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1000History proves the actions of white folk are nefarious at best and amoral at worst! Nonetheless, Black people continue to pray, beg, and march for something that is basically as simple as being allowed to have the same rights as the so-called Constitution professes. This is really a big thing since it has not happened since the African was dragged onto the shores of America in chains nearly four-hundred years ago. Franking with this new regime is putting black people in concentration camps out of the question or slavery?

The entire world knows the history and condition of the black struggle, their long-standing grievances, fight for equality, and the many attempts to obtain basic human rights. The descendants of Africa have suffered greatly, which is no secret. Black people still, by enlarge, continue to hold onto this idea that one day “Jesus” is coming back to save them. People he is not coming back!

With the evolution of “black lives matter” and the so-called conscious movement, black people still practice what is defined as insanity – “Doing the same thing, expecting a different result”. Which I might add, doing this for hundreds of year and have not realized that the strategy of marching in protest does not accomplish anything. Sure, a march is good press for some of these “chicken pickin” Uncle Tom’s or sell-outs doing the bidding of white folk, which is to remain peaceful and keep you passive. I think you know I’m right because anyone whose aim is or was uplifting or making progress to achieve results were killed.

Of late we hear a lot of talk about putting black dollars in black banks – great idea but how many black people do it? I also believe that two of the most painful realities resulting from the civil rights movement was that black people were no longer Negro (i.e. black) and were told we were now a called a minority. Second, integration destroyed black businesses and destroyed the black parallel economy. If we were to respect the movement, we should do so by doing what Dr. King taught us and remember that the Montgomery boycott crippled the city of Birmingham! The only thing that hurts and causing white supremacy is to take away dollars!

We often hear the overused term revolution, which I believe has to be taken to result in any meaningful end. However, I believe a boycott on mass is the only way to obtain the meaningful end – redirect where and how you spend your dollars!

The fact is; it’s been a few hundred years since we’ve seen a Nat Turner or Gabriel Prosser! We have had prophets, among us to teach us how to overcome the wicked system of racism, but most did not listen. Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X told us how to build a nation. DuBois and Garvey told us how to sustain a nation through education and economics.

However, it was Martin who showed black people how to get results in this grossly unfair system of injustice. Slavery was supposed to have ended in 1865. However, nothing meaningful happened until black people boycotted the Montgomery Transit System that made a major step in ending Jim Crow and segregation. Thanks to the courage and tenacity of Mrs. Rosa Parks. So the tactic of boycotting has been proven to work.

If you say you are conscious-minded a boycott is the only thing proven to work. Money is the only thing they understand – take it away from them; white folk and their businesses – KEEP YOUR MONEY and not buys or buy black. Make a commitment to not buy from their business or fund their enterprises.

I can assure you respect will then be afforded to the most disenfranchised community. Black people spend a trillion dollars a year with none of it staying in our communities. Let me put this in a way that anyone can understand; you can scream, riot, and march all you want but if you take away the money you will get results.

It is time to do the smart thing and boycott, stop spending, and taking away the money is the only way to get “their” attention. Unless and until black people realize that the only way to get equality and justice is to implement an economic boycott. Black people will be slaves forever! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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