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Good Morning America

To the bigots who elected Trump, look at what you have done!


Commentary: Dr. Ben And Politricks

FotoFlexer_Photo 1Let me begin this commentary by saying the challenge in the clown car, Republican candidates, is as simple as many of their  hypocritical positions. They bred this crop of people by way of their racist so-called Christian Conservatives beliefs, and, of course – the Tea Party! By the way, these groups are nothing more than an updated version of the Citizens Council of the past; in other words, the political arm of the Klan.

This is why it is so disturbing to me that Dr. Ben Carson appears to be so prominent among white folk. Let’s face it he has no more chance of being president than the man in the moon! Did he not learn nothing from Herman Kane! These folk only want a puppet and it is shameful that a man of his supposed intelligence should know better than to fall into this trap or should I say “sold-out”! He should be smart enough to know what a “house negro” is, rather he seem to betray his dignity in doing so.

He embarrassed himself badly over the weekend when he said on “Meet The Press”; he opposed having a Muslim serve as president of the United States. He went on to say that Islam was not “consistent” with the Constitution. In his view, he said, perhaps it is alright with him that perhaps a Muslim could serve in Congress under certain circumstances. Does this fool know that the Constitution for which he speech says, he is only 3/5th human? In other words, he is not human, an animal!

That’s outrageous, but it’s not so far out of the mainstream for what most Republican presidential contenders riding in this year’s clown car believe. It seems ironic that most of his base agrees with him; given that nearly half of Republican voters think Dr. Carson’s insane remark believe it has already happened with Obama. More shocking is that at least 43 percent of GOP voters or more mistakenly think President Barack Obama is a Muslim, according to recent polls. This is like saying Jeb is the smart Bush!

I think it is fair to thank Donald Trump for the persistence of that bit of misinformation. Prior to the last presidential election, he drew quite a bit of attention for claiming the Hawaii native Mr. Obama was a Muslim born outside the United States. Trump was wholly responsible for causing the president to produce his birth certificate. Obviously, Trump is sticking with it, by refusing to correct a questioner during a recent New Hampshire campaign event; who asserted that Mr. Obama is a Muslim.

Let’s get back to Dr. Carson’s Sunday gaffe; it was so egregious that it drew rebukes from the likes of Ted Cruz. Honestly, when this guy thinks you are out of bounds and wrong you know you have “F’ed up”! Frankly, the problem is that these “holier than thou” Republicans speak the same language as ancestors did during slavery. It was God’s law! The truth of the matter, the Constitution bans a religious test for public office, and this country claims to be about religion freedom.

I believe it was Kennedy who said, “I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish; where no public official either requests or accepts instruction on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches or any other ecclesiastical source; where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its officials; and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against all”. 1960 speech to Protestant ministers

This somehow is not practical for white America, by and large, which means those words seem to have gotten lost in the media, like the Sunday morning talk show studios and political rallies, town halls, and places like in Rowan County, Ky. What these nuts are saying is “do as I say and believe it is gospel. This insanity tramples the cherished Constitution they claim to hold so dearly.

Today it’s Muslims, gays or transgender individuals who are the target of the bigotry, and yes black folk too. They would want to deny the rights of American citizens like they did to people from Africa, the Native American’s, Japanese and the Mexicans people. Carson should be smart enough to know, as well as his Republican cohorts, such extreme religious views are hypocritical at best, and Nazi-like at worse! He should also know that this bigotry is not limited to Islam. First, it was the Native Americans, the stolen slaves from Africa, and everybody else but white people.

Religious bigotry is as bad as racial bigotry and worst when it comes from a black man, which is like the pot calling the kettle black. Now that Dr. Carson has demonstrated his disdain for religious freedom, my question is “what kind of disdain does he have for himself”?

Dr. Carson, they don’t care about you! Then maybe they do, after all, they replaced Justice Marshall with Clarence Thomas! I think I can speak for a large part of the black community and say we have much disdain for his house Negro status! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

By Any Means Necessary

012_1000I have often said, “We stand on the shoulders of giants”. One such man was Malcolm X, later known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, was without a doubt one of the most profoundly significant, famous, and controversial African American leaders recorded in the annals of time. I cannot recall any other MAN, except maybe Dr. King, whose impact was so overwhelmingly felt by so many. Minister Malcolm’s prophetic words spoken over nearly fifty years ago resonate as relevant today as the day they were spoken evoking the same emotions of truth.

I could go deeply into the making of this man but so many people, agencies, institutions and organizations have covered this great man’s brief life on earth in much more detail than I can. There is a vast sea of in-depth analyses, books, movies, and biographies on his life and philosophies to which I strongly suggest you explore and learn from. I will not try to rewrite history rather to pay homage to the legacy of this great man as brief as I can, honoring him for his contributions to the African American Diaspora.

There are facts (known & unknown), suspicions and of course theories surrounding the assassination of Malcolm X, the impact it has had on our culture and the world the world. Like the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X also had a dream. It began bathed in the tenets of anger and hatred, fostering economic independence on the shoulders of retaliatory separatism that ended with the swelling acceptance of a unified brotherhood and the replacement of hatred with peace and with the nagging thirst for international equality for all mankind.

As the story goes, early in Malcolm’s life a white teacher asked him what he would like to be and his answer was “a lawyer”. The teacher, who had encouraged his white students on their career choices, told Malcolm, “That’s no realistic goal for a nigger”. This statement discouraged a bright student to not seek his full potential leading to a life of crime. After being caught and arrested for carrying a concealed weapon he was sentenced to prison. While serving more than six years he began educating himself, converted to the Islamic faith and became a Black Muslim in the Nation of Islam (NOI).

After his release in 1952, Malcolm Little, now known as Malcolm X, went to Detroit and began to actively preach to the frustrated African American population about what Islam had to offer. It made no difference where he conducted his sermons and teachings, whether on the streets or in a temple. He spread the word to anyone who would listen.

It was not long before Malcolm became a favorite of Elijah Muhammad, the leader of the Nation of Islam. He was made a minister and began to travel from city to city, preaching the message, founding new temples and converting thousands of people to the faith. Two years later, Malcolm X became minister of the famed Temple Number Seven in Harlem, New York.

In April of 1964, Malcolm X made a pilgrimage to Mecca which led to his second conversion. He met brothers of the faith who were from many nations and of many races, black, brown, white, and all the sons of Allah. The reality dawned on him that advocating racial cooperation and brotherhood would help resolve the racial problems in America and, hopefully, lead to a peaceful coexistence throughout the world. Malcolm X’s transformed ideas and dreams reached full fruition and were ready for implementation. He changed his name, this time to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz and found himself going against the system, but this time he would not be alone in the fight for equality and justice.

Upon learning of the assassination of Malcolm X, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. remarked that “One has to conquer the fear of death if he is going to do anything constructive in life and take a stand against evil”. We may never know all of the facts about who was behind the assassination or who ordered his death. But we do know that these assassins denied him the chance to act upon his newly formed convictions.

Today, the man and the name, Malcolm X, are known in America and throughout the world. He was a celebrated freedom fighter and motivating force to those whose future he had the vision to see, the will to stand up and fight for. Postage stamps and posters now bear his image out of recognition and honor for his final crusade.

The eulogy that actor Ossie Davis delivered at his funeral profoundly impresses upon us that, “However we may have differed with him, or with each other about him and his value as a man, let his going from us serve only to bring us together, now. Consigning these mortal remains to earth, the common mother of all, secure in the knowledge that what we place in the ground is no more now a man but a seed which, after the winter of our discontent, will come forth again to meet us. And we will know him then for what he was and is a Prince, our own black shining Prince! Who didn’t hesitate to die, because he loved us so.”

Malcolm X was a man who fulfilled his place in history and stayed true to his words: “It is a time for martyr’s now, and if I am to be one, it will be for the cause of brotherhood.”

A collection of Malcolm X Speeches

And That’s my Thought Provoking Perspective!


The Absurd Antics of Yosemite Sam

I’ve watched this sad saga of insanity that has played out, in the name of “so called religion”, down in Gainesville, Fla. that can only be described as mean and surly. This so called pastor with the handlebar mustache, who reminds me of the cartoon character Yosemite Sam, may or not go forward with his plan to burn the Koran on September 11th. I suppose only he and/or His God knows for sure. This madness has caused international outrage that extent from Ocean to Ocean reverberating around the world as a result of his posturing in front of this building he calls a church, and I use that loosely.

This group, maybe even a cult, boasts a membership of less than fifty members. It’s not clear what goes on inside prior to the repeated posturing. I can only guess what is being taught behind the glass doors that are covered with dark fabric, but we have seen the likes of Jones’s son Luke who occasionally steps outside to give distorted interviews, as if he was sent from on high. Other church members like Stephanie Sapp has come out wearing shiny black heels, tight jeans, purple polish on her toes and a gun in a holster on her hip. Others in the church have displayed weapons at recent news events.

These folks have made local news before for posting signs saying “Islam is of the Devil.” Children of church members appeared in public schools last year wearing the slogan on T-shirts. The group’s leader has a checkered past with many unchristian encounters. He once ran a church in Germany, to which Emma Jones, the pastor’s daughter, told the Gainesville Sun that her father and his wife left Cologne after being confronted by church members about financial abuse, including using church money to purchase a car for their son.

Jones runs a eBay furniture business housed on the nonprofit church’s property that was investigated earlier this year after “somebody called in and complained” that a for-profit business was being run there, said Sheila Crapo, administrative analyst for the Alachua County property appraiser’s office.

Jones graduated from Cape Central High School in Cape Girardeau, Mo., in 1969. A classmate of Rush Limbaugh, which might explain some of his demons, although he says he believes in salvation, in Jesus Christ, and has a personal experience with him. If true, I wonder what Jesus thinks of him as a result of this sad commentary. At best, a Zealot and at worst a Bigot.

The Rev. Earl D. Trent Jr., a Real Pastor from DC, wrote to the editor of the Washington Post with remarks that I think is appropriate. “For the past few weeks, the media have treated us to live theater of the absurd… He belongs to no denomination, has held no regional or national office for any church organization and has never held an academic position at a seminary or Bible college. His only book is self-published. Yet, because of a single posting on Facebook, he is treated as a major spokesman and representative of the Christian faith by every news organization on the planet. Heads of State, Military Commanders, Diplomats and even the Vatican have responded to a man whose credibility is no more than that of a person walking the street with a sign saying “Repent: The world is coming to an end.” On second thought, the world of credible sourcing and journalism standards has come to an end.”

Don’t misinterpret my words as preaching: I have said, via Thought Provoking Perspectives many times, in order to live and walk in faith we must be mindful that everyone who say the word “God” may not necessarily be his messenger. Americans believe that we are one nation under God, regardless of which God you chose, but we are one nation.



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