans or dare I say the world got to see, feel, and understand what the slave experience was like. Sure we have seen pictures and read books, but the visual presentation of the miniseries was an eye-opening experience, as it remains one of the highest-rated television shows of all time.

If you can recall, the story chronicles the life of an African boy that began in Gambia, West Africa in 1750 where Kunta Kinte while trying to carry out a simple task to catch a bird sees white men carrying firearms, along with their black collaborators. He is captured by black collaborators under the direction of white men, sold to a slave trader and placed aboard a ship to endure what we know as the Middle Passage for the long journey to America.

The ship eventually arrives in Annapolis, Maryland, where the captured Africans are sold at auction as slaves. He was sold to a Virginia plantation where Kunta was given the name Toby. The owner of the plantation assigns an older slave, Fiddler, to teach him to speak English and to train him in the ways of living and working as a chattel slave. Kunta in a persistent struggle to become free again makes several unsuccessful attempts to escape to preserve his Mandinka heritage and maintain his Mandinka roots.

The most chilling aspect of the story, for me, was when an overseer gathers the slaves and directed one of them to whip Kunta after his latest attempt to escape and continues whipping him until he finally acknowledges his new name. Then to settle a debt to his brother, the owner transfers several of his slaves, including Toby and Fiddler, to another plantation where Kunta tries again to escape, but a pair of slave catchers seize him, bind him, and chop off about half his right foot to limit his ability to run away again.

As we watched the miniseries, it took us on a journey through generations of suffering until the climax when Chicken George, Haley’s grandfather, accumulated enough money to move his family to Tennessee to what was as close to freedom as they could hope for at the time. Chicken George purchased land based on the concept “God Bless the child that has his own.”

I don’t want to tell the whole story because I am sure you know it. If not, the movie is well worth viewing again and again. There were then and some now, who say the epic journey of Kunta Kinte was a myth and that it was mere fiction. Those are the people who refuse to understand or see the wretchedness of the state sectioned institution of slavery. To you, unfortunately, this is the foundation of America and for African Americans, this is our sorted legacy that I will argue are the scars that remain.

I’ll end by sharing these words by Maya Angelou: “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” We needed to see this story, and it was shown at the right time for us to understand! And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

Black History: Malcolm X Speaks From Beyond

th (34)The purpose of sharing these video’s for Black People living in America on this day, of this year, during this Black History Month is the hope that black people will understand that after four-hundred years their condition has not changed one iota – because black people have no wealth.

Brother Malcolm told us this in the early 1960s, Garvey told us in the 1930s, and Ol’ Freddy Douglas told us during the years before and during the Civil War. They all said the same thing, it is simply insanity for a people to have so much spending power and does not understand the power they have, and continue to give it away to whites and others keeping NONE for themselves to improve their condition. Perhaps, Martin had the best solution – BOYCOTT!

It is say, which is a fact, this group/race/people when a group of people spend more than TRILLION DOLLARS each year and fail to harness that spending power and resources to accomplish greater economic gain, whereby eventually controlling our own destiny. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

EDUCATION: The Real Civil Rights Issue

How do we prepare black children to be prepared to enter into a democracy that is driven by capitalism driven by racism? Before I continue, let me say clearly, that “Knowledge is power and power produces an understanding that education is the single most important ingredient necessary to neutralize those forces that breed poverty and despair.” This does not occur in our society as evidenced by the zip code of the student.

Since Brown v Board states have taken enormous steps to defer the education of black students. Whites have moved out to what is little more than segregated communities to establish separate but unequal schools. We have seen that No Child Left Behind does not work. Monies are stripped from budgets because of the insane war efforts and the military industrial complex. Let’s not forget we spend billion on the dream of space travel. So what is the answer?

They say Charter Schools and the privatization of schools systems – really! These options, in my opinion, are not the answer because there is little control or oversight by the educational system authority in most cases. The result is no accountability and corruption by its management. Hence, the student suffers! Let me go back to the issue of segregation – did you know that New York City public schools are the most segregated schools in the country followed by Dallas and Chicago. Shocking!!!

I am not going to dissect this issue now because I am researching for a future writing as I want to have statistics to support my contention, as I know I will be challenged. However, I have put forth what I hope is enough for some to dialog and hopefully take an interest. Every city in America has cut BILLIONs of dollars from the state’s education budget which will result in the loss of teachers. College education is becoming so expensive that most cannot endure the financial hardship.

Malcolm said, which is true, “Only a fool lets his enemy teach his children.” Fact is the education system is still “separate and unequal.” What I think this system does, I’ll call the state of miseducation that creates little more than boot camps for the other privatized entity call the PENITENTIARY!!! And that is my Thought Provoking Perspective…



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The Negro Dilemma

007_1000As a result of recent killing by police in this place slaves called “merica” not much had changed regarding justice. The great comedian Richard Pryor reminded us that what that means for African American’s is “Just Us.” In many places throughout America, there is the belief that “black male teens” are inherently more likely to be criminals. This is also to include black men, the poor and minorities in general. However, it is clear that African American’s are pursued and prosecuted more vigorously.

What is dangerous about this thinking is that it’s ingrained in our society and actually applies to all people of color; whereas, the facts and statistic don’t prove this true. The result is that people of African descent are overrepresented in the prison system. There are the millions trapped in the cycle of probation and other legal aspects of the justice system that makes it look like “Just Us”.

It has been embedded in almost every institution from the beginning. This means it is still with us today in the form of racial profiling, stop and frisk, and all too often unfair judgment by those who are supposed to protect us. There have been thousands of cases that have involved African Americans, whether rightly or wrongly, administered by the system. This brings me to the most significant case of our time – the Trayvon Martin murder and the Michael Brown. These two cases are pivotal moments because the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about is RACE.

Let me quote something, Elijah Anderson, Professor of Sociology at Yale University, said:

In Till’s day, a black person’s “place” was in the field or the back of the bus. If a black man were found “out of his place,” he could be jailed or lynched. In Martin’s day — in our day — a black person’s “place” is in the ghetto. If he is found “out of his place,” he may be treated with suspicion, frisked, arrested — or worse.

We know the facts should state the obvious. The questions were simple, either Micheal Brown and Trayvon Martin or those murdered in cold blood by the police are institutionally sanctioned. I am talking about these two cases because they were the few that received national attention, and we know the media pays no attention to most cases presuming that a black life are insignificant.

For all the unethical tactics, in my view, it was no accident that Zimmerman’s defense attorneys did not want this highly charged, racially tinged cases to leave “Mayberry.” I say this because there were no black people in the town of Mayberry, which I compare to the few in Sanford or that conservative area. In that vein, the same could be said about the decision to use the indictment process to “not bring charges” against the police.

In the Davis case, the man who murdered him did get convicted of murder and convicted of attempted murder of the three other occupants in the car with Davis when he was murdered. Let’s just flip the script; what if the shooters were black and the victims were black? Would there have been any difficulty in convicting the person in this instance. I think not!

Let me make mention of Eric Garner, the twelve-year-old in Ohio, John Crawford, and the list goes on and on! More shocking was the the 12 year old shot in two seconds by the police caught on camera, and they said, no crime! The question then becomes will the result be the same as it was 60 years ago when little Emmitt Till’s killers faced a jury. The world is watching America and sees more of the same.

They kill black people with impunity and charged for the crime – hardly ever! We have seen this before – again and again! I only need to remind you of the case not too long ago in Simi Valley, California, with Rodney King. They tried to convince us that we did not see what we saw, which is happening in the repeated videos of police shootings, and that is the Negro Dilemma. When it comes to justice – it’s “Just Us”! And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

 It is your responsibility to teach the young!!!

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