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On This Day: The Murder Of Emmett Till

Throughout America’s sordid history, there have been many children murdered but the Murder in Money, Mississippi is the most infamous. It was this incident, the murder of a black child, fourteen year old Emmett Till that sparked the modern Civil Rights Movement. On August 28, 1955, Emmett Till, a fourteen-year-old black boy from Chicago supposedly whistled at a white woman in a grocery store.

The crime sounded clarion calls for a nation to wake up – just look at the photo. Till’s mutilated corpse circulated around the country mainly because of John Johnson, who published the gruesome photographs in Jet magazine, a predominately African American publication. The photo drew intense public reaction.

Till didn’t understand or knew that he had broken an unwritten law of the Jim Crow South until three days later, when two white men dragged him from his bed in the dead of night, beat him brutally and then shot him in the head. That night the door to his grandfather’s house was thrown open, and Emmett was forced into a truck and driven away never again to be seen alive again. Till’s body was found swollen and disfigured in the Tallahatchie river three days after his abduction and only identified by his ring.

Till’s body was sent back to Chicago, where his mother insisted on leaving the casket open for the funeral and having people take photographs because she wanted people to see how badly Till’s body had been disfigured. This courageous mother was famously quoted as saying, “I wanted the world to see what they did to my baby” and over 50,000 people came to view the body.

On the day he was buried, two men — the husband of the woman who had been whistled at and his half brother — were indicted of his murder, but the all white male jury from Money (some of whom actually participated in Till’s torture and execution) took only an hour to return ‘not guilty’ verdict. The verdict would have been quicker, remarked the grinning foreman, if the jury hadn’t taken a break for a soft drink on the way to the deliberation room. To add insult to injury, knowing that they would not be retrial, the two accused men sold their stories to LOOK Magazine and gleefully admitted to everything.

Elsewhere in Mississippi at the time things weren’t going terribly well for blacks either. Just before Till was murdered, two activists Rev. George Lee and Lamar Smith were shot dead for trying to exercise their rights to vote, and in shocking testimony to the lack of law and order, no one came forward to testify although both murders were committed in broad daylight.

1aThe next year, a former army sergeant, Clyde Kennard, tried to enroll at Mississippi South College in Hattiesburg and was sent away, but came back to ask again. For this ‘audacity’, university officials — not students, or mere citizens, but university officials — planted stolen liquor and a bag of stolen chicken feed in his car and had him arrested. Kennard died halfway into his seven year sentence.

But times were slowly a-changing: Brown vs. Board of Education was decided in 1954. Three months after the Till murder Rosa Parks would refuse to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Sit-ins and marches would follow, and soon the civil rights movement itself would be in full-swing. It’s been over sixty-years since the events of that fateful night, and I simply cannot find the words to describe this heinous crime that has yet to receive justice.

I’ll end by sharing these words by Maya Angelou: “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…


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Murdered In Plain Sight

1-Over the years, in fact since that day 400 years ago when black people were dragged onto these shores murder was the case. This weekend, a dashing and successful 23-year-old was at a college campus, waiting for an Uber with a few friends was killed for no reason other than being black.

This guy was not unlike the millions murdered before him who had everything going for him. He was an Army ROTC student about to graduate today. He was airborne-certified and already commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army’s intelligence branch. They never see a black man as a patriot; foolishly he tried to assimilate too much from his Facebook photos of himself in uniform, selfies of himself goofing around with his diverse group of friends, as well as props to President Trump for his handling of domestic policy.

But his life ended Sunday morning after another student, one who publicly identified with a group that posts racist material, allegedly approached him and, unprovoked, stabbed him in the chest. Now imagine if the dead student was white and the guy behind bars is black. We’d hear how a “thug,” obviously no angel, took the life of an All-American hero – a white patriot!.

But Richard W. Collins III, the promising young student from Bowie State University who was killed on the University of Maryland’s College Park campus was black and fatally stabbed on Sunday morning for no apparent reason. White folk are very quiet and about the incident but they are saying that Sean Christopher Urbanski must have had some issues but the FBI are investigating this as a HATE CRIME.

Urbanski, the murder from Severna Park, Md., belonged to an online Facebook group called Alt-Reich, which posts racist material, U-Md. Police Chief David B. Mitchell said, “When I looked at the information that’s contained on that website . . . it’s despicable”. The information “shows extreme bias against women, Latinos, members of the Jewish faith and especially African Americans, which brings up questions as to the motive of this case”.

Here is the thing, their first response was through Urbanski’s attorney was alcohol or drugs may have played a role in the crime. Frankly, this is like cop’s who kill unarmed black people were afraid for their lives, which is such a cop out! I don’t want to hear that Urbanski was drunk, high or mentally ill when he allegedly killed that lovely young man. That’s what you hear when white guys shoot up offices and schools and theaters. Not terrorism, even though people were certainly terrorized; for them, it is seldom racism.

Diverse, happy U-Md. was one of the American campuses plastered three times in recent months with fliers from Vanguard America, a group associated with white supremacy. Most of the fliers said that “America is a white nation.” One poster whined: “We have a right to exist.” We hear it every day: ‘Whiteness’ is evil, and must be destroyed,” the group said in a statement on its website. “Our religion, our traditions, and our identity are dragged through the mud by the globalist establishment while millions of nonwhites flood our nation every year.”

Nope. Sorry, snowflakes. No one is telling you or me or anyone else that white is evil. That’s what you’re hearing, and that’s sad. We see this all across the country this kind of evil is no different and terrorism!

Too many folks want to believe that the Confederate flag and monuments are about Southern heritage and history and not acknowledge them as symbols that glorify a time when human slavery was the norm. Too many folks want to believe that housing inequity, generational poverty, and unequal employment are about personal flaws, rather than the ugly residue of a systematic disenfranchisement of a particular group. Also, too many folks will want to talk about all the other reasons that a young white man from a nice suburb with hard-working parents allegedly could have killed another young man in cold blood.

It’s racism. Say it with me – racism – admit it. Lastly, for the young man murdered may God have mercy on your soul. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


Black History: The Good Ship Jesus

1As white folk celebrated their holidays and honor the remembrance of the lies they told. Black people have many sad reminders of their dastardly deeds and we should never forget the evils they inflicted upon us either. Therefore, I thought I’d offer this reminder about our stolen past to which there was nothing more horrifying than the “Middle Passage”. Coincidentally, most of you don’t know that the first registered slave ship was named the “Good Ship Jesus”! The African has overcome some adversity since being stolen from Africa but none worse than the removal of the culture and spirituality the practiced.

Try to imagine, if you can, being kidnapped, forced march hundreds of miles shackled, beaten, put into pins, and then placed in a tomb-like environment with people you cannot, in many cases, communicate with for months. I believe this was the first step in the process of stealing the souls and culture of the stolen people of African and the beginning of the creation of a new people they would call Negro.

The ride on the Good Ship Jesus codified the end for millions of souls who made that horrible journey into the unknown interned in the belly of the beast with a destination unknown. His-Story speaks of this wretched practice as part of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. However, this was more commonly known as the “Middle Passage,” which refers to that middle leg of the transatlantic trade triangle in which millions of Africans were imprisoned, enslaved, and removed forcibly from their homelands never to return.

The transatlantic trade triangle worked this way. Ships departed Europe for African markets with commercial goods, which were in turn traded for kidnapped Africans who were transported across the Atlantic, which took many months to be slaves. The enslaved Africans were then sold or traded as commodities for raw materials, which would be transported back to Europe to complete the “triangular trade”. A single voyage on the Middle Passage was a large financial undertaking that was commonly organized by companies or groups of investors rather than individuals.

African kings, warlords, and private kidnappers sold captives to Europeans who operated from several coastal forts. The captives were usually force-marched to these ports along the western coast of Africa, where they were held for sale to the European or American slave traders. Typical slave ships contained several hundred slaves with about thirty crew members. The male captives were chained together in pairs to save space with their right leg chained to the next man’s left leg, women and children, on the other hand, may have had somewhat more room. The captives were fed one meal a day, with water, like animals with foods such as beans, corn, yams, rice, and palm oil. Of course if the food was scarce, the slaveholders would get priority over the slaves.

The duration of the transatlantic voyage varied widely, from one to six months depending on weather conditions. Although, the journey became more efficient over time as the average transatlantic journey of the early 16th century lasted several months, by the 19th century the crossing often required fewer than six weeks. West Central Africa and Southeastern Africa was the most common region for traders to secure the human cargo that was destined for the Caribbean and the Americas.

An estimated 15% of the Africans died at sea, with mortality rates considerably higher in Africa itself in the process of capturing and transporting the indigenous peoples to the ships. The total number of African deaths directly attributable to the Middle Passage is estimated well into the millions. A broader look at African deaths directly attributable to the institution of slavery from 1500 to 1900 suggests up to four million perished. However, many historians say the number was close to one-third of the Africans captured, and it is believed that nearly 60 million were captured.

For two hundred years, Portugal had a quasi-monopoly on the export of slaves from Africa. During the eighteenth century when the slave trade accounted for the transport of about 6 million Africans; Britain was responsible for almost 2.5 million of them. In addition to markedly influencing the cultural and demographic landscapes of both Africa and the Americas, the Middle Passage has also been said to mark the origin of a distinct African social identity. These people, in American, came to be known as “Negro,” which is a Spanish word that means “Black” but no Spanish country refers to its people of color that way.

Most contemporary historians estimate that between 9 and 12 million Africans arrived in the New World while others remain firm that it was more like one-third of the continent’s population. Disease and starvation due to the length of the passage were the main contributors to the death toll with dysentery and scurvy causing most of the deaths.

Then there were the outbreaks of smallpox, syphilis, measles, and other diseases spread rapidly in the close-quarter compartments. The number of dead increased with the length of the voyage since the incidence of dysentery and scurvy increased with longer stints at sea as the quality and amount of food and water diminished with every passing day. In addition to physical sickness, many slaves became too depressed to eat or function efficiently because of the loss of freedom, family, security, and their own humanity.

While treatment of slaves on the passage varied, the treatment of the human cargo was never good since the captured African men and women were considered less than human. Yes, they were “cargo” or “goods” and treated as such as they were transported for marketing.

Slaves were ill-treated in every imaginable manner. Although, they were fed enough to stay alive and supplied with water. This was only because healthy slaves were more valuable but if resources ran low on the long or any unforeseen circumstances on the voyages, the crew received preferential treatment. Slave punishment was very common and harsh because the crew had to turn independent people into obedient slaves. Whipping and use of the cat o’ nine tails were common occurrences or just simply beaten for “melancholy.”

The scares of this and that of slavery linger to this very day. I would say the effects of the loss of land, knowledge of a geographical origin, our history resulting from this wretched crime as Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and wonder if the descendent of the stolen Africans will ever “overcome”. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

Black History: “By Any Means Necessary”

Malcolm X was no doubt one of the most profoundly significant, famous, and controversial African American leaders of our time. I cannot recall any other MAN, except maybe Dr. King, whose impact was so overwhelmingly felt by so many. Minister Malcolm’s prophetic words spoken over forty-five years ago still resonate as relevant today, as the day they were spoken evoking the same emotions of truth.

February 21st marked the day of Minister Malcolm’s assassination at the Audubon Ballroom that has yet to be fully resolved in the minds of most of us. What I can say is that we lost a champion unlike any I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. Therefore, it would be blasphemy to honor him as one of the ghosts of the greats and the most articulate orator of our time.

I could go deeper into the making of this man but so many people, agencies, institutions, and organizations have covered this great man’s brief life on earth in much more detail than I can. As you know, there is a vast sea of in-depth analyzes, books, movies, and biographies on his life and philosophies. I will not try to rewrite history rather simply pay homage to the legacy of this great man, as brief as I can, honoring him for his contributions to the African American Diaspora.

There are facts (known & unknown), suspicions and of course theories surrounding the assassination of Malcolm X, the impact it has had on our culture and the world. Like the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X also had a dream. It began bathed in the tenets of anger and hatred, fostering economic independence on the shoulders of retaliatory separatism. However, in the end it was the swelling acceptance of a unified brotherhood and the replacement of hatred with peace and with the nagging thirst for international equality for all mankind.

As the story goes, early in Malcolm’s life a white teacher asked him what he would like to be, and his answer was “a lawyer”. The teacher, who had encouraged his white students on their career choices, told Malcolm, “That’s no realistic goal for a nigger”. This statement discouraged a bright student to not seek his full potential leading to a life of crime. After being caught and arrested for carrying a concealed weapon he was sentenced to prison. While serving more than six years, he began educating himself, converted to the Islamic faith and became a Black Muslim in the Nation of Islam (NOI).

After his release in 1952, Malcolm Little, now known as Malcolm X, went to Detroit and began to preach actively to the frustrated African American population about what Islam had to offer. It made no difference where he conducted his sermons and teachings, whether on the streets or in a temple. He spread the word to anyone who would listen.

It was not long before Malcolm became a favorite of Elijah Muhammad, the leader of the Nation of Islam. He was made a minister and began to travel from city to city, preaching the message, founding new temples and converting thousands of people to the faith. Two years later, Malcolm X became minister of the famed Temple Number Seven in Harlem, New York.

In April of 1964, Malcolm X made a pilgrimage to Mecca which led to his second conversion. He met brothers of the faith who were from many nations and of many races, black, brown, white, and all the sons of Allah. The reality dawned on him that advocating racial cooperation and brotherhood would help resolve the racial problems in America and, hopefully, lead to a peaceful coexistence throughout the world. Malcolm X’s transformed ideas and dreams reached full fruition and were ready for implementation. He changed his name, this time to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz and found himself going against the system.

It did not take long for the reactionaries to strike out at Malcolm X. Members of the NOI resented what they thought were his attempts to supplant Elijah Muhammad. Government entities feared his involving the NOI in international issues, as well as his starting to lean too far to the left, while law enforcement officials looked upon him and his actions as radical, criminal and detrimental to society.

Early on the morning of February 14, 1965, Malcolm, and his family were peacefully asleep in their home in Elmhurst, New York. They were suddenly awakened by the sounds of shattering glass and explosions. Several Molotov cocktails had been thrown through their living room window, engulfing the house in roaring flames. Malcolm and his wife, Betty, quickly gathered their children and rushed out of the burning house. Once safe, they stood outside in the cold air, watching as their home and possessions burned. It was never determined who had tried to kill them though Malcolm did tell authorities he thought it may have been the NOI.

Just one week later at a scheduled appearance at the Audubon Ballroom, which was almost full on a cold February day with over 400 followers of Islam anxiously awaiting Brother Malcolm X. No uniformed police were visible inside the Audubon, but two were stationed outside the entrance although it was common knowledge that an attempt on Malcolm’s life was a real possibility. Inside the Audubon Ballroom, several dark-suited NOI guards were positioned near the stage and towards the rear of the room. As soldiers of the NOI, the militancy of the neatly dressed men was evident in their demeanor, as they surveyed the room, quietly watching the seating of late arrivals.

Malcolm X, his pregnant wife and their four children waited as a tense and nervous Malcolm X ordered two of his guards to take his family out into the hall to their seats in a box near the front of the stage. Seemingly irritated and exhausted, Malcolm X mentioned to his aides that he had reservations about speaking. Malcolm’s misgivings were reflected in his taut features as his restless eyes darted around the room as he listened to Brother Benjamin Goodman making his opening speech.

At approximately 3:08 pm, Brother Benjamin ended his speech and introduced Malcolm X, who walked out onto the stage to a lengthy ovation. Malcolm stepped up to a wooden podium and looked out at the audience. When the applause finally settled down, he offered the audience the Muslim greeting and smiled when they responded in-kind. Just as he began to speak again, a commotion broke out near the rear of the ballroom.

Two men jumped up, knocking wooden folding chairs to the floor, as one of the men yelled, “Get your hand out of my pocket!” As Malcolm responded with cool it their brothers, a loud explosion suddenly erupted in the back of the room, which began to fill with smoke.

Malcolm’s bodyguards and aides hardly had time to react as the well coordinated ruses effectively diverted their attention from him, allowing unopposed gunmen to begin their attack. A man rose from the front row and pulled out a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun from under his coat and fired twice at Malcolm. Simultaneously, as Malcolm was falling backward and clutching his bloody chest, two more men jumped up and fired pistols at him as they rushed the stage. Although Malcolm was down, the two men repeatedly fired bullets into his body before turning and running to flee the premises. More shots were fired as they ran.

Upon learning of the assassination of Malcolm X, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. remarked; “One has to conquer the fear of death if he is going to do anything constructive in life and take a stand against evil”. We may never know all of the facts about who was behind the assassination or who ordered his death. But we do know that these assassins denied him the chance to act upon his newly formed convictions.

Today, the man and the name, Malcolm X, are known in America and throughout the world. He was a celebrated freedom fighter and motivating force to those whose future he had the vision to see, the will to stand up and fight for. Postage stamps and posters now bear his image out of recognition and honor for his final crusade.

The eulogy that actor Ossie Davis delivered at his funeral profoundly impresses upon us that, “However we may have differed with him, or with each other about him and his value as a man, let his going from us serve only to bring us together, now. Consigning these mortal remains to earth, the common mother of all, secure in the knowledge that what we place in the ground is no more now a man but a seed which, after the winter of our discontent, will come forth again to meet us. And we will know him then for what he was and is a Prince, our own black shining Prince! Who didn’t hesitate to die, because he loved us so.”

Malcolm X was a man who fulfilled his place in history and stayed true to his words: “It is a time for martyrs now, and if I am to be one, it will be for the cause of brotherhood.” And That’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

A collection of Malcolm X Speeches

“Just a Season”


Accounts From Black News At The Time: The lynching of Emmett Till

462_160Now that we know that the wicked white woman involved in the Emmett Till case has finally admitted she lied about what she claimed happen that day in the raggedy country store. I began to do some research and there is a lot more to the story of Emmett’s death than was told. I found that there were black men involved in the murder! Then I came across this narrative that shed new light on the case. I hope you will find this information as interesting as I did. I am posting the entire series of article from the black press at the time, which is a must read!!!

Here is the forward from “They Stand Accused”: On September 24, 1955, an all-white Mississippi jury, after a mere sixty-seven minutes of deliberation, acquitted J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant of the murder of Emmett Till. Till a fourteen-year-old black boy from Chicago had been visiting for the first time his extended family in the Mississippi Delta. One afternoon, barely a week into his visit, he and several other youths were standing outside a white-owned grocery in the small hamlet of Money.

Apparently, Till had been boasting of his friendships with white people up North — in particular, his friendships with white girls — and the local kids, looking to call his bluff, dared him to enter the store and flirt with Carolyn Bryant, the white woman and former beauty queen who was working the cash register. Till entered the store, and what he did next is unclear. Some say he “wolf-whistled” at Bryant; others say he grabbed her hand and asked her for a date; still, others claim he did nothing more than simply say “bye, baby” to her as he left the store. Whatever Till did, it was apparent to all involved that he had done something that made Carolyn Bryant angry or afraid. Till’s friends rushed him away from the store as Bryant went to her car to get a gun.

For three days, nothing more happened, and then Roy Bryant — Carolyn’s husband — and J.W. Milam — Roy Bryant’s step-brother — struck out in the dead of night in search of young Till. They found him where they thought he’d be at two in the morning: asleep in the modest cabin of Mose Wright, his great-uncle. The two men, demanding to see the boy “who’d done the talking,” took Till forcibly from the house, and his family never saw him alive again. The next morning, at their behest, the local sheriff searched the county, and when he could not find any trace of Till he questioned and eventually arrested Milam and Bryant on kidnapping charges. When Till’s bloated and disfigured corpse surfaced three days later downstream in the Tallahatchie River, Milam and Bryant were quickly re-arrested, this time for murder.

In the weeks leading up to the trial, media coverage was enormous. Influential African American weeklies like the Chicago Defender, the Pittsburgh Courier, the New York Amsterdam News, and the Baltimore Afro-American all published loud denunciations of southern injustice and threatened to exert political and economic pressure should Mississippi fail to give Till’s case a fair hearing. In response, southern white papers, led by the conservative Jackson Daily News and the more moderate Memphis Commercial Appeal, insisted that justice would be done and that continued threats from the “liberal press” would threaten rather than secure justice in the case.

Eventually, more than seventy newspapers and magazines sent reporters to the trial, and when, against all reasonable evidence, the jury failed to convict Milam and Bryant, the denunciations were swift and strong. While apologist papers in the South argued that justice had had its day in court, African American newspapers and magazines, joined by a chorus of support from the northern white press and liberal political organizations, called for national protests and boycotts.

According to many reporters in attendance, the judicial process had failed Emmett Till, and the real question to come out of the whole trial was whether, without federal intervention, blacks could get justice in Mississippi. For another set of dissenters, however, the trial raised a different set of questions, many of them concerned with the truths of the case. Despite the best efforts of the prosecuting attorneys, the trial seemed to hide more truths than it answered as many competing testimonies were never fully explored or cross-examined. For instance, what really had happened that afternoon in the Bryant grocery? Moreover, how did Milam and Bryant find out about the alleged transgression?

Who else besides Milam and Bryant drove out to Mose Wright’s cabin that night, and who were the other men spotted with Milam at the barn the next morning? Were there really black men in Milam’s pickup that evening? If so, who were they and what had happened to them? Finally, how long did Emmett Till remain alive that night, and exactly when, where, why and how did his murder take place? A handful of investigative reporters understood that the trial did not answer these questions fully and that the truth, more likely than not, had been obscured by the proceedings.

Among the investigative reporters at the trial, none played a more significant role than James L. Hicks. Hicks began his career as a reporter for the Cleveland Call and Post in 1935 and later moved on to the Baltimore Afro-American. As one of the premier investigative journalists of his generation, Hicks was also the Washington, D.C. bureau chief for the National Negro Press Association, which served more than one hundred newspapers. In 1955, he became executive director of the New York Amsterdam News, a position he would hold for the good part of twenty years.

As the first black member of the State Department Correspondents Association and the first black reporter cleared to cover the United Nations, Hicks was truly a pioneer in the field. His coverage of the Till trial ran in dozens of African-American newspapers, and in the following piece of investigative journalism — which ran in four installments in October 1955 — he tells about the role he played in discovering the existence of “missing witnesses” to the murder. Hicks’s work in this area actually forced a trial recess on Tuesday, September 20, as the prosecution called for time to track down these newly discovered witnesses.

In this series of articles — which ran in the Baltimore Afro-American, the Cleveland Call and Post and the Atlanta Daily World — Hicks argues that the forces of law in Mississippi conspired to prevent the full evidence of Milam and Bryant’s guilt from surfacing at the trial. The version reprinted here draws its structure from the installments published in the Cleveland Call and Post, which presented the most condensed rendering of Hicks’s articles. Passages omitted from the Cleveland Call and Post articles, but included in some form or another in either the Atlanta Daily World or the Baltimore Afro-American, have been inserted throughout and marked by the addition of brackets.

Follow this link for the entire series here that is shocking and a must read about the actual accounts written at the time!!! http://www.archipelago.org/vol6-1/hicks.htm

Carolyn Bryant: Pure Evil – May God Have No Mercy On Your Soul

462_160It was a story that shook the nation 62 years ago and catapulted America into the modern civil rights movement that changed America forever. White folk knew this act of terror was evil and wrong, and now the woman at the center of the crime admits she lied! Knowing that Emmett Till, a 14-year-old black boy from Chicago, died a horrific death at the hands of her husband and his friend after buying bubble gum while visiting racially segregated Mississippi in 1955.

They beat, shot and disfigured his body beyond recognition – and walked free, acquitted at the hands of an all-white, all-male jury for allegedly whistling at a white woman. The woman, Carolyn Bryant, has lived in relative hiding for the last five decades, haunted by her past. She has now admitted that her testimony, which carried the case, was a blatant lie. So now she has written a book, “The Blood of Emmett Till” and reveals she lied about it all.

Emmett’s mother insisted on an open-casket funeral for Emmett to show the world what racism did to her young son and Jet Magazine publish the pictures in effect launching the modern Civil Rights Movement. Carolyn Bryant, then 21, was the wife of one of the men who were arrested for Emmett’s murder, Roy Bryant, was working at a store when Emmett came in to buy two cents of bubble gum on the hot August day. This event set in motion what would be his death sentence!

She claimed in her evocative testimony to the court that she couldn’t bring herself to the say the ‘unprintable’ word he’d said to her, rather to say that he told her he’d done ‘something’ with white women before which she said ‘I was just scared to death.’ Because she was a white woman insulted by a black person it took the jury less than an hour to acquit Bryant, and his partner J.W. Milam in the crime, which they admitted to law enforcement that they did kill Emmett and walked free because of her testimony!

Author Timothy Tyson, the author of The Blood of Emmett Till, spoke with Carolyn, who has since divorced and married twice more and is a mother of two children. She is now 83 years old. Regarding her statement that Emmett grabbed and verbally abused her, she simply said: ‘That part’s not true.’ Although she now claims she doesn’t remember anything else about the evening but when on to say ‘She was glad things had changed from the old system of white supremacy, though she had more or less taken it as normal at the time.’

The image of his inflated, contorted face made the cover of Jet Magazine and ignited and mobilized the public to rally for equal rights. This is the most despicable woman in the world carrying a lied inside her for sixty-two years and now that she is ready to die tries to justify the lie is shameful and despicable! MY GOD NOT HAVE MERCY ON HER SOUL!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

The Emmett Till Story


Memorial Day was started by former slaves on May, 1, 1865 in Charleston, SC to honor 257 dead Union Soldiers who had been buried in a mass grave in a Confederate prison camp. They dug up the bodies and worked for 2 weeks to give them a proper burial as gratitude for fighting for their freedom. Then they held a parade of 10,000 people led by 2,800 Black children who marched, sang and celebrated. Our history is American history!!!

To all who served and did not return from the battle. On this day we honor you! Also to the soldiers who innocently died unarmed in the streets at the hands of the police. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…


Murder Is The Case Based On History

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There is a lot of talk in the news these days about a terror group called ISIS and no doubt this group does bad things but to be clear they are doing these things, for the most part, to white folk. I would argue that what those people who originated in Europe did to Black People and the Native America was not different, particularly a gang of thugs called the KKK. I have said many times, and history reports that there is a certain group of people who kill and murder with impunity. Being black in America, we call them the police. This group has come to be the terror group of Black America.

Early on they used the myth or false narrative that is called “Manifest Destiny” in which God himself said it was the right of white people to have domain over the earth and everything on it. Naturally, this manifested itself into other reasons like race, bigotry, greed, and onto means, they used for oppression. Those people wrote and oath on a piece of paper, which said all men are created equal while holding human beings in slavery as chattel and said God Bless America.

I don’t need to name names; but we know who you are because it is written in historical documents that tell the story. They use to bury the evil they did, like the thousands of hangings, burning, bombings, rapes, and murder. The same wretchedness occurs today only at the hands of the law! Frankly, if it were not for the availability of videos – most people, white people, as they have denied this fact for hundreds of years would still not believe these atrocities were not happening to black people and those of other races. Frankly, even with video of what is nothing more than murder – they don’t believe their lying eyes.

It was Malcolm X that said the white man, who he called “the devil,” should thank his lucky stars that the people of the world have not risen up against his evil ways. Even Martin said they were the biggest purveyors of evil on the planet. This small group of people has killed, murdered, and conquered more than any people on the planet. Therefore, like Brother Malcolm asked, how can so few rule so many.

History reports that they said one of their own got lost and claimed to discover a place and they took the land calling it the new world. This guy raped, pillaged, enslaved, and murdered the people living on this land. More of these backward people from the same place soon followed to conquer more land all over the hemisphere through the same tactics. Always destroying their culture and erasing their past. The same tactics were used; they brought a Bible and gave them a new religion. Those who did not accept their religion were killed.

There are countless examples going back beyond the Crusades to the American Indians and certainly that of the stolen humans from Africa. The greed of these people expanded to both North and South America enslaving and stealing all they could in the most barbaric manner that would make Hitler blush. At one particular point in American history, these people fought against each other killing more than a half a million of their own kind to maintain the wretched cause of slavery.

For all of the evil committed and buried deep within in the souls of these folks to which history would describe as their nature; I would not dare tell the truth about such a horrible past either. This is where they fall back to the tried and true eraser of wrong – in the name of Jesus. Frankly, they are no more Godly than the darkness that has yet come to light. Matter of fact, on the day of the Sabbath, the so-called holiest day of the week, is the most segregated hour in America. That should tell you where their faith lies. I’ll answer that “Murder is always the case”! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

SANDRA BLAND: Say Her Name!!!

SANDRA BLAND should not be dead. PERIOD!

1000It seems like every week another black person is killed at the hands of the police. With each killing, it gets less transparent, the lies and cover-ups of those cases get more ridiculous. Yet, white America rallies behind and support the killers. They know it’s wrong, and that the police are out of control or dare I say the real terrorist threat to black people. Now it’s not like this is new because the system have been doing this since black people were stolen from Africa and dragged onto the shores of America. This would never be allowed to continue if these acts of terror occurred to a single white person or a Jewish citizen.

I posted a piece from News One yesterday titled “6 Things We Know About Brian Encinia, The Texas Trooper Who Arrested Sandra Bland”. It was shocking and appalling, yet the County has done everything to accuse the victim. This, by the way, is the norm – that is what they do.

The official account of how the 28-year-old black woman they say committed suicide by “self-inflicted asphyxiation in her jail cell after being stopped for changing lanes without using her signal light. is hard to swallow. After a brutal assault and arrest, she perished in a Waller County jail. Her family disputes that Ms. Bland could possibly have taken her own life. Though an official murder investigation is in process, and the Texas Rangers are looking into the case with FBI supervision, there is at present no evidence to disprove the suicide narrative.

But it’s plain to me based on what has been reported that Ms. Bland shouldn’t have died in jail because she should never have been in that cell in the first place. They have released two versions of a dashcam video from the officer’s car that appears doctored to me and they want us to believe something was wrong with the first video. Same thing they said about the Rodney King video – remember. In other words, who do you believe them or you’re lying eyes. The jail video is also missing lapses in time. Naturally, they are not talking about the arresting officer’s confrontational behavior.

Let’s start from the beginning. Officer Encinia pulled Ms. Bland over for failing to signal before executing a lane change. Over the course of an increasingly testy exchange, Ms. Bland explained that she was irritated because she had been trying to get out of the officer’s way when she switched lanes. Instead of handing Ms. Bland a warning or a ticket and moving on, Mr. Encinia asked her to extinguish her cigarette. Ms. Bland refused. Instead of letting that insult roll off his back, Mr. Encinia ordered her to exit her car with threats.

The command unnecessarily inflamed the situation but was legal. What happened next did not appear to have been legal. Though Ms. Bland committed a minor traffic violation and did not seem to be a threat to public safety, Mr. Encinia forcibly removed her from her car. Where de-escalation was required, Mr. Encinia escalated. “Regardless of the situation, the DPS state trooper has an obligation to exhibit professionalism and be courteous,” Steve McCraw, the director of the Department of Public Safety, said. This did not happen in this situation.

No matter what happens with the murder investigation, it won’t change the fact that the encounter should never have gotten so heated, and it was the officer’s responsibility to prevent that. But he was white, and she was simply driving while black! The officer’s paperwork, as is often the case, does not reflect what we see on the video. Then, he claims she kicked him as he was manhandling her forcing her face in the dirt, as one of the reasons for the arrest.

He knew he was being recorded and like so many cases he continued. That awareness should underline that they have no option but to be calm and careful, no matter how insulted they feel. We don’t expect that to be easy at all times and in all situations. Yet, the police are entrusted with the awesome power to legitimately use force on the public and that trust requires restraint and judgment; among other things about when confrontation is necessary and when it isn’t. I see no reason why Ms. Bland shouldn’t have collected her traffic warning and driven on. Instead, she is dead, and nobody can explain how it happened.

In this case and all of the others cases, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, the Charleston Massacre, and the list goes on and on. It is clear that race is a central theme to all of these killings. The message to black people – man, woman or child – whether in church, at home, in the car, walking down the street, or merely existing are not safe in America and particularly from the police.

The ugly reality is this; the police have declared open season, call it war, on black people and the system of white supremacy says it ok. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

American Terror: Cops Killing Unarmed Black Men

007_10000Minister Malcolm X warned us about the “devils” a half century ago back in his day. I can recall my grandfather warning me of the threat by those he called “Pigs.” I am sure a hundred years ago his father warned him too. I am certain during slavery this was also the case that black men were warned of the police, who were then called slave catchers or slave patrols.

There is a long history of these immoral people being paid to kill and oppress black folk. There was the cold blooded murder by lynching but today the practice has evolved to the use of a gun with malice by the police. The problem is that white America who claims to be the “keeper of facts” believing so fervently in the law and justice that they are simply blind to the fact that these injustices are real. Or maybe they are simply continuing the legacy of their fathers.

In the incident, no – beat down, of Rodney King “they” told us to ignore the video because we did not see what we thought we saw. “They” said we should have seen what happened before the video started recording. With Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, and the eleven year old child murdered in Cleveland by these degenerates used the same script “the officer”, and I use that loosely, was “in fear of his life” and the lies they record as a police report supports that point. Frankly, when you shoot someone in the back at least six times as he is running for his life – I would call that an executions.

Next and immediately after a killing, the brotherhood or some benevolent organization, rushes to the killer’s aid saying the officer was only doing his job and trying to go home to his family. While the victim lay died and will never return home. PETA and the dog lovers of world should be ashamed because they would raise holly-hell if someone shoot or did this to a dog. But then, according to the Constitution, black people are less than human, 3/5th they say. So it is always justified when they kill black people!

Another thing that happens, they will claim the killer is such an honorable and decent man just doing a dangerous job. If they are afraid of the work they choose – GET ANOTHER JOB. Invariably, they will dig deep into the victims past making the victim the cause of his or her death. I love how the #WalterScott coverage speaks to the commendations of the assailant and “criminal record” #SadButNotSurprising. Just as they do in every case but the facts suggest, usually, it is the cop who has a troubled past with law suits, mental incompetents and having been fired from other agencies.

In the latest act of “terror” involving North Charleston Police Officer Michael T. Slager, who can be seen on video shooting 50-year-old Walter Scott after a supposed confrontation on Saturday, after a minor traffic stop. The officer chased and shoots at him eight times killing the unarmed black man in cold blooded.

007_1000Of course, the fix was already in place prior to the video’s release taking his police report as gospel. However, a brave passer-by came forward with this damning video of the incident that proved the officer account of the incident was a fanciful tale right out of the cop’s handbook. In other words, a total fabrication of the event. He lied using the same tried and true story. The unarmed black man resisted, which in the end turned a simple broken taillight traffic stop into a death warrant.

I don’t think anyone can view this disturbing video and not see what this officer did was cold blooded murder. Obviously, his attorney who came out saying the cop felt threatened after Scott tried to overpower him and take his Taser. But according to the Post and Courier, the attorney is “no longer involved” in the case. In addition, I have not heard a word from the “brotherhood”. Today, he is in jail with no bail which is a very good thing.

Now, having said that, I did see the usual and expected comments on my Twitter page after the video was aired from people saying, also from the script, things like “why do the [the news media] have to mention race” or that “CNN is causing divisions making it about race.” To which I say because it is! All one needs to do is look at the images! What we see happening all of these killings is that because there is no consequence the police are getting more brazen and white folk continue to say “what’s the problem”.


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