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Commentary: Republican Chaos “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah”  

20150428_000908I know these crazies, Republicans, don’t believe in science, but I learned in elementary school that sharks eat their own. In the midst of the dysfunction in the Republican Party, this appears to be happening. The title might be over the top, but it’s more like business as usual for this bunch. I would suggest that this chaos would be entertaining if the consequences weren’t so serious.

This ilk fought President Obama his entire presidency opposing his every action with their racist mindset thinking he would improve the lives of black people. The Republicans and Tea Party, i.e., KKK, are known as the party of NO, for good reason; the do nothing Congress! Lincoln said before the Civil War that “a divided house cannot stand.” From what I see, they are fighting a Civil War between themselves!

The speaker of the House is second in line to the presidency, and since the founding of the Republic the position has been one of the most important in government, key to national security and domestic tranquility. The entire party seems to be at war with itself. Maybe the better word to use is a revolt. There is a band of about three dozen conservative hard-liners, exploiting the partisan divide, essentially hijacking the Congressional Chamber and the party. It appears their intent is to reduce the speaker’s role to that of a figurehead subservient to the demands of this group of secessionists. Some might call their actions as nothing more than a coup!

A week or so ago, the leader, John Boehner abruptly quit the job of House Speaker going out singing “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Duh. Next, within a week his number two, a guy named McCarthy, was swiftly deposed by a conservative rebellion before he even got to hold the speaker’s gavel by the Freedom Caucus and other conservative malcontents. Let’s go back a little bit; Boehner’s understudy, Eric Cantor, would have been the speaker, but his position in leadership made him a fat target for conservatives and voted out by his congressional district.

These folk said when they have the majority they would make the government work. Now, there is nobody who even wants the job. The next speaker, whoever that may be, will have to pick between two poisons: Defy the few dozen conservative zealots who hold the balance of power in the House and thereby lose the gavel, or surrender to the conservatives and take the Republican Party deeper into a quagmire of default and shutdown.

The real danger in American Republican politics these days is the in-house feud. The activists, claiming the mantle of principled conservatives, want Congress to become a stage for confrontation and displays of anger at the entire federal government and, most of all, at President Obama. Add to the mix the threat of the GOP’s right wing shutting down the government over federal funding of Planned Parenthood. It’s clear, we are witnessing a truly historic political moment, a party engaged in a full civil war with just a year to go before a presidential election.

Whether it’s their so-call savior Paul Ryan or another figure can temporarily unite the caucus, the conservatives’ demands will inevitably lead to more chaos. Frankly, all I see in anarchy, including unlimited freedom to amend legislation; a ban on legislation that doesn’t have the support of a majority of GOP members; and a refusal to take up compromise legislation worked out by the Senate.

These guys spend all the energy planning a shutdown, defunding Obamacare, and their favorite non-story Benghazi, which McCarthy, in an unwise moment of honesty this month, admitted was for the purpose of damaging Hillary Clinton politically. As bad as all of this is, I am not going to get into the presidential campaign; Lord knows that is a circus all unto itself.

Republican contenders for the party’s presidential nomination have noticed. An August Gallup poll of Republicans gave Boehner only a 37 percent approval rating while 42 percent rated him negatively. The same Gallup poll showed McConnell with a disapproval rating of 41 percent among independents and Boehner with a 57 percent disapproval rating among independents. McConnell had a 34 percent favorability rating among Republicans. The polls reflect hard-right criticism of the leaders for failing to use their majorities to halt Obama Care or same-sex marriage, and for failing to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Oh, can’t forget wanting to start another war somewhere!

Whether this is bad for the Republican Party isn’t my concern, but in the free advice department, I’d say being pushed into paralysis by a racist and sexist tiny but vocal minority isn’t doing the GOP brand any favors. More important, the dysfunction and extremism that increasingly define the House are bad for the country and the laughing stock around the world. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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